January 19, 2014

Just One Word Can Make All The Difference

A New Year always makes me think of new patterns, designs, refashions, adventures... So many things to learn.  Where to start, where to start?
I'm not much into making resolutions, trial and error seems to be my motto. And as they say.... If It Ain't Broke... I try different and new things because I'm interested in them. I do have a tendency to get somewhat impatient when I find a method isn't up to my liking; I don't always stick to the directions, instructions etc... I guess I am a bit of a non-follower. But, what works for me will not always work for someone else. There have been times where I've tried to explain how I've done something and people end up just scratching there heads. It makes sense to me; guess it's a good thing that I'm not a pattern maker. LoL... I get a picture in my mind and go with it. I have a very vivid imagination, I suppose that helps. So, this year some of the blogs I've been reading are talking about having a Key Word this year... I believe it's Bonnie Hunter's blog   http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2014/01/whats-your-word.html
that she decided her Key Word or Word for the year is going to be Finish! Have several projects going; but; get at least one done before starting another new project. Go check out her post it's great!

 Now she does have me thinking, she talked about how her mom was/is always the one that takes up the slack when things start to fall thru... that seems to be in my families blood also. I learned long ago while working with the youth at our Church that sometimes, you need to let them  Fall!  It's the only way they will learn, if your to have a Roast Beef dinner and the youth are in charge of making sure the Roast Beef is there, let them BE IN CHARGE! If they fail, then you will have plenty of potato's and gravy and lots of veggies and salad. And they will learn. Next time, there will be Roast Beef. You can bet on it! It's also not the end of the world if a mistake is made. We all need to think about what's the most important thing here; a Roast Beef Dinner or the kids learning a valuable lesson.
 Soo, I'm going to do more of that, letting go and not picking up the slack.  I work with the YSA's now (young single adults ages 18-30) and we shall see if we eat Roast Beef, or just potato's and gravy.
I need to do that with sewing too, I have a tendency to jump in to the rescue at times (sometimes I'm asked, sometimes I volunteer) and then I get myself into more work then time in a week. Guess I need to work on that. Maybe more sharing how things could be fixed instead of doing it for the person.
Just a thought. So, now I need a word.... how about ENJOY,
The moment!
The process!
The learning!
The feeling of satisfaction in a job well done and finished!
The end result!
The next project!

Well, I hope your year will be fruitful and fun, and that if you want, you find a WORD that works for you!
Get you scissors sharpened... or make sure your rotary cutter has a good blade;  it looks like a start of something good! Jean