March 17, 2009

The Day After Monday Is Loser Tuesday

As you can read, I didn't get my post made on Monday... Tisk, Tisk, Tisk! I know, I'm bad! Oh... that makes me think of a cute riddle I was told. Are you ready?
What do the T.V. show 60 minutes, and an Irish Mother have in common? They both start with Tick, Tick, Tick. Hmmm its easier to understand if your telling it not writing it! Oh, and for you that are from outside the U.S. 60 minutes starts it's show with a clock ticking away... I thought it was cute! Oh well.
As for Loser Monday, I did weight my self and had every intention of posting... but, well I never got it done! I lost 1.2 lbs. Yes!!!! And I even went out to a late lunch with my SIL Tammy. We did good though, we had grilled Salmon and well... this isn't quite as good but it was yummy! We also had the cinnimon yam... (it's a veggie!!!) basically if you have never had one. It's a yam that has been cooked by dipping it in something (I have no idea!) and then putting it into cinnimon and sugar b/4 they deep fry it! Oh, this is with the peels on! And then it's cut open and you are given some butter with cinnimon and a little sugar! Almost like a dessert! Oh, and for dessert (O.K. I always forget which spelling is the place and which is the sweet treat!) we shared a Raspberry Crem'brule... (spelling is not my forte!). Everything was wonderful!!!! And after all that I still lost what I lost! Yeahhhh Team!!!
So, the much promised pictures! So I've tried and tried! For some reason I can't get my pic's to post! The first few times I did it with NO PROBLEM.... Now all I get are numers and letters all missed up! Like a computer format without any pictures! Anyone out there have any idea's please let me know! This is so frustrating! Anyway... stay tuned! Some day... I will show some pictures!

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