July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday (Tomorrow) America!!!!!

Well, it's that time of year again. I did mention last post that we would be celebrating the 4TH of July soon. I've a lot to be thankful for! This old country has been pretty good to me and I just thought I would find a couple pictures to show you what I have to appreciate! The Church, Family and the beauties of this wonderful country. There are a lot of pictures on the internet that show all sorts of wonderful views, vista's and ocean's, mountains and valleys... forests, streams, rivers... that I could have added, but I felt that you probably already have a favorite picture or place that means a lot to you. Each one of these places can touch my heart in a different way. ( edit:What I should have said, is that each of those type of places touch my heart and that I just couldn't decide which pictures to add... so the most important pictures are of my family! ) I am sooooo greatful that I have the opportunity to live in The United States of America. I was born here and after being in the Military and serving my country and being away from the U.S. I learned so much more to appreciate all there is in this Great Country! No matter whether you live in the U.S. or not, remember to appreciate where you live and the freedoms that you may have! Take care of our old world..... It's the only one we have!

God Bless America!!! I hope that those of you who live in the U.S. will have a wonderful and safe and happy July 4TH!

July 1, 2010

Who Is That Lurking Around The Computer?

Yes, believe it or not! I'm alive and well. For some reason I've just not felt like blogging lately... just blog lurking here and there. That and the creativity in my sewing room has up and left! Seems that sewing time gets interrupted when gardening etc... happens. But I will get it together one of these days!

So, what have you been doing? Anything fun?

We had some great company a couple weeks back. Our son and our DIL came to visit and it was non stop busy-ness.

We went to the zoo... the family (or at least some of the family and extended too) went and we had a great time. In all toll we had hmmmmmm, 15 of us there... and only 6 were kids! Well people under the age of 8 that is! Pretty good odds don't you think? This is one of the first animals we saw when we got there. And they don't even have to be caged!

The giraffes were trying to keep cool.... I can't imagine how much lemon aide it must take to cool off a giraffes throat can you?

We saw the baby elephant and of course lots of birds and critters. Ate lunch, took a train ride.... we took up most of one entire section of the train. Not too sure who the biggest kids were... then again yes... mostly the "older" ones! They had a great bird show and we saw a beautiful Bald Eagle (one that had been hurt and so can't fly fast enough to catch food so it can't go back into the wild) an owl, and a couple of hawks. They had them (most of them) trained to fly to different perches and they would soar right over the crowds heads... so they told us not to raise our hands or stand up while the show was going on!

I'm so in awe of these beautiful creatures! They are amazing to watch! It brings me to tears to see them! I could watch them all day!

I thought that these two photo's were very appropriate for this week here in the United States! We are celebrating the birth of our country on the 4Th of July! Fireworks, parades, music, flags.... Eagles.... our beautiful home and all of our Freedoms.... What's Not To Love! Happy Birthday America!

As we walk off into the sunset... or at least to the car park! Hey... this zoo has lots of hills and walking and/or pushing a stroller gets tiring! Needless to say, we were all pooped and a little sunburned! I sunburned my hair part... I'm still dealing a bit with the peeling..... ever burned your scalp? Yep.... it looks like dandruff when it peels.... yuck! So, if you see me.... be fair warned! It's not pretty!

During this fun visit we celebrated 3 birthdays, Father's Day, someone being preggers (well it was her belated birthday gift shopping), we had a family picture taken and had a bar-b-q and various other eating events.... family and food goes hand in hand! We dined out a few times, Mimi's Cafe (for breakfast for the birthday girls), Taco-Taco, Chili's, a restaurant that I forget the name of..... for lunch with DD and my Nephew from Oregon..... God Father's Pizza, oh, and because we were getting soooo much rain believe it or not..... I made Chili one night! (Yeah, well don't feel too bad for me having to cook.... I opened some cans of chili and then added a few cans of black and red beans!) With the fact that it was birthday time we of course had various celebration desserts..... Frozen Yogurt Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, and then home made Cheese cake. Which is a story in it's self! I will try to make it short! LoL..... sooo funny... I over whipped the batter for this cheese cake and put it in the pan size that was recommended a 9 inch pan (the release type pans.... I can't remember off hand what they are called!) and while cooking it grew and it grew and it grew....... so after cooking it for the required time; it still wasn't done! (too bad I didn't think to take pictures!) I left it in longer 30 minutes longer to be exact! Nope.... all it did was over flow the pan! Pieces dropping left and right and smoking up the house! And mind you it's at night so I had to open windows and turn on the ceiling fans to keep the smoke detectors from sounding the alarm! LoL.... All in all I finally took it out of the oven (it was about 3 inches over the top of the pan) and took a bread knife and sliced it across the top into the garbage disposal! Heavy Sighhhhh! Cooked it for around 30-40 more minutes and it was done! Not pretty but done! And the next day it did taste pretty good.... I learned to not mix so much and maybe next time use a larger pan! Oh, and my DSIL Tammy.... told me to tape foil to help support the sides of it if it raises up too much!
All in all.... we had a great time.... I'm sure that the extra weight will look good on me! No! I'm working that off now!
Until next time..... remember what we have learned! Save the beating for the whipped cream!

For some reason the comments area is running together with the end of the post? So I've tried several times to fix it.... if at first you don't suceed... try, try again. Which I have... so now it's just go for broke!