December 30, 2011

Letting Christmas Surprises Outta The Bag

Now that Christmas "surprises" are all said and done, I wanted to share one of the projects that I worked on for one of our DD's. Years ago, my MIL had all of the girls that were around come and look thru all of  the quilt blocks/tops and fabric she had. Some had belonged to her mother; (affectionately known as "Nana" to my kids) mostly quilt tops and some odds and ends of blocks that were never finished. Our youngest DD picked out these 8 blocks... not even thinking what she would do with them. They had sat at our house for long enough! It was time to do something! And quite honestly, get them outta my house!  In the next picture you will see how these are made... each flower is attached at the points... and the centers of  each petal lift up away from the fabric. I'm not sure what this type of  needlework is called but I plan on finding out! Anyway, I made it into a table cloth, just a decorative one  (I warned DD's hubby that it's not to be used to eat on! Poor guy we tease him somewhat about that sort of thing; but we love him!) Anyway, DD was very pleased and surprised with the result. I put a label on the back basically saying that Nana Litchfield made the blocks and that I had pieced it all together. It was fun... and a bit challenging because if I remember right my math was off a little and I had to recalculate once or twice! LoL.... good for the brain.
The only other problem was that there was a drop or two of blood on it; (who knows how many years that was there!) and funny thing, it came right off! Now, mind you I was ready for a battle because I knew it had had to of been there for at least 6-8 years since it's been at my house... who knows how long b/4 that!  We do have a few more quilt tops that Nana made up. Guess we girls will have to get with it! Cause, I know that there are at least 2 more or really 3 more counting one of mine that need to get finished... and at least 2 will leave the building! Ahem... if you know what I mean! But if.... and only if... I get some help! You know who I mean don't you DD.... (I will leave which one off to protect the innocent!) Lol....
I made a skirt for another DD... (which is funny in itself... not the skirt... but how it got made.) DD gave me a skirt to use as a sample of what she wanted.... she would not be bothered (be honest now... I'm telling the truth about this DD) to let me measure her for it! So, the fabric I had was a cute brown pin stripe with some spandex in it. I basically measure a skirt pattern off  I had to the ready made skirt.  Noooo problem they were basically the same size. Just add a titsh... and it was perfect! Not Sooo says the skirt.... because after I was all done, except for putting in a hem, I laid it over the top of ready wear skirt.... and somewhere along the line. Yeah... too short and too small!  No way can I figure out how in the whole I managed that! Sooo strange! Never in my life have I had that problem b/4... I mean it was a simple skirt! Go figure... I recut a new skirt measuring and then measuring and then for good "measure" I measured again.... and then cut and sewed and put in a new zipper.... and this time... it's the right size (at least it's the same size as the ready made skirt) we shall see. DD hasn't told me if it fits or not.... hopefully it does! The first skirt... hmmm taking in the side seams  and putting a hem into it for DDIL. Who is smaller than all of us gals (of course that doesn't take much to be smaller than me...) So two of the DD's will have matching skirts, but they live in different states so I doubt if that will be a problem and honestly I do have enough fabric for 1 more skirt.... sooo if one of the other two DD's speaks up maybe I could make another one! I'm just saying!
One of the DD's wanted  some tools so that's what she got..... we aim to please...! And besides.... she is loosing  weight sooo fast... we will have to be doing some sewing soon... or she won't have a thing to wear!
More later.... I will have to show you the sweet gifties that my family gave me! Talk about spoiling me!
Hugs.... Don't forget to pick up the threads off the floor... because it can be embarrassing if you go out shopping and go to pay the clerk and hand them threads with your $$$. Don't ask!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a quick note to tell you that I'm still alive and kick'in! Just wayyyy to many things going on to blog  about right now!
 But, have a wonderful Christmas and I'll be back!

December 9, 2011

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

The end of November, the day after Thanks Giving... our family (my DH's extended family and friends) meet up and leave nice and early and drive outta state to a National Forest to hunt Christmas tree's. First of all, you have to get a permit. $10 for anything up to 12 foot tall. Anything larger is more $$$. But then we only have standard height ceilings so we go for the $10 tree's. The weather forecast said that it would be possibly 40-50 mph winds,  noooo problem..... right? Oh, and also.... it was suppose to be cold.... like below freezing... also no problem right? Just everyone dress warmly and be ready for snow! Hmmmm...... yep.... here's some pictures of that event.... no pictures of the tree's we got mostly pictures of us going home.... ahem... it took us about 3 hours and 45 minutes to go around 10 miles, because a couple of vechicles kept getting stuck! Look at the pictures... and a good time was had by all! It was cold and everyone was pretty tired by the end of the evening... it doesn't usually take that long to leave to go home! But everyone worked hard to help and eventually we all drove home. It's an adventure that's for sure! Sooo Merry Christmas to all.... and enjoy the preparations!

Super Hero Training Academy

 So in October, this birthday boy had a Super Hero Training Academy birthday party! And it was a hoot! We took pictures of all the Super Hero's that attended... (and of course we can't post any pictures here because that might mess with their secret identity!).... so these are the only ones that are brave enough to let me post their pic's!

Super Mom was very busy sewing capes/masks for all comers!

 And of course... all "Super Hero's need nurishment,
so we had your basic super power drinks,
popped corn, and fruit snacks. After training of course! First of all our Super Hero's had to learn that all S.H's need to help one another.... so they had to learn how to pick up and dispose of Kryptonite safely. Next they had flying lessons;
 Outside they had defense lessons on how to over-come bad guys..... (they used silly string to attack balloons with bad guy pictures on them...) and then Super Dad dressed up as a bad guy so they could attack him too; ahem..... 'cept it backfired!!!! Little Granddaughter super hero was scared silly.... (to say the least!) she ran into the house and I was going after her cause I saw the look on her face! She slammed the front door; dead-bolted it.... ran to her bedroom, slammed that door closed, and hid in her closet crying! Poor little thing! My niece was in the house and heard all the noise but didn't know what was happening... ( I had just explained to her daughter, who was dressed up... and no to be afraid... didn't get to granddaughter yet!) Any way, Super dad went in via the back door, and took off the outfit and went and calmed her down! Let's just say, she isn't going into the Super Hero business real soon!

After all was said and done, the kids attacked this cone of Cosmic Candy.... (notice me in the mirror taking the picture! LOL) And a good time was had by all!

October 27, 2011

November Is Just Around The Corner

What with November just around the corner...... that means someone's birthday is too!  Yes siree.... so, my mom and I were talking the other day..... I need to check in and make sure that they are behaving themselves and that I'm not missing anything... (sound like someone you know mom and dad?).  Mom mentioned that she mailed my birthday present! Quick story.... when our oldest DD was a little girl.... she hated not knowing what a gift was.... whether or not it was for her... she could hardly stand it if she had to wait to see what it was! And she was more than ready to volunteer to help her siblings open any presents that they might have! Some things never change! So as she started having children I was interested to see how she would deal with this situation (mind you she is now 30 something). So last week was our DGS's birthday! I must admit she did really well; even when he was having a hard time opening one or two presents at his birthday party... (you know the ones that have that curly ribbon on them!) she held back and didn't volunteer her services.... until he asked! And then either she or DSIL helped out and the gift was given right back! LoL.... yeahhhhh Missy! Anyway, so a day or 2 ago I received the gift from my folks and when I was speaking to DD#1... I told her about it.  And that I now was going to have to "wait" until my birthday to open it! She said, You haven't opened it yet?" Too funny.... I could just see her eyes getting all excited! Patience is a virtue you know... guess I had better keep waiting... I need all the Heavenly help I can get! LoL...
I've been working on some Christmas presents and a few gifts for a couple of my friends from the Primary Presidency I was just released from. I may show those later.

O.K. it's getting colder outside and I thought that I would share a family favorite that maybe I've shared before... (it just makes me think of Fall/Winter)

Leek and Sausage Soup

carrot's sliced (however many you like... we like lots of veg's in our soups)
celery sliced about 1/4 cup
1 1/2 cup of washed and sliced leeks either in strips or rounds
peeled and diced potato's (see carrot's)
Kielbasa sausage  is good.... depends on how much you want but the recipe calls for 1/4 pound... (but we use more cause we didn't want to hear about how much someone else got of the sausage from the kids... lol)
1/2 tsp. Marjoram
1 tsp. salt (optional... I figure the sausage has salt in it... so it's up to people to salt to taste in their own bowl)
pepper 1/2 tsp.
3 cups chicken broth (give or take.... you need enough to cover veg's... or you can add a little water)

2 Tbs. flour
2 Tbs. butter or margarine

1. Combine all ingred's except flour/butter into cooker.
2. Cook on low 5 hours, or on high 3 hours.
3. To thicken soup, remove 1/3 c. liquid and combine with flour and butter. Return to soup and stir.
Yields 5-6 servings.... depending on how many more veggie's you have added.
It tastes even better the next day!
Enjoy..... And oh.... remember to clean out your machine once in a while to get out all the dusty bugs... your machine will thank you!

October 7, 2011

You Know It's Fall When....

O.K. so now that I've gotten that last post outta my head and the tears taken care of; it's Fall People!!!!
There are soo many beautiful things about Fall.... so I thought that maybe I would write down a few!
You know that it's Fall When;
The Geese start flying around getting their wings ready for the flight South.
When there starts to be a bit of chill in the air.
You get to feeling like you need to make some sort of Soup!
The tomato's pile up and out as they are getting canned into spaghetti sauce and salsa and well just canned tomato's!
When the apples are getting crisp and crunchy.... aughhhhh the smell of apples is just wonderful isn't it?
Canning apples is Fall to me too.... Chunky Applesauce.... wonderful!!!
Layering clothes because you know that one minute it's cool and the next it's too warm for just a warm sweatshirt.
Leaves starting to turn beautiful colors up in the canyons and mountains. Our's aren't turning here in the valleys yet... but we went for a drive last week and they were soo pretty.... oranges, yellows and greens, oh and some beautiful reds too!
Rain.... that is Fall too.... although, I must admit that so far this year I'm feeling like we have had wayyy to much of it already!  I mean as much as I love Oregon, Washington.... this is not either of those places! This is Utah... our Falls are generally dryer!
Soups.... I know that I mentioned this b/4 but you know.... there is nothing like a good Taco Soup to make you feel all warm inside.... so here is the receipe

Taco Soup

1 # of ground beef (if your not into beef try ground turkey... I'll bet it works just fine)
1 medium onion diced

2 cans each of the following; (making these the smaller cans, say 15 oz. or so) DO NOT DRAIN
 kidney beans
red/or/black beans (or combo there of, but 2 cans)
pork & beans
creamed corn
1 envelope of taco seasonings  (I have a huge container of this and so use around 2 tablespoons)

1 large can of tomato's  (I use my own canned tomato's... 1 quart jar) you can use diced, sliced, whole, whichever way you like them.

Brown the meat, add onions, and all of the canned ingredients.....  juice and all.... now add seasonings, heat through..... serve over either Tortilla chips or Frito's corn chips.... (we like the corn chips) add a little sour cream and or grated cheese (your choice, I use cheddar) and yummm. Believe me when I say, your tummy will thank you! Enjoy the Fall Show! Oh.... guess I had better quit procrastinating.... I should be making spaghetti sauce and salsa.... I picked 5  5 gallon buckets of tomato's last night.... ahem, in the rain... I just couldn't see them go to waste... if we get a freeze! Back to work!

Missing My Little 4-Legged Friend

Just sending this into blog land; I miss my little Jamie... she was such a sweetie, always hanging around to keep me company and thumping her tail when I walked into a room. I miss her happy barks and her ever listening ear when the geese would fly over head heading to the lake or going South... I found myself telling Jamie today that the geese are flying over and asking  if she heard them! Guess I had better go get some tissue...
You are indeed missed.... my little friend! Hope that your having fun running around without fences or leashes,  chasing and barking and wagging that friendly tail of yours!

October 6, 2011

What To Do When A Fabric Store Does You Wrong!

I know, I know.... it's been a while... I do have lots of excuses... but then again... this is my blog and I guess I get to it when I get to it!  LoL

I was reading a new to me blog today and the writer mentioned that she had bought a cute cut of material that was a knit. This piece was cut really badly. So much so,  that she couldn't get the short sleeves out of it to make the  shirt she had planned on making! She ended up making a sleeveless top which is fine.... she made "lemonade"! Good for her!  But, there are a few things that we can do to prevent this from happening. I have worked for one of the big chain fabric stores and believe me when I say..... They Want Your Business! So let's see what we can do!
#1 When you are buying fabric in store; (no matter what kind) watch how they cut the fabric! If you are a quilter some stores will tear the cottons for you to guarantee that your cut will be straight! Some stores won't do this at all. But, if you are buying a quilt backing that is one of the 72" or larger size....(especially a cotton)  ask them to tear it for sure... otherwise ask them (b/4 they cut) if they will take it back if you find when you get home that it is not even! This way you have what you want, not some material that they are just trying to get rid of! And believe me when I tell you that I worked with some people that didn't care how they cut fabric and we got back stuff that just could not be used for the purpose they bought it due to this lack of care!
#2  If the fabric you are buying is a stretch/knit/lycra etc.... ask the cutter to show you how it lines up.... if they aren't willing to show you that is a problem..... bring it to the attention of the manager! You are the one that has to take it home to use it and if it's lined up wrong..... it's a waist of your money and time if you can't even it up enough to be able to get your pieces out. Pattern companies usually account for extra material so their should be more than enough if your following the patterns guidelines....
#3 The fabric company's want your business.... and believe me when I say that if they are reputable, they will make things right! Cause they know that if they don't..... they will loose you as a customer and possibly any body else you decide to tell about the problem you had. So... this being said, talk to the manager or supervisor if you have a problem with a how a fabric you bought was cut. Remember though... if your loosing your temper that isn't going to win a whole lot of points... as they say "You get more flies with honey than vinegar".  Most companies will try hard to fix the problem.
#4 Try to be flexible!  For example; when one of my daughters was planning her wedding, she wanted white tulle draped high on wires with white lights etc.... and we estimated we needed around 250 yards of the tulle!
O.K. I went to one of the local chain stores..... asking if I could use my 50% off coupon and after they told me yes, they proceeded to call several other stores and got me the amount I needed. Now, of course I wasn't going to be able to get it all in one piece.... but I did have options; I asked that a) could I please not have a bunch of bolts with lots of leftover pieces on them..... b) and then I asked them to not give me anything less than a ten yard piece. c) also since they didn't have what I needed in stock, and I wasn't really special ordering.... that I not have to pay any shipping!  They worked with me and I got what I wanted and what I needed and only ended up paying 50 cents a yard. I can't tell you how beautiful it turned out...
#5 If you are doing a large order for something like say a wedding dress, brides maid dresses, etc.... and you need lots of the same  material... check on the bolts to see if the dye lot numbers are the same... checking again, b/4 you leave the store is going to end with a lot less headache! I've made a lot of wedding dresses and if the bride/brides mom  have me go with them it's a lot less hassle to handle it b/4 rather than finding a problem after they have bought everything and it's not what they thought!  This goes for decorator fabric's too
if you need lots and a store needs to find it at another store match up all of the fabric's b/4 you pay... you don't want to end up with something that doesn't match! Ask the person your ordering with if you have to pay b/4 you receive it. Most places may need you to pay first, but then if it doesn't match.... they will refund your money....
#6 As I mentioned I've made a good deal of wedding dresses... and in the process I've come across material that the brides (1 or 2 of my 3 daughters being a couple of them) liked soooo much they had to have and they weren't really the width that was called for on the pattern back!  So; what to do? Do you piece? Or what would you do? Well, mostly it depends on how much of a difference there is in the material and pattern. If I have to piece a large train most times it's smart to take your main/or middle of the back area cut it out and then add to the sides of this piece.... matching any where it may need to match up. There are times that I have pieced the trains of wedding dresses....  not even the bride noticed!  I will tell the brides mom before I cut it out to show her what it will look like if I have to piece.... and I can't think of one case where it was at all noticeable that I was told not to make it that way! But you need to take those types of things into consideration before you cut out a dress that has such a wide train. Lots of other times, if the pattern calls for maybe 60" wide fabric and you have maybe 58", it's just not that big of deal to put a bit of a fold into your pattern piece (in the area lower than the hip line... you don't want to mess with sizing)  to make the dress back/front/train to allow that bit of a saving. Honestly no one ever missed it! And depending on the fabric, like for example a Dull Satin.... sometimes you can cut your pieces out running 1 piece up and the other down! On a good quality Dull Satin, there isn't a difference in the sheen and so it can save a lot of money by cutting that way!
#7 If your buying on line.... b/4 you make a purchase from an on-line store, check to see what kind of return policy they have! Nothing like getting a great deal on something that just isn't all that great!

Alright..... go.... hunt for fabric....... may your search be fruitful! And remember any purchases you make will be helping out the economy! LoL...... enjoy!

September 11, 2011

10th Anniversary of 9-11

Please don't get used to me posting so often as this; it's just a quirk.... I know it, you know it... so I'm just saying.
Anyway, I wanted to write a  post... in memory of 9-11.

Ten years ago I can remember sitting on the couch just mezmorised at what was happening in our country, Our Country! I wasn't anywhere near New York or Washington DC... but I was there, In Spirit.... helping those people as mush as if I had been there in person to help them out of those buildings. All I wanted to do was hug and cry with them.... the shock to have been there in person must have been incredible!

 I'm a crier from wayyy back.... I come from a long line of crier's on my mom's side of the family. One time we had a family reunion in a coastal town in Oregon... and my gramma and grampa, (mom's mom and dad) and my mom and dad, my aunt and cousins, my brother and his family and my DH and our family were all there. On Sunday, as per usual we went to Church. The building was just a little Quenset Hut and with  those of our family who went to the Sacrament Meeting we doubled the group that was attending. This was a place my parents attended as often as they could when they went to the coast to stay. When my parents car was recognized in the little community.... they got a phone call and were asked to speak during the Sacrament meeting. Dad got up and since it was quite a small group he began to introduce his family.... and this is the way he did it!  The lady over there with the hankie..... is my MIL and my FIL sits next to her.... then with her large towel to dry her tears is my wife. Next to her is my DD (me) she uses a sheet! And on and on about the rest of the family.... the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree as our girls do pretty good also. My DH told me once after we watched the movie "The Other Side of Heaven"..... (and we saw the paid morner's) that I could make a lot of money.... just be yourself.... and you will cry at the drop of a hat! Yep that's me all right...
just start to talk about crying.... or even say the word.... yep... I start up! No drought here at our place! (which does seem quite strange to me.... you would think after a while.... I would just dry up! Nope not me!) I've gotten to the place where I honestly don't go to funerals much anymore.... because it's embarrassing! I cry so much.... it's not for the person who is gone.... it's for the people, family left behind! I know that they will be better off (the person who has passed) but I guess it's just in my make-up.... I cry at the old Hallmark card comercials.... what can I say? I am what I am!
So long story short tonight as I sat and watched some of the memorial events... of course I cried... thankful for all the wonderful people who went outta their ways to help everyone they possibly could! The people lost, the people who fought again'st the terrorist's on the planes.... and everyone who lost anyone. Know that my heart goes out to all those who were left behind. You will not be forgotten. As we strive to make this world a better place... we must always remember who made it possible.  God Bless America!

September 9, 2011

In Between The Sewing

Alright, in between the sewing.... we had two sweeties come visit; my mom and dad.... we got together with the kids that are in town and had lots of talk a little food.... just well.... lots more gabbing. DH and mom and dad and I all went for a drive up to a little town on the other side of the mountains. We had a great little meal.... ( I had smoked Salmon Salad.... yummmmy.... I just should not have eaten allll of it at one time! But it was sooo good! ) we tried Wild Huckle Berry Soda.... (very good I must say). There was desserts.... I had a cheese cake... just a piece mind you not the entire thing!!! And also there was bread pudding.... not bad... a bit too sweet for my liking.... (I know, your shaking your head.... sweeter than cheese cake? I thought so!) And if I remember right there was also.... Huckle Berry Ice Cream.... and DH.... I can't honestly remember if he had dessert or not... but all in all.... an enjoyable day was had by all! Oh, just so you know.... I forgot to take the camera with us... but it was fun spending time with my favorite sweeties! Thanks for coming you two!
Our DD#2 was hamming with the sweeties! As we were waiting for the shish-ka-bob to cook! 

And then the 3 DD's and my SIL and her DD and also her DDIL and I all went to Saint George to see 
"Little Mermaid" one night and then "Grease" the next. We had a great stay in a home that we rented from a friend of my neice's. It was hot.... over 100 degree's each day we were there. It cooled some in the evenings 
just wasn't what I was used too. We played some, shopped some, laid around the pool some. Ate... of course! And mostly just had a good time together! 
We went to a place called "The Painted Pony" to eat once we got there! The food was good... but mostly we were really taken with the pewter cups! See them here in the picture.... they were sooo great! Nice and cold... they must have been kept a refrigerator... because they really were cold! And one guy...(not our waitress, was there constantly filling the glasses... I think that's all he did in the place! I know... you now think... she doesn't get out much does she? Well... I do get out... I just thought it was funny that that's all he seemed to do!) We were all laughing about the cups being soo great that maybe DD#3 would have to slip some into her purse.... (she always has the worlds largest purse's and honestly... (well really not all that honestly I suppose)  if she had been in that way of thinking... she probably could have managed! But of course.... we don't do that! We did however ask if they sold them, or if there was a place we could purchase them on-line! Nope, neither one of the above!

 This is my food, I had just a plain old club sandwich.... which was really good. And the salad was shredded apple, feta cheese, walnuts, and spinach. House dressing too.
 This is Nephew's wifie... she is a cutie!
 Here are my girls all decked out!  And of course... they were singing along with all the songs! Too funny!
 All of us out front of  Tuacahn,  ( . We had soo much fun!
 Here is a shot of 3 of us... Niece, Nephews wife, and me!
 This was the second show.... Grease! The DD's and I sat together the night b/4. Funny thing at Little Mermaid,  we were walking to our seats and all of a sudden I hear; "Sister Cogdill"....... and there was a family from our ward at Church! Makes for a small world sometimes! We drove over 300 miles.... and we still ended up seeing people we knew! Oh, I forgot to say..... that the artistic director is my DH's Cousin and that the gal who plays Ursula is also a cousin of DH. She played Miss Lynch in "Grease" the second night!
Apparently they do such a great job on Disney shows.... they have been asked by Disney to train other companies to do the same thing! So DH's cousin (whom we aren't sure he has ever met!) goes from place to place teaching/training all these other art directors. Interesting. If you go to the link I put above.... and then click on the Little Mermaid icon.... and then go to pic's of the shows.... you will see a great picture of Ursula. Here is a picture of SIL and her girls.... at least the ones who could come!
And as they say.... a good time was had by all! I won't go into details about how silly we got when we had stayed up too late and were busy singing and dancing when we got home! No... nothing in the manner of fermented beverages was had to become sooo silly. Just tiredness and all that music! Until next time!  Oh, that should catch me up for a little while... One more thing.... my DD's (at least two of them) have got me reading The Twilight Series.... so yes.... I'm on book #3. Always something...

What's Been Keeping Me Busy

     It's hard to get back to blogging sometimes. I've been keeping busy trying to get into the sewing room and well it seems there is always something to do. UFO's to get back too. I finished the white dress adding the sleeves. Then I tacked down the lace part through-out the edges  to hold it in place.

Honestly, with all the other white on this dress, it blends in quite nicely. And looks as if it were original to the dress. I looked through my patterns and found a sleeve that I liked and that would fit the finished sleeveless ready-made dress. Then cut out a complete sleeve out of the spandex and gathered the top of both fabric's inserting them together. 

I used a white cotton rectangle doily for the lace of the sleeves.... but did not have quite enough as you can see from this picture... the bottom part of the sleeve or lining I made out of white spandex... when worn doesn't really show,  so to be honest I wasn't really worried about it! I still would like to find a cute belt of two that I can wear with it. And all in all the dress cost me all of $20. I had the doily... the eyelet that I added to the bottom of the skirt for more length and also the spandex in my stash of fabrics. I got a few nice compliments and well.... over all I will be wearing it a lot.

I finished a baby quilt,  it's from fabric that my youngest daughter bought years ago... and started on. It for some reason was left here. So, since she had it started I figured that I would finish it so it can go away! She did have the ruffle done... it is made out of a black and white print that looks like a cow hide. Oh, and then I tied it with a multi-colored  cream cotton crochet thread. She isn't pregnant! It's just something she found and liked while working at the local fabric store.... and as you know... if you like it... it sometimes comes home with you! LoL...

Also lately I've been trying to help Karma and friends that are working on a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for their DUP  (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) group. It has 31 quilt blocks. I forgot to take pictures of the others that I completed (or at least put onto the muslin already). There are a few that are the same as far as the theme goes. But, that is the only thing similar about them. I don't have these on the muslin yet because I ran out. The blocks are gong to be on point  on plain muslin and then there is a cute blue print that will be in between each block. I will have to get some more pictures later. Each block will be blanket stitched around all in black and then embroidered where different lines... details etc... are found.

As you can see the details will add a lot to each
block. We still need to add lace, ribbon etc... to each
also. Anyway, it will be raffled off to earn $$$ for the
DUP chapter.

Well, that is all for now...
Whatever your sewing; enjoy the process... and don't forget to change your needle every now and then!    

August 26, 2011

It's Been A Sad Week

Just a short post.... our sweet friend and companion of  11 1/2 years went home to Heavenly Father.
   Although she is of the 4 legged variety, she will be deeply missed.... she loved deeply, was very patient (as long as it was something other that going outside or eating) and she always  forgave!

August 14, 2011

They Grow Up Faster Then We Are Prepared To Let Them

Well things have gotten a bit busy here lately. We had some wonderful visitors in the form of my parents week b/4 last. It was great to see them and talk their faces off! They had to go home for face transplants for sure after seeing me and all the girls! We ate lots, gabbed more took in a movie went for a lovely drive and lunch. And pretty much just enjoyed life! What's not to like.... good people (we love), DH had time off from work (good for him!!!) more gabbing... laughing and sharing stories... And well it's always hard to see them leave, but also nice to hear that they got home in one piece! Thank you for coming mom and dad.... We Love You!

As far as the title, well... I was reading a blog I've just started enjoying lately, it's a cute read go there if you want to laugh now and then!      Anyway Jen was talking in her post today about how emotional she got at Church when someone asked about her youngest son... bring out the hankies!!!
His first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow! Enough said! So... then I related this story... one I'm not too sure I've related before... just skip this if you've heard it..... A snake, a dog, and a monkey walk into a bar;
O.K. no, that's not the story I was going to tell! LoL.... sorry... your thinking I'm really loosing it right?
The first day of Kindergarten for our son (him being #1 child)  I had asked my DH to take him and drop him off because I know that as emotional as I am.... there was no-way that I would be able to go in drop him off and then leave without any emotional baggage... Dh said fine he had no problem with doing that... matter of fact I think he thought it was pretty cool that he was going to get to be the "adult" over this milestone event!
Fact is, I'm surprised that he didn't need a hanky!!! So it went like this, he took son into the class room, he found where he was to sit and then DH stood in the back of the room.... like all the other parents. As the teacher was speaking to the kids and the parents.... Son calls DH over to him,  "Dad, you can go home now"!
Yep.... that would have been all she wrote for me!!! Even thinking about it now.... yes.... I'm tearing up! I can see DS in that class room and all of it happening all over again, almost as if I had been there myself!
By the time #4 child went to K... I was ready for it to happen... still got teared up... but I really did know that she would be fine and have a great time. In between though.... with DD#2 (#3 child) she had a hard time with one of her teachers..... (not so much the teacher as just not wanting to leave me by myself... with little sister!) So I worried about her and took her to school some... it took a while but she realized that the teacher wasn't going to eat her and that I would still be waiting when she was done with school!
I must say I did cry as each one of my wonderful kids walked across to get their diploma's and as they were making that special Time and All Eternity Commitment  with the person they married... and still at times when I think of how wonderful they have all turned out makes me tear up.... (just a little bit... sniff sniff!).
Just know, that we love our kids... I always enjoyed the time I spent with them in the Summer or other Holidays when we could spend time together doing all sorts of things. I must confess, that as our kids grew I would read to them most every night that I could b/4 bed and later when the youngest was still being read too,  (big brother was almost 8 years older than her) there would be times that I would be reading a story to her and I would notice that some times even when he was much too old to be read to himself.... I would spy our son out in the hallway listening to the story too!  Ever since our children were little I would make up stories to help them to think through a situation that they were going thru...  i.e; if they were having a hard time getting along then I would make up a story about how a certain little animal friend would have handled things. It was a comfort to me (and I hope to our kids) to be able to calmly talk to them without speaking down to them about how to handle different situations. Most of all.... I hope that our children knew/know that they were/are loved very much and we did want them to grow up and make the "hard decisions" that they needed to make. But also.... we were still going to have a hard time letting them go and make those decisions.
O.K. I have to go blow my nose now.... bye!
More about sewing next time...... P.S. I did get the outfit for our little GD.... done... just need to get a picture,
What else is new? LoL....

July 26, 2011

Getting Tired Of Me Yet?

O.K. so I've started a new little outfit for my oldest grand daughter.... it's her birthday soon... and well, a gramma has to do some sewing for little girls! Boys just don't always appreciate sewn items... but little girls usually do! I'm using Simplicity #7133  which is an op (outta print) view hmmmm, well I can't see which letter view it is.... but, it's the white outfit and I found this cute little seer-sucker a couple years ago... maybe even last year... and it has my grands name all over it! She likes pink and porple (as she says it) very much! She is all girl!     I will have to take a picture of her in it... later!                                              

A Busy Saturday

We have a grundle of bikers (as in bicycle type road bike) riders in this family. And we albeit, about half of the family riders and several friends of the family we started out on "The First Annual Ride" from Park City Utah to Wolf Creek, Utah. There were a few minor confusions, but in all great events... we must have a breaking in period. We met at our starting point..... with all but 2 of the riders expected; The little guy was just  one of the support crew (our neice's son Ammon). Starting from the left; my hubby, then a friend from Church, Dan Evans, Neice's hubby Wes, Josh (a friend of our SIL/Daughter), SIL Kevin, Daughter Melisa, Ammon, Neice Jenny, Josh (yes.... there were 2 of them... less confusing then you think... when there are 2 new people to get to know.... nice to know they both have the same name... easier to remember!) this was Mountain Bike Man!!! The entire ride was to be around 100 miles, in one day... hills, straights, and some beautiful countryside! He did over 50 miles..... on a mountain bike! Yeahhhh Josh! First time rider (long distance that is).  Oh, I forgot to mention that also in the support crew were my SIL Tammy, (no picture), her granddaughter Ellie Kate, also one more grandson.... Isac. And besides me, there was our grandson Cameron. Also no picture.... except towards the end you see him from the back as I took a picture of his mom/dad.
We had to wait for 2 riders to meet up with us and while waiting; I snapped a picture of the local Thistle.

My daughter cheering on one of the Josh's, the finish
was on a hill, so it was a hard ending!! He did it all,
so he should be proud of himself!
Here they all are, they managed to finish up in one piece. We lost a couple of riders.... I guess what I mean to say is that some of our riders finished up at different places and went home. We had 2 that met up with us, and 1 that started with us but as I said, they left us at different places. It was an interesting, beautiful ride. It would have been much better had some of the riders not gotten lost.... but, as I said before, your always going to have a few problems the first time you start out a new adventure! All in all, everyone was tired and enjoyed the ride. Especially the challenge of it all!
I took this of my SIL and Daughter.... he really wasn't sticking his tongue out... I just caught it wrong... maybe I had better check the other one I took of them!

O.K. here is the better of the two pictures. Sorry Kevin! Oh, and the backside of grandson! 

And last but not least, someone who is very happy to have us back home again! She was smiling, look into that face.... her eyes are closed! Talk about content! 
All in all it was a great day..... one that started at 4:30 a.m. when we woke up... and finished when we got home around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. when we got back home! Oh, we did have a bar-b-q at the neices when all was said and done.... there were a lot of very tired people there! 

Part II of; You Know Your A Red Neck If.....

As they say proof is in the pudding; here is the picture I promised of the truck with said..... stirrups!

Oh, and if you look really close, you can see at least one of the stirrups on the other side too! 
Always nice to know that we all have somewhat different characteristics! I rest my case!

July 25, 2011

Missing Quilts..... Disappeared While Here In Our Area!

One of the blogs I read is Allie Aller's. It's such a shame that this has happened. Please keep your eyes and ears open and if you see/hear anything please contact the contact address here:

i heart fiber art newsletter
Dear Readers,

As many of you know every year we look forward to displaying our authors' quilts in our booth at Quilt Market. At Salt Lake City's Spring Market the booth looked fantastic with so many stunning quilts. We know how important our authors' quilts are—the expertise, time, and love that goes into each and every stitch, and for that reason, we take great responsibility for them while they're in our care. So it is with a heavy heart that we regret to inform you that at the close of Salt Lake City's Spring Quilt Market, four quilts went missing. The quilts that are unaccounted for are 3 cover quilts and a table runner. They include:

Allie Aller's cover quilt Crazy in the Garden from the book Allie Aller's Crazy QuiltingJoyce Becker's cover quilt Dryer Lint Etc. from the book Quick Little Landscape Quilts
Allie Aller's cover quilt, Crazy in the Garden, fromAllie Aller's Crazy Quilting (46" x 46")Joyce Becker's cover quilt, Dryer Lint, Etc., fromQuick Little Landscape Quilts (18" x 18")

• click quilt image to enlarge •

Debra Kemball's cover quilt Floral Sampler from the book Beautiful BotanicalsSweetwater's Gathered Table Runner from the book Fresh Fabric Treats
Deborah Kemball's cover quilt, Floral Sampler, fromBeautiful Botanicals (28" x 42.5")Sweetwater's, Gathered Table Runner, from Fresh Fabric Treats (42.5" x 16")
When the crate came back from Quilt Market and was unpacked, it became apparent that these quilts were missing. We went on high alert. We searched high and low, going through every box, drape, tube, you name it we checked it (twice) and to our deep regret the quilts were nowhere to be found.

Our entire company is mortified by this situation. We have racked our brains and tried to figure out what could have happened to these quilts, to no avail. We are reaching out to you, our readers, for help. We wanted to make you aware of the situation so that you too could keep your eyes and ears open in the hopes of finding these missing works of art. We are offering a reward of $4,000.00—no questions asked—for the return of the quilts. If one quilt is returned, the reward will be based upon the appraised value of the quilt. Information or inquiries can be sent to

Amy Marson
C&T Publishing
July 18, 2011
C&T contact info