July 16, 2009

Time To Finish The Things You've Started!

O.K. this is some important info that I'm passing onto you because, well.... it definitely works!!!
I was listening to a talk show host the other day and this is something that I think that everyone should know! The doctor said "That the best way to be able to relax and get some peace is to finish all the things that you have started and never had the time to get finished"
I thought about it for a while. Then I started looking around the house to see all the things that I started and hadn't found time to finish. I told myself, that today was the day to change, so before leaving the house, I finished off the 2 -liter bottle of Root Beer, a package of Oreo's, a bag of pork rinds, the left over cheesecake, some Doritos's, a half eaten cup of Tapioca pudding and a box of chocolate truffles left over from Valentine's Day.
You know, I really think that that doctor knew what he was talking about because you have no idea how amazingly great I feel right now! I can't wait to see what I can finish later tomorrow!

Have A Great Day..... and you know, try to finish a few things.... it will do you wonders!

On the sewing front....... I've finished 87 9 patch blocks 13.5x13.5 for the humanitarian project, and another quilt top out of some of the 9 patches that I had finished another time. I took out some of the quilting that we had done on a quilt top... the top was wonky.... and apparently cut on the bias and was stretching out of shape.... pretty much everyone that worked on it decided that it needed to be pulled apart and then tied instead! That's where I came in.... so now the back has been re-stitched because it was pulling apart too. Hmmmm.... so now I need to iron the backing and probably the top and then put on some borders (small ones to add a bit of length to the top and to help stabilize it too) and then hopefully get it ready to tie. I also need to cut out some solid colored blocks to go in- between the 9 patches.... to mellow it a bit! You would be surprised at what you get sometimes to make quilts out of! Otherwise I don't know how anyone could sleep under this quilt.... too busy!
I've been helping my friend Karma work on getting her quilt quilted! She may of finished it last night.... if not than this a.m. I may be going to help get it finished. She wants to put it into a display at our little towns yearly celebration ..... ahem.... for Saturday! Yep, this week!
So, it's been a week of finishing.... bits and pieces... isn't that how you get quilts made in the first place? So, what have you been finishing???


Annie said...

I bought a few pinks, but it was mainly made from scraps I had. I'd like to finish a few things too.

Kristy Chan said...

I think my husband has taken your doctor's advice about finishing things LOL.... As for me, I've had an epiphany: I don't have to finish everything, only those things that are worth it. So now I have a big bag of UFOs that are on their way to the scrap bag because I know I won't wear them even if finished, and you know what, I do feel better!

Holly said...

You are sooo funny - you crack me up! I ran downstairs to read to my husband the doctor's advice and how you followed it and he got a big kick out of it, too.

My ufos are growing and I said I'd never let them get out of hand. Guess I had better work on finishing them....