March 26, 2013

Family Flies; When Their Having Fun

Hey I know your thinking where oh where has Jean been. Good question! Mostly I have had the Winter blog writing blues; But I'm back now and have a really important subject!
Those of you who don't know Google Reader will be closing down in July if you don't know about it; go here to check it out!

The last I saw (when I signed the petition)  they still need lots more signatures! Like a little over 5,000
which in the world of blogs isn't so much! It would make it sooo much easier if we could all work together and let them know we would like them to stick around! :)

Tell you friends; Facebook it (if you Facebook, tweet; etc....) get the word out!

O.K. now back to our semi-regularly scheduled blog post!

Things seem to be changing everywhere. Always something new. I sure would hate it to loose all the blog friends that I've come to read/love because Google Reader isn't around anymore!

I've been working on clearing out some of the odds and ends projects that have been cluttering my sewing room lately (let's face it, for months!!!). My last post    (  Ready and Willing; Just Not Able  )
I was working on a dress that had sat in the UFO pile for quite some time. In this post I mentioned that I was going to change the sleeve from a cute little extended shoulder to a cap sleeve. Ahem, what was I thinking?  When you have things in the UFO pile for soooo long, sometimes we forget what we were about to do! No understatement here! Too funny, so I cut the sleeve out (the cap sleeve) and sewed it to the dress!  BBBBBBBBBBBAP! WRONG!!!  I need one of those really noisy buzzers they have on game shows! Again what was I thinking!!! Apparently I wasn't thinking at all about the end result! It was a laugh that's for sure! Since the dress it's self had a bit of an extended shoulder already.... and then I put a cap sleeve on it! Well, you get the picture! Sad to say I didn't until I looked at it b/4 trying it on. Let's just say that was a terrific waste of sewing time! Back to square one I believe! I think I will remake the extended shoulder so it's a bit longer and call it good! So I can move on!!!

So I had this cute pattern from this book;

 And since I had a cute print in the fabric stash plus so many people I know from Church are having babies... like a dozen babies in the past year or more. I thought I should make something cute to share. Of course it's always more fun to sew for girls then boys.... (sorry mom's of boys!) well, at least some of the time's, at least there are tons of cute patterns out there for girls... many more for girls than boys. And I have a lot of girl patterns. Heavy sigh!
So, I made 4! Yep you read right! 4 of those cute little hats. I figured that since I was at it, I may as well put some in the gift stash! I also have a dozen receiving blankets cut out. They are a self binding receiving blanket from  this tutorial.
All it takes is 30 inches square of one fabric and 40 inches square of another. Cute, cute, cute!
We are managing to get healthy again, DH is spent some time skiing this winter, and enjoying every minute of it. We had a wonderful visit from our son and family a couple weeks ago. So, I will leave you with this cute picture of DH and one of the grands playing airplane!
They had a great time... you can see how matted down the grass is from all the snow we had; which melted just before they got here! It figures; they came to go skiing with our DIL's family.
Watch for the notions sales, nothing like getting thread, needles etc... on sale. Oh, and patterns too!