September 11, 2011

10th Anniversary of 9-11

Please don't get used to me posting so often as this; it's just a quirk.... I know it, you know it... so I'm just saying.
Anyway, I wanted to write a  post... in memory of 9-11.

Ten years ago I can remember sitting on the couch just mezmorised at what was happening in our country, Our Country! I wasn't anywhere near New York or Washington DC... but I was there, In Spirit.... helping those people as mush as if I had been there in person to help them out of those buildings. All I wanted to do was hug and cry with them.... the shock to have been there in person must have been incredible!

 I'm a crier from wayyy back.... I come from a long line of crier's on my mom's side of the family. One time we had a family reunion in a coastal town in Oregon... and my gramma and grampa, (mom's mom and dad) and my mom and dad, my aunt and cousins, my brother and his family and my DH and our family were all there. On Sunday, as per usual we went to Church. The building was just a little Quenset Hut and with  those of our family who went to the Sacrament Meeting we doubled the group that was attending. This was a place my parents attended as often as they could when they went to the coast to stay. When my parents car was recognized in the little community.... they got a phone call and were asked to speak during the Sacrament meeting. Dad got up and since it was quite a small group he began to introduce his family.... and this is the way he did it!  The lady over there with the hankie..... is my MIL and my FIL sits next to her.... then with her large towel to dry her tears is my wife. Next to her is my DD (me) she uses a sheet! And on and on about the rest of the family.... the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree as our girls do pretty good also. My DH told me once after we watched the movie "The Other Side of Heaven"..... (and we saw the paid morner's) that I could make a lot of money.... just be yourself.... and you will cry at the drop of a hat! Yep that's me all right...
just start to talk about crying.... or even say the word.... yep... I start up! No drought here at our place! (which does seem quite strange to me.... you would think after a while.... I would just dry up! Nope not me!) I've gotten to the place where I honestly don't go to funerals much anymore.... because it's embarrassing! I cry so much.... it's not for the person who is gone.... it's for the people, family left behind! I know that they will be better off (the person who has passed) but I guess it's just in my make-up.... I cry at the old Hallmark card comercials.... what can I say? I am what I am!
So long story short tonight as I sat and watched some of the memorial events... of course I cried... thankful for all the wonderful people who went outta their ways to help everyone they possibly could! The people lost, the people who fought again'st the terrorist's on the planes.... and everyone who lost anyone. Know that my heart goes out to all those who were left behind. You will not be forgotten. As we strive to make this world a better place... we must always remember who made it possible.  God Bless America!

September 9, 2011

In Between The Sewing

Alright, in between the sewing.... we had two sweeties come visit; my mom and dad.... we got together with the kids that are in town and had lots of talk a little food.... just well.... lots more gabbing. DH and mom and dad and I all went for a drive up to a little town on the other side of the mountains. We had a great little meal.... ( I had smoked Salmon Salad.... yummmmy.... I just should not have eaten allll of it at one time! But it was sooo good! ) we tried Wild Huckle Berry Soda.... (very good I must say). There was desserts.... I had a cheese cake... just a piece mind you not the entire thing!!! And also there was bread pudding.... not bad... a bit too sweet for my liking.... (I know, your shaking your head.... sweeter than cheese cake? I thought so!) And if I remember right there was also.... Huckle Berry Ice Cream.... and DH.... I can't honestly remember if he had dessert or not... but all in all.... an enjoyable day was had by all! Oh, just so you know.... I forgot to take the camera with us... but it was fun spending time with my favorite sweeties! Thanks for coming you two!
Our DD#2 was hamming with the sweeties! As we were waiting for the shish-ka-bob to cook! 

And then the 3 DD's and my SIL and her DD and also her DDIL and I all went to Saint George to see 
"Little Mermaid" one night and then "Grease" the next. We had a great stay in a home that we rented from a friend of my neice's. It was hot.... over 100 degree's each day we were there. It cooled some in the evenings 
just wasn't what I was used too. We played some, shopped some, laid around the pool some. Ate... of course! And mostly just had a good time together! 
We went to a place called "The Painted Pony" to eat once we got there! The food was good... but mostly we were really taken with the pewter cups! See them here in the picture.... they were sooo great! Nice and cold... they must have been kept a refrigerator... because they really were cold! And one guy...(not our waitress, was there constantly filling the glasses... I think that's all he did in the place! I know... you now think... she doesn't get out much does she? Well... I do get out... I just thought it was funny that that's all he seemed to do!) We were all laughing about the cups being soo great that maybe DD#3 would have to slip some into her purse.... (she always has the worlds largest purse's and honestly... (well really not all that honestly I suppose)  if she had been in that way of thinking... she probably could have managed! But of course.... we don't do that! We did however ask if they sold them, or if there was a place we could purchase them on-line! Nope, neither one of the above!

 This is my food, I had just a plain old club sandwich.... which was really good. And the salad was shredded apple, feta cheese, walnuts, and spinach. House dressing too.
 This is Nephew's wifie... she is a cutie!
 Here are my girls all decked out!  And of course... they were singing along with all the songs! Too funny!
 All of us out front of  Tuacahn,  ( . We had soo much fun!
 Here is a shot of 3 of us... Niece, Nephews wife, and me!
 This was the second show.... Grease! The DD's and I sat together the night b/4. Funny thing at Little Mermaid,  we were walking to our seats and all of a sudden I hear; "Sister Cogdill"....... and there was a family from our ward at Church! Makes for a small world sometimes! We drove over 300 miles.... and we still ended up seeing people we knew! Oh, I forgot to say..... that the artistic director is my DH's Cousin and that the gal who plays Ursula is also a cousin of DH. She played Miss Lynch in "Grease" the second night!
Apparently they do such a great job on Disney shows.... they have been asked by Disney to train other companies to do the same thing! So DH's cousin (whom we aren't sure he has ever met!) goes from place to place teaching/training all these other art directors. Interesting. If you go to the link I put above.... and then click on the Little Mermaid icon.... and then go to pic's of the shows.... you will see a great picture of Ursula. Here is a picture of SIL and her girls.... at least the ones who could come!
And as they say.... a good time was had by all! I won't go into details about how silly we got when we had stayed up too late and were busy singing and dancing when we got home! No... nothing in the manner of fermented beverages was had to become sooo silly. Just tiredness and all that music! Until next time!  Oh, that should catch me up for a little while... One more thing.... my DD's (at least two of them) have got me reading The Twilight Series.... so yes.... I'm on book #3. Always something...

What's Been Keeping Me Busy

     It's hard to get back to blogging sometimes. I've been keeping busy trying to get into the sewing room and well it seems there is always something to do. UFO's to get back too. I finished the white dress adding the sleeves. Then I tacked down the lace part through-out the edges  to hold it in place.

Honestly, with all the other white on this dress, it blends in quite nicely. And looks as if it were original to the dress. I looked through my patterns and found a sleeve that I liked and that would fit the finished sleeveless ready-made dress. Then cut out a complete sleeve out of the spandex and gathered the top of both fabric's inserting them together. 

I used a white cotton rectangle doily for the lace of the sleeves.... but did not have quite enough as you can see from this picture... the bottom part of the sleeve or lining I made out of white spandex... when worn doesn't really show,  so to be honest I wasn't really worried about it! I still would like to find a cute belt of two that I can wear with it. And all in all the dress cost me all of $20. I had the doily... the eyelet that I added to the bottom of the skirt for more length and also the spandex in my stash of fabrics. I got a few nice compliments and well.... over all I will be wearing it a lot.

I finished a baby quilt,  it's from fabric that my youngest daughter bought years ago... and started on. It for some reason was left here. So, since she had it started I figured that I would finish it so it can go away! She did have the ruffle done... it is made out of a black and white print that looks like a cow hide. Oh, and then I tied it with a multi-colored  cream cotton crochet thread. She isn't pregnant! It's just something she found and liked while working at the local fabric store.... and as you know... if you like it... it sometimes comes home with you! LoL...

Also lately I've been trying to help Karma and friends that are working on a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for their DUP  (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) group. It has 31 quilt blocks. I forgot to take pictures of the others that I completed (or at least put onto the muslin already). There are a few that are the same as far as the theme goes. But, that is the only thing similar about them. I don't have these on the muslin yet because I ran out. The blocks are gong to be on point  on plain muslin and then there is a cute blue print that will be in between each block. I will have to get some more pictures later. Each block will be blanket stitched around all in black and then embroidered where different lines... details etc... are found.

As you can see the details will add a lot to each
block. We still need to add lace, ribbon etc... to each
also. Anyway, it will be raffled off to earn $$$ for the
DUP chapter.

Well, that is all for now...
Whatever your sewing; enjoy the process... and don't forget to change your needle every now and then!