July 24, 2009

Three Down ? To Go....

During all the hub bub in my sewing room I came across 3 of my FIL's nice dress shirts! These mind you are shirts that he asked me to alter.... way back when.... hmmm I'm thinking Winter time! Yep... as you that are him in the U.S. it's no longer Winter... matter of fact it's not Spring and it's half way thru Summer! So, now that I have them done... I suppose he has something to look forward too! Then again, he gets cold now so easily... he may wear them now. At least I finished them. Now to get them ironed and back to where they belong! This way they are OUT of my sewing room and taking up space! Nothing like a lot of clutter to make you want to jump in and weed things out. When I spoke to my MIL yesterday, I told her that I had found these 3 shirts and to please tell him.... not to give up on me or ever seeing them again.... she said "Oh, well.... he probably figured you had tossed them in the D.I. pile!" (Deseret Industries for those who don't know is a charity organization where people donate clothes and other things furniture etc.... to be re-sold to give people training etc and also so people have a source to go to to get inexpensive clothing etc.... )
I found a pattern I can use for "the project" for my little GD's birthday.... DD #1 mentioned she saw the blog (and left a comment) and wanted to know what I was making..... tee heee..... it's hard on her not to know.... this is a good part of the project too..... I get to tease her! The others well they may want to know.... just not as badly as DD#1! LoL.....
Have a Great Pioneer Day! Today; is the celebration of when the Mormon Pioneers came to Utah..... 1847 is when they came.... you do the math to figure how long ago that is! Lots of fun stuff going on.... fire works, parades, rodeo's.... and lots of water activities I'm sure cause it's really humid today.... Fortunately not as hot as they said it would be.... but still humid!

July 23, 2009

To The Ragg Bag and Saving Money

Alright, as this is cutting into sewing time... I will make it very quick! I came across one of DH's old shirts.... and enough is enough! This shirt has had it... holes, frayed edges etc.... time to do it in! It just isn't in any condition to be worn any more! So, as I was sitting there cutting it into smaller size pieces.... (not too small) sizes I can use for rags.... I was thinking.... what do you do with worn out clothes not fit to be worn any more? I first see if there is any way to salvage the item.... ie.... mend a hole, replace a button or several. Then I look to see if I am going to scrap it.... is it any good to use for quilts, appliques or to use to mend something else! If not... then off come the buttons and into the button jar.... (I have an old 1 1/2 quart jar.... really old.... blue to be exact! Oops, as you can see from the picture at left... I did it again! My button jar is the large one... but the blue one is the one we put white chocolate chips into! That's what happens when your trying to do too many things at once.... confusion!!! LoL...) and then I do with it whatever I can use the material for. With this one it was an old long sleeve polo shirt.... wayyyy past it's prime! I cut it into rags to be used for just that Rags! I zig-zagged the unfinished edges and wa-la..... rags to be used for what ever I want.... and they can be washed because now I've taken the precaution to keep them from fraying to bits in the washer!
Do you know that if you have men's shirts or woman's for that matter.... and the collar is a bit frayed and worn looking and it's a two piece collar. You can take off the upper collar turn it around and use the other side! Now, if by chance you have a shirt that has sewn in collar stays, unpick them and continue on. You could put the collar stays back in... but you will have to do a little fancy needle work because the space is a bit tight. Me, I would probably just leave them out! On the other hand, if you don't have the sewn in type.... it's a cinch to turn them and then resew them back onto the lower part of the collar. You can do this with shirt cuffs too, but you have to do both sleeves and then trade them, the right cuff goes now reversed onto the left cuff and vise versa! And there you have it.... a quick way to save you some money. And isn't that what we want to do any way with our sewing talents?
Back to the sewing room! Just thought I would share!

Around the World in 80 Seconds and Thinking About Food Before It's Made

I've been doing some blog hopping and at times it just amazes me how I can be sitting in the basement of our home and reading the blog of someone in Australia! What a world we live in hmmm?
So, I've caught up the ironing... and made room in the sewing room to work on some "birthday projects".... it's almost GD's birthday so I need to get at it and get things done! I can't go into details cause well, I have to keep this a surprise from some one! And well that means DD!!! Heeee Heeee Heeee... this is hard for her.... because she loves to be let in on secrets! I'll bet if she's reading this she is having a bit of a fit right now! LoL.... So, today is Thursday.... let's get sewing! I try to spend the entire day sewing.... you know, a dedicated day to sew because let's face it... time and projects and distractions have a tendency to get away from us! At least to me! The sewing room is in some semblance of order.... so away I go!!! A little mending, a lot of sewing and before I know it! Time will speed by and DH will be home and wondering if we are planning on eating anything at all tonight! LoL.... he's always hungry when he comes home from work! I don't blame him... he eats breakfast at around 4:15 a.m. and then lunch at around 11:00 a.m. so waiting until 6:00 p.m. seems like an eternity to him I'll bet! Hmmm, guess that means I need to actually think food too... I always seem to forget that part of the equation... menu + food = dinner! But, if you don't think ahead of time about menu it's more like food + ? = ??? Oh, well... maybe something light.... like hmmmm well, my brain isn't thinking food right now... but I will have to spend some thought time on it to get a result! Maybe I will call hubby now... it's his lunch time.... he will be thinking food! See, there are answers to everything.... just give it a little think! Or maybe a lot of think... in my case! Help!!!! Oh, I will try to take some pic's to show later... of some of my projects!

July 16, 2009

Time To Finish The Things You've Started!

O.K. this is some important info that I'm passing onto you because, well.... it definitely works!!!
I was listening to a talk show host the other day and this is something that I think that everyone should know! The doctor said "That the best way to be able to relax and get some peace is to finish all the things that you have started and never had the time to get finished"
I thought about it for a while. Then I started looking around the house to see all the things that I started and hadn't found time to finish. I told myself, that today was the day to change, so before leaving the house, I finished off the 2 -liter bottle of Root Beer, a package of Oreo's, a bag of pork rinds, the left over cheesecake, some Doritos's, a half eaten cup of Tapioca pudding and a box of chocolate truffles left over from Valentine's Day.
You know, I really think that that doctor knew what he was talking about because you have no idea how amazingly great I feel right now! I can't wait to see what I can finish later tomorrow!

Have A Great Day..... and you know, try to finish a few things.... it will do you wonders!

On the sewing front....... I've finished 87 9 patch blocks 13.5x13.5 for the humanitarian project, and another quilt top out of some of the 9 patches that I had finished another time. I took out some of the quilting that we had done on a quilt top... the top was wonky.... and apparently cut on the bias and was stretching out of shape.... pretty much everyone that worked on it decided that it needed to be pulled apart and then tied instead! That's where I came in.... so now the back has been re-stitched because it was pulling apart too. Hmmmm.... so now I need to iron the backing and probably the top and then put on some borders (small ones to add a bit of length to the top and to help stabilize it too) and then hopefully get it ready to tie. I also need to cut out some solid colored blocks to go in- between the 9 patches.... to mellow it a bit! You would be surprised at what you get sometimes to make quilts out of! Otherwise I don't know how anyone could sleep under this quilt.... too busy!
I've been helping my friend Karma work on getting her quilt quilted! She may of finished it last night.... if not than this a.m. I may be going to help get it finished. She wants to put it into a display at our little towns yearly celebration ..... ahem.... for Saturday! Yep, this week!
So, it's been a week of finishing.... bits and pieces... isn't that how you get quilts made in the first place? So, what have you been finishing???

July 8, 2009

The Grampa Face!

Alright, take a look at this picture.... is this someone that would scare you on a dark street???? LoL....
This is our grandson.... making what he calls the "Grampa Face"!
My DH when the grand kids are making "bad choices"... gives them this "look" or "face" as DGS says!.... So, he has now got the "look" down.... and it's hysterical how he does it! First of all he is all of 3 1/2 yrs old, second now that he has mastered it... (and that in itself is quite a trick for him.... ) he once in a while gets caught trying to bully other kids with it! O.K. this is hard to explain..... at least straight faced! He looks at you and most times can't stop smiling.... then he takes his hand and passing it over his eyes from the top of his head.... he tries to block out everything funny... (this is my interpretation anyway) and tries to get a serious look on his face.... then he puts the frown/scowl on! It's such a hoot! One time at Church a little boy sitting behind DGS was kicking GS's chair.... and GS did the "look" at the kid.... he stopped! Not a good thing to encourage him though.... especially the bullying part.... but at the moment it's really funny! Just thought I would share!
Aren't kids fun! They come up with the silliest things! Although I must say.... he has tried it on his sister and brother and I think mostly they just smile at him.... they aren't into taking too seriously yet! Of course that's because one will be 2 this month and the other will be 1 next month!
I got to get together last night with a bunch of sisters from our ward at Church and let's see..... we got 2 quilts tied, 1 partically quilted, and 2 more quilt tops put together! Not bad for 5 hours work! Hey, any day sewing/quilting is a good day!

July 4, 2009

Sure Do Love Our Family.... Extended And All

So, on with the updates; if I do it a bit at a time, maybe it won't be so over whelming to you all!
I said that we had some visitors and that would be our Son and our DIL.... Ben and Jenica. They came down from Portland Oregon to come visit to be here for the sealings that took place. Also for the family reunion (hubby's side). And of course, not to leave these sweeties out.... my parents came down also from Oregon.... Eugene, also to be here for the sealings.... so with no further ado: my parents! Or affectionately called.... Papa and Gramma J.

They didn't realize that we were going to take pictures after the sealing at the Temple.... (or maybe they did.... hmmmm!) and so I got a couple pic's went they came by later that evening... they had changed into their "casual atire" by then!

We have lots of fun when they come down.... we went to Salt Lake City.... to do some errands they needed to do and then went out to lunch... ahem, yes, yes, it's my fault DD#2 didn't get to come to lunch with us.... I forgot to call. DD#3 got to come because Papa was texting her.... while we were ordering lunch.... and then invited her to lunch with us. Oh, yes..... you did read right.... my parents "text"! I don't even text! But they do..... they figured that this way they can keep up with the grandkids. And you know.... it's a hoot to hear what every one has been up too. They get all the news that's worth texting..... that's for sure! My mom said that you can always tell who is texting from their phone..... cause she doesn't bother to use coma's, period's etc..... and dad does! Oh, so we ordered lunch for DD#3 and she arrived after we had finished... so, of course we started in on her Fries!!! We went to Denny's! It was good... I had a cob salad.... healthy.... I know... I was trying to be good!

Then the next day.... Papa and Gramma and I went out to do Thai food! Long story.... (short version.... and you know, if it's from me... that's a plus!) My folks went on a mission for the LDS church to Bankok Thailand..... and they made some great friends. Everywhere they go they end up with another adopted grandchild! One they met in Bangkok was Jom.... great guy! He came to the U.S. to work for a while..... oops.... that's right we are going for the "short version". So basically while they were there, they learned to love..... Thai Food.... at least some of it! Plus, Jom, can cook Thai food.... and he does a good job of it too!
So, the grandparents.... A.K.A. Papa/Gramma J. showed up on Wednesday and then DSon and DDIL showed up on Saturday.... fun, fun, fun..... food, silliness, laughing.... what's not to like!Then, on with the family reunion..... Our Daughter #2... (birth order... remember... not order or concern or love. LoL) planned the entire thing! She sent out emails/letters to all the families all over.... Ariz./Ore/Ida/Utah/Vir and any other place that I missed. Gave people a date.... cause honestly if you give this many people suggested dates you know that there will always be conflicts. So, she figured that if she planned it so that there was plenty of time.... like 6-7 months ahead! That this way the turn out would be good.

This is the first pic I took... yep, FIL/MIL's motor home broke down on the highway... fuel pump! This was Thurs. and so we waited with FIL until they came to tow him away. Fortunetly he was only 10-15 mins away from the camp site. He was taken to Pocatello, Idaho... and then picked up by my BIL (one of many I have....) and brought to the camp site. They (inlaws) stayed in the little town at a hotel over night. We got lots of rain.... after we had set up the tents, and the wind blew some.... but I'm telling you there was down pour after down pour! What's a little rain right?

This is SIL.... (one of them) We were each taking pic's and about had a duel to see who would go first... lol

My pictures are somewhat varied and not just honed in on one person, for the most part and well, I forgot to take pictures most of the time.... just having way too much fun in the rain, and the

You can see that the motor home made it on Friday... nice hefty cost for the labor... but AAA paid for the towing.... sun, and the cold..... DD had planned it so that we weren't too tied to family activities, but if you wanted you could hang out at the camp and visit!

This is one of the "great nephews".... our neices son... and you can see a belly of one of the neices that will be having one soon.... great shot don't you think! Oh.... DIL back there in the cowboy hat.... she wears it when they vacation! By the way.... have I told you that she is my "favorite DIL" just the best in the world.... compared to "all" our other ones! (ahem.... she is the best! And the only one we have! LoL) Oh, and DD #1 is in the blue shirt w/back to us.... must have known I was taking pic's! Also, in blue/white shirt another Great Nephew.... DH's oldest sisters DGS. I'm telling you it's taxing to remember all these people and who they belong too!
#1 Son petting our little 4 legged family member. Yep, she got to come... and was so tired from all the petting and loving and walks etc.... she practically slept for 2-3 days when we got home!

FIL and SIL (aka soon to be MIL to her SIL.... cause her DD was soon to be married: this happened last Friday.... so now mother of the bride is now a MIL.... got all that?)

DHubby... SIL, DD#3 in red, SIL in white, DIL (cowboy hat.... yep... ahh they live in Portland, Oregon... don't know if she rides horses or not! LoL...) DS in lower left corner, and DD#1 in blue.
We had two breakfasts with the family planned... Inlaws (father/mother) provided those.... so sweet of them... they have these huge propane grills that we used to cook pancakes, bacon.... always a big hit camping or at home on the holidays for a family breakfast. And then on Fri. night DD planned one other joint dinner. So we had dutch oven potatoes (Cheesy Potatoes, or some people call them Funeral Potatoes) and ham. And then we all just brought what ever for side dishes. It was great food! And I don't think anyone went away hungry! Later DD split us into groups and had us fill out a Family tree.... it was a test of knowledge.... cause we have 113 members of the family (As of Jan. next year.... 4 new ones will be added to the count making it 117!) at the moment and trying to remember peoples names and which kids went with what family was a hoot! We had several people making up names.... cause they knew nothing!!!! LoL.... But it was fun and there was a great rejoicing across the land!!!!

DBIL in yellow... and his wifie, DSIL.... (oh, in pink) working on the family tree.

Neice in black (left.... also standing on right...) also going to have a baby.... it will be #5 grandchild for SIL pictured in red.... with back to us... and her DH sitting in the pic in yellow.

Nephew's wifie.... she was camping with 4 children w/o hubby as he was camping w/2 older kids that were in a soccor tournament. Brave lady! She brought 2 little girls, 1 2 yr old (don't quote me!) and the other around 5 yr old. Plus a set of twin boys... that are 6 or maybe 7. Sorry, hard to keep track of my own kids sometimes. Anyway... she was cuddling one of the sweet little girls on her lap. Also, another DSIL (ours) sitting on her left! Hard to see cause it was getting dark by now.... but 1 more SIL sitting to the right!
I told you I had a crop of them.
Stacey in pink... our resident photographer.... she got us together for a family picture and had to take it in 3 sections cause she didn't bring a wide angle lens. And then had a inlaw of a Neice In Law to take the one part where she needed to be in the picture.... Clear As Mud right?
Sorry, some of these aren't very clear.... as you can see the sun and I were in competition. Down on the grass is DD#2 (who planned everything..... yeahhhhh Heatheroo!) And standing above her.... yet another neice.... (that sounds bad.... she is a terrific neice... and has a great family too! See picture above.... wayyy up there of son..... the little guy who is all grins by himself!)
O.K. so let's try to finish up here.... I have a few more pictures but some are of the campgrounds... more or less after a lot of the group had cleared out! Lava Hot Springs has pools, regular swimming pools and hot spring pools also... I went on Saturday with some of the "group", DH stayed behind cause we couldn't leave the 4 legged friend behind by herself (campground rules you know.... besides she would have cried!... Probably very loudly!) I used sun screen.... really I did.... but I still got a sun burn.... on the tops of my feet, and weirdness, on my upper leg above my knee.... not the other one.... just the right one! Lots of Aloe later, and it felt better but well now I'm peeling.... sort of like a snake shedding it's skin.... (although not really very much at all!)
Hope your not sooo totally bored! This is mostly for those in the family who couldn't come or didn't get any shots themselves.
All rested up now and onto other things!


Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!!! Hello everyone... it's me.... late as....always! I get around to things... in my own time!

A Lot has been happening around here. I've been kept very busy with company (family) and then if you saw my last post I finished the dress for our dear GD.... such a sweet heart! Hmmm, also DGD and DGS were sealed to their mommy and daddy and DGS (#1) got to see all of these happening too. So, no more delay.... on with the pictures! Oh, one side note, dear little granddaughter, after a bit was getting tired and had had enough of the picture taking!
Grandson #1 (he gets to be called that cause he was borned first!) is getting to that point in life... where sometimes he doesn't want to co-operate with the film director!!! It used to be if you would say cheese...... he was all grins! But then sometimes grandma forgets to say it! And well, you can see the result.... it's good.... just not the best! LoL...

Great family shot.... our Son.... back left of the photo.... trying to take a picture too.

I love this one... the way he is resting his elbow on
Grandpa's arm... pretty cute picture of the both of them! Oh, for those who don't know.... that handsome guy in the suit..... deep sighhhhh! He's mine! That's my guy! Dear Hubby!

Dear Grand Daughter.... is looking pretty sweet of course, that's most of the time! (ahem.... o.k. now comes the disclaimer.... for her mommy's sake..... sometimes, little DGD isn't always happy.... o.k. DD is that about right?!)

Aren't her bows cute! Mommy made them for her!

Dear Grand Son #2.... looking pretty dapper and all smiles. He knows that grandma is clicking pic's... and he's not one to spoil them! Of course... this gramma doesn't spoil the kids either.... ahem.... another disclaimer..... gotta get it in while I can!

And one of all 3 of the cuties... I know, sometimes it's just a grandma's prerogative to show off her grandkids.... yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
So, in the next episode.... we all went to a family reunion.... camping up in Idaho..... at Lava Hot Springs.... the weather was weather.... whether we wanted it or not! Hot, cold, hot, rain.... wind.... more rain.... sunshine..... WOW!