February 18, 2010

Always Something To Do!

The month has flown swiftly by... hard to believe it is almost the last week of the month! With our 34th anniversary.... the 1st week, Valentines Day and our DD's birthday the 2nd..... me getting a silly cold the end of last week and into this... it seems to have taken it's toll on the days. I have worked on some projects but did not complete the goal for January let alone finish up this month. I'm still trying to catch up.... always something else to find to do.
I went out to lunch with a friend last week... we went to a little place called The Little Bit of Britain. It's a fish and chips shopp. The food was good and we had an enjoyable time... just chatting and taking our time. They had all sorts of different foods from England... you know in a gift shopp attached to the shopp. Although, since it was fried it is not something I will be doing very often. I am trying to be good about what I eat. I need to get back on the wagon as far as exercising and all..... the holidays tend to call me and I follow.... So, now it's time to put things to right!
I saw the cutest thing on Sewing With Nancy on PBS TV last week. She and her guest were doing projects where they recycle different things. And one of the projects was to make grocery type bags.... of light weight bags to use for shopping out of old scarves. The ones everyone wore in the 80's! They used 30 inch square scarves for the most part. Really simple too. I will have to take some pictures... and maybe do a sort of tutorial on how to do it! Fast project and so light weight it would be simple to have one in your purse, pocket etc.... at all times... thus saving you from having paper/plastic bags! Every little bit counts!
I am working on sewing the binding of a quilt right now when not working on a belated birthday present for DD. She doesn't know what it is.... or even that it's coming her way... well, maybe she does now! Hope to have it done soon and will take a picture to post it after I give it too her! That and blog hopping and I finally also finished a book called "Lorna Doone". I found it at the D.I. for $1. Not bad.... it was a pretty good read. And yes, there are cookies called Lorna Doones... not mentioned in the book at all! It is a love story and a very good one too! With lots of action and adventure. I highly recommend it if you can find it! It seems to be an old book so good luck finding it! You might want to look on Amazon!
Well, I need to frost a cake to deliver for a funeral luncheon and then back to the binding... I may need to make a cake for us too though.... there it's calling my name again.... Jeannnnn, you want cake!!!! Now where are my Rice Cakes.... guess they will have to do!
Hope you all know that if you stick yourself with a pin/needle... and you bleed on a project your own saliva is the best way to get the blood out! Take care. Later....
Oh, I almost forgot! Since I posted a couple of pictures in December/January of DH and myself... I've been told that I need to put more pic's of me on the blogg.... I will try to do more of that! I won't promise when.... but I will try! Thanks for the comments