January 21, 2013

Ready and Willing; Just Not Able

So much for me getting right to blogging and sewing this year! DH and I have been sick since well, my last post pretty much! I finally gave in a few weeks back and went to the dr.'s. Bronchial Asma? Who Knew? Any way, after much medicine and much coughing (still coughing and mom, I feel your pain!) we are on the mend. Now if the terrible air quality would get better, things would move along a bit quicker.  DH and I went on a drive on Saturday to get outta all the bad air. We went onto the other side of the mountain where it's much more clear.... matter of fact the air there was wonderful!
So, although I've been feeling poorly I did get a few things worked on... no major projects, just some UFO's that I've been meaning to finish. I put a new zipper in a fleece vest, I took in the sides of a dress that I bought at the local thrift shop for $6. I still need to do a fine tuning... yeah, I tried it on and there were a couple little bumps at the hips...  My two oldest daughters gave me a cute corduroy skirt for my birthday in November... which was a bit shorter then I like to wear, so I brought down the hem and added a light weight black lace to the hem. I wore that yesterday to Church and felt much more comfortable in it. Going thru the UFO basket I found a dress that had been cut out without sleeves... the extra fabric was still with it so I managed to get some sleeves cut out for that dress. I go in bursts... I get a few things done and then get tired. So, that's probably why I haven't done much else. Oh, I did managed to get my pattern pieces cut out for the Burda 7128 dress. Maybe if I can get the UFO dress done and outta the way, I can get to the Burda dress b/4 Summer! LoL....
I've been doing a lot of blog hopping.... mostly enjoying other people's hard work.... and chomping at the bit to get back to some actual sewing! More to come.... hopefully soon! :)
Here is a picture of the UFO I'm working on.... I stopped working on it because I decided that it needed sleeves...  I like a bit more of a sleeve than what they have here....

This is the dress that was in the UFO pile.
So I took the sleeve from the pattern below;

Blue dress view... and it's all cut out. Now to get to some actual sewing! I have a cute short sleeve jacket my parents brought back from Thailand to wear with it. It should be great for Spring/Summer/and even maybe into Fall.... since the colors are sorta Fallish. So, I suppose I did get some sewing done... or at least sewing related things done. I may make this dress again (well... when it does get done) and try just making the sleeve they have a bit longer... we shall see! That was my plan all along, right now, with it being sooo cold... I hate to think of sewing dresses with shorter sleeves... it just makes me shiver! If you know what I mean.... it's been in the teen's as far as degree's around here for week's. If not colder! It's 10 degree's outside right now! Yeah for good working heaters/furnaces!
Don't forget to clean out your sewing machine.... dust, lint, threads... they all seem to collect under the needle plate and jam things up. It's a new year... time to clean things up!