March 30, 2009

Can't Trust The Weekends

It's Monday, I got onto the scale, I got off the scale, I got onto the scale, I got off the scale. Yep.... it's true... just can't trust the weekends! They sneek up on you and throw food at you.... (my DS and DIL were in town) and well... it just sticks on ya! So watch out.... I may start throwing it back! I gained 2 pounds! Wannna hear a bunch of excuses??? No? What's wrong with you? I need your support!!!
O.K. I guess I won't bore you. But we did have a good time with our DS and DIL... although, they were both sick! We finally convinced him to go to the dr.'s on Friday after they came to see us! Yep! Poor guy... sinus infection, plus bronchitis! No wonder he was close to coughing out a lung while he was here! Oh well, it was vacation time right??? And DIL was also checked, cause she was concerned about a really sore throat. They checked her for strep! But no, she didn't have that... but close... Antibiotic's for the lot of them! And hopefully now that they have gone home... they will get some good rest tonight and recover entirely.
So, I drove them to the airport... (they live in Oregon, we live in Utah) and of course during the weekend while with us... we got snow!!!!! Saturday... DS was outside sitting in the sunshine... enjoying visiting with DH, and didn't even think about sunscreen.... yep.... due to the antibiotics...(see above) he got a sunburn! Poor guy... all this way, and all the time he was here, didn't go snowboarding once... but no one at home is going to believe him, cause of the sunburn! Anyway... being as I had to come back home (sniff, sniff) by my lonesome... I had to check out some of the local quilt shops on the way back to home sweet home... saw a lot of really cute stuff out there! But, I was on my best behaviour... the only thing I bought was a couple of caramels... soft, chewy, heavy sighhhhh, a girls gotta live ya know! I figure if I have to get rid of the weight that I gained over the weekend... I may as well do it up big!!! They were really good too! Of course, they are gone... heck, one and 1/2 were gone b/4 I got out of the parking lot! LoL... worth it though! Oh, and as a grandma... I have to scout out the cute patterns... I need to remember the name of the company/pattern designer... cause I saw the cutest pattern! I will get the info! It's for a dress that is called the petal dress! Yes, you know what I'm thinking don't you!!!! My little granddaughter has to have one of those! When I find it out again, (I needed sugar at the time, and just didn't write it down! That's my excuse anyway!) But I will find out and let you know!

Nothing else on the sewing front.
Take care... and Spring will spring itself on us, as soon as it's good and ready! I hope anyway! Day after tomorrow is April... and besides Easter is just around the corner!

March 23, 2009

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snowwwwwwww

I got up early this a.m. with my DH and everything was fine! Let the dog out, headed back to bed and when I got up again! I hear water going down the drain spout! Thinking, oh, it's raining... guess Karma and I won't be going walking today! LoL... really my excuse.... sounds good anyway! And then I just happen to look out of the window..... yep white stuff all over the grass! And mind you, it wasn't insulation!(Don't ask!...) Oh, well.... we had Spring for about close to a week!
My son and DIL came to town/or should I say the state on Saturday! Poor guy wasn't feeling very well. They came to meet up with her family so that they could go skiing! Hmmmm, must be why it's snowing outside! We picked them up and then took them up the mountain... (her folks little car... I forget what it is didn't have enough room for them, 4 bags and the ski's!) So we got to have them with us a bit longer!

O.K. I weighed in the morning..... and wonder of wonders.... I lost 2.2 lbs! Yeahhhhh team! When I weigh myself, the dog just stands there and dances around, like she is telling me to hurry myself up.... she has to go out again! Yep, little girl.... it was worth the wait! As far as I'm concerned!



So, this past week, I managed to finally get the rest of the old poly quilt tied. For some reason there was always something else to do... it's tied and back on the bed! Nice and toasty again... there aren't a million blankets on it any more. Also, I got 3 pair of pillow cases made for wedding presents... I was soo far behind! 3 weddings that we couldn't attend and yet to get a present too. Oh, and a little baby boys outfit (store bought) finally packaged up to go to a new baby. Now, I just need to get these out of my sewing room! Breathing room I call it!!!! At least it will be when I get them out! Out! Out! You Pesky Presents!!!!! And now I have also dug out some fabric, for a quilt I need to get done b/4 the 3rd of April. Nothing like making it short and sweet! Hopefully it will be done and out of the way soon! Maybe even on time!
Still having a problem with my pic's! How is it that the first time I used it I could do it fine! And now it's nothing but trouble? Nothing like a little technology making my life harder!

Well, on to other things.... like laundry! It's Monday.... gotta start somewhere!
Don't forget to turn off the iron in the sewing room!!!! Unless your using it, that is! Have a great week... Keep warm, and be productive!

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day and Still no Pictures

Oh, so I forgot to mention HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY, to one and all... at least all who celebrate the day that is. I forgot to iron my DH green corduroy shirt, and didn't think of it ahead of time. So, I told him that if anyone asks to just tell them that he is GREEN WITH ENVY!!!! And then finish that sentence with what ever feels right to fit the person! He just looked at me and shook his head. Hmmmm, he does that a lot now a days! I wonder why?
Still don't have pic's up... but I shall over come this! Don't know when, or how or even who.... but it will happen! Later!

The Day After Monday Is Loser Tuesday

As you can read, I didn't get my post made on Monday... Tisk, Tisk, Tisk! I know, I'm bad! Oh... that makes me think of a cute riddle I was told. Are you ready?
What do the T.V. show 60 minutes, and an Irish Mother have in common? They both start with Tick, Tick, Tick. Hmmm its easier to understand if your telling it not writing it! Oh, and for you that are from outside the U.S. 60 minutes starts it's show with a clock ticking away... I thought it was cute! Oh well.
As for Loser Monday, I did weight my self and had every intention of posting... but, well I never got it done! I lost 1.2 lbs. Yes!!!! And I even went out to a late lunch with my SIL Tammy. We did good though, we had grilled Salmon and well... this isn't quite as good but it was yummy! We also had the cinnimon yam... (it's a veggie!!!) basically if you have never had one. It's a yam that has been cooked by dipping it in something (I have no idea!) and then putting it into cinnimon and sugar b/4 they deep fry it! Oh, this is with the peels on! And then it's cut open and you are given some butter with cinnimon and a little sugar! Almost like a dessert! Oh, and for dessert (O.K. I always forget which spelling is the place and which is the sweet treat!) we shared a Raspberry Crem'brule... (spelling is not my forte!). Everything was wonderful!!!! And after all that I still lost what I lost! Yeahhhh Team!!!
So, the much promised pictures! So I've tried and tried! For some reason I can't get my pic's to post! The first few times I did it with NO PROBLEM.... Now all I get are numers and letters all missed up! Like a computer format without any pictures! Anyone out there have any idea's please let me know! This is so frustrating! Anyway... stay tuned! Some day... I will show some pictures!

March 10, 2009

I Won!!!

No it's not the Publishers Clearing House! Close, but not quite! Sharon over at Publ had a great give a way! For last weeks Loser's Monday! I'm so excited! Thanks again Sharon... your so sweet to do this!
Just so you know... I am doing the happy dance! The dog always looks at me funny when I dance with out her! Probably just jealous is all!
Gotta go, I need to send off an email to get my winnings.... heheee heee! Humble aren't I?! I promise I will try harder.
Oh, and here's a duhhhh for me! Remember I said that I needed to get new batteries for my camera? Bigggg Sighhhh... I was thinking it needed a special type! Who knew it only needed two AA batteries! All of you, right! So, I'm back to finishing up my pic's on my out of control sewing room! You all knew it won't get any better right?
O.K..... I promise to do that this week! Wink, Wink!

March 9, 2009

Loser Monday

Seems Mondays always get here way to fast! Alright, right up front I'm wondering about my scale... I worked out at least twice (which really isn't enough to do anything) but did that arrow on my scale move? Maybe 8 ounces! O.k. so a loss is a loss! I'm taking it! For those of you with kids I turned on the T.V. this a.m. and there was a gal doing exercises... using her kids for weights! I think we all know how you can hold onto your little one and put them onto your legs and make them fly! Well, this gal has gone a few steps farther! She does all sorts of fun things with her kids, (she has 3) the oldest is 40 pounds and she will pick her up and do twists with her (thus working her arms and legs and waist etc...). She says that she is smaller and healthier weight and size then she was before she had any kids! She also uses free weights to work on her arms. Plus, while doing this, her kids (the ones that can hold onto them) use canned foods to use as their free weights. This way the kids aren't sitting watching T.V. while she works out and they are learning to have a good time while doing something healthful! O.K. that's my tip for the week! Get those kids, grandkids, neices, nephews... steal a neighbor kid(JUST KIDDING!!! REALLY!!!) but get busy working out! Sigh.... I wonder if my Jamie would like to work out with me.... (Jamie is the golden retriever! LoL... I can see her sitting there going... doesn't she know that she is cutting in on my beauty sleep?).

On the sewing front... or hind end which ever (mostly I'm be hind... ) the sleeveless dress didn't get any further. But, I did manage to get the new back onto the quilt from out bed, I have it about 1/4 of the way tied too. It's a kingsized quilt so this could take a little time if I keep getting interrupted! Last week we had our Relief Society (our womens church gettogether) on Tues. evening, Wednesday evening, my DH and I helped judge our Young Men and Young Womens group's Iron Chef contest... (it was a hoot!) and Thursday night we went to the Temple with our Stake! So, needless to say each evening was busy, and so now I'm behind in a lot of things!
We shall see what this week works into. Oh, the Iron Chef contest... well, let's just say that we had 20 items and for 5 judges we did alright to just taste them all. My friend Nancy and I both bit into a cookie at the same time! These were cookies that had been rolled or sprinkled with powdered sugar! First off, they were doughie... and then she had inhaled some of the powdered sugar... and we both were trying to decide if we should actually chew and swallow or just spit it out! We ended up with it out! And started laughing after that. There were different drinks, slushes and lots of deserts. All in all it was quite an evening. A couple of salsa's too... that were pretty good... I did have to ask for water! Everyone just laughed at me! Prices were awarded, and the grand prize was for a Fruit Slush that was quite good, the person had put a hint of vanilla in it. They received a plastic apron! The other prices were bubbles or some such fun thing from the Dollar store. And a good time was had by all! The best desert, was a Cheesecake with fresh strawberries, real yummy! I could have eaten an entire piece of that! But all we got was a little cupcake size...

Let's make this week a good one! I know I need too... all weekend long it was pretty and sunny... This morning I got up at 4:30 and it was starting to snow! It's March...! So, anything to help make it warm and cheery.

March 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

Here it is Loser Monday again! And well, I didn't do anything weight wise! At least I didn't go up! But, I didn't go down either! I have to admit I wasn't working too hard on myself though, so this week I need to make a few changes. More time on the cardio glide and outside walking! O.K. everyone how did you do?

On the sewing front; I didn't too badly. I did get some of my mending done. Things that have been sitting and waiting for quite a while. Although, I still have some to catch up on... my sewing room doesn't feel quite as claustrophobic as it was! I'm working on an outfit that was sort of a hand me down (which I love! If I can't or don't take time to sew for myself, at least if I can revitalize something it seems to make it more mine. ) to me. It's a sleeveless dress with an over shirt that was a bit different. Let me see if I can describe it. Since I still haven't gone to go get a new battery for my camera. Well, it's a pull over made of some sort of micro fiber. Long sleeves, with pretty machine embroidered flowers on it. The bottom edge of the top has the side seams open about 6-8 inches. And from what I could figure out, you were supposed to tie the two ends (they have long like ties on them) together. So, I wasn't all that keen on the tie aspect, so I cut off that part and I need to undo and re-hem that area. Plus I stitched up the side seam. I took up the shoulders some too. It has a deep rounded neckline and it was too low (more show) then I would like. I will also take up the shoulder seams on the sleeveless dress. That is a great thing about knowing how to sew, if you find something you have and don't really like something about it... change it! No sense hanging onto something that you won't wear because something about the item bugs you! Check out your closet! Revamp items you don't wear, so you will, or, send it off to a charity of some sort. Or if you know of someone else who can get good use out of it, (and doesn't mind hand me downs) ask them if they want it. Your doing yourself and your friend or the charity for that matter, a big favor! Plus, if you send things to a charity, you can use it for a tax write off if you itemize. It's time to look around your home and see what needs to be re-used. I have a feeling that before things are said and done with this economy of ours... things may get tight.

I was reading some one's blog the other day, (one of the quilters blogs I read) and she said that she was getting up on her soap box; she mentioned something about helping out those around us. The food banks, charity groups that help feed people ect... and that it would be a good idea for us to help out where we can. And I'm here to say.... YES, YES, YES Those of us with children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, etc.... would we want someone to help out our families if we weren't close by to them? If you have the means, please search your pantry's and your hearts and skip a meal or so and give the food to the food bank.

Also, on the quiltie front, what with how expensive batting is getting and all, if you are just tieing quilts you can use old blankets for the batting. It works great! This way, your extending the life of the blanket and you get a new quilt out of the deal.
Look around you, there are lots of things that you can re-use if you really want too. Don't forget.... "USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, MAKE IT DO, OR DO WITH OUT!" This was a saying I ran across in the early 80's and have always tryed to live by.
Also, for those of you who have a little extra space (and also those who don't have tons just some) when you go shopping grab an extra can of something that is a staple, (something you use all the time) and if you can grab one more for the food bank, and that extra one for a rainy day. You will find that if you do this, as food prices go up... it won't be long and you will have a bit extra when you need it.
You could do this with fabric too, I have plenty of rainy day fabric that's for sure.

Have a great week! Don't forget to look into the faces of people you walk by each day as your out and about, on your way to and from work, out shopping etc... give them a smile. Yours might be the only smile they see that day! I've read stories about people that were planning on taking their lives, until someone somewhere made a difference by smiling or taking a moment to talk or to just listen. Our neighbors, strangers etc... all of them, are our brothers and sisters.