October 28, 2017

These two wonderful people are my parents. They have spent 55 years and 5 months married to each other. Wednesday, my father passed from this mortal earth and went home to his Heavenly Father. He was my Hero! He married my mother even though she had two kids. He loved us even when we made mistakes. He encouraged not only my brother and I, but our spouses and our children. Our grandchildren became his great grandchildren. In the past little while one of our grandchildren decided to make my parents his pen-pals. They have been writing letters back and forth full of wonderfully loving thoughtful things to each other. My dad will be missed not only by our entire family, but by his friends, neighbors and fellow Church goers. He and mom went on 6 missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to places such as Scotland, Thailand, Russia. While traveling to and from these places they stopped at other places to visit. So they went to New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Korea. The did a lot of good while on these missions, serving others and helping spread the word about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Thank you dad and your eternal companion mom for all you have done for us, and our family.
You are truly a great example to us all. See you in the Eternities. 

March 28, 2017

Here We Go Again Trying To Play Catch Up...

So much has happened in the last 7 months. Fall was lovely, we had a nice Thanksgiving; time spent with family is always lovely. Then in December things got rather hard. My father in law's health started to slide down hill. He had a bad fall the end of November and didn't really overcome that much at all. Our son and family were here for Christmas and until the first part of the year. Then hmmm, our daughter and family had an accident on their way home from a New Years gathering. Totaled their car and to honest they were blessed to have come out of it all with just a small problem with my son in laws foot. No other injuries. If you had seen what we saw... you would understand. They missed a cement culvert or two if I recall. Then the car landed between two huge power poles. Almost like they were parallel parking. Some how the car slid up the guide lines to one of these poles and they dropped down.... breaking the guide line. No other cars were involved.... it was icy and son in law isn't sure if he possibly fell asleep at the wheel. No drinking was involved. Fortunately all were alright. It happened not more than 6 or so blocks away and the police/fire were there when we came. The police and firemen were soooo kind with the kids/grand-kids. So sweet! They gave the 3 grands a teddy bear and two blankets. And told the kids, that cars can be replaced, but family can't! And that everything would be ok.
Two weeks later, my father in law passed away. He was a wonderful man. We miss him. But we also know that he is with his two wives (he was married to one at a time.... lol). And they are all happy to be together.
My husband has a large family of siblings; 9 in total. It is a blended family, 5 from his dad and mom and 4 from his step moms (we always called her mom) family. So a brother in law came up with the idea that after the funeral we would have people put their names on things that they would like to have. Siblings topped any grandchildren and if there were more than one name on an item, then their names got put into a hat and who's ever name was drawn out that's who got it. It worked out quite well and I believe everyone is happy with the results. We have sorted out their home (with help from all the siblings in the area) and it seems sooo surreal to realize that we won't be going back to that place to visit any more.
He was 93 and had a good long life. We miss you dad, love you too. Sorry, this picture isn't all that great, I need to find one to scan into the blog. We have a good one... it's just everything takes time right. 
More to come.