December 30, 2009

Happy New Year and Now it's Time to Get Something Done!

Time flies when your outta control!!!!
Things have been crazy around here, we babysat for the grands in November over the Thanksgiving Holidays and then went Christmas tree hunting (as per usual) running after 3 little ones and trying to keep up was something else! As many of you know.... (because I've said it a million times...) this is why you have kids when your less than 50!!!! Of course, sometimes this can't be helped and I'm sure that if it came to be that we had to take care of the grands forever and always... we would manage just fine. With the help of our Heavenly Father of course! LoL...

Pic's of the grad and DDIL, your's truely and DH,
DDIL, Grad, DDIL's folks
Our kids gave me and DH our Christmas present early this year.... they made plans to fly us to Oregon to see our son graduate from The Portland Art Institute a week ago Friday. It was great to see him and our DIL.... they are such sweeties! We got together with some of her family and a bunch of their friends to have a congratulation party the night after... it was fun! DDIL put us to work! Which was great..... I mean a person needs to keep busy..... ( I stay outta trouble that way..... sometimes that is!) I helped get a few things chopped up so that we could throw together 5 different kinds of soup! We had crackers, cheese, soups, great local soda pops.... local breads.... several cakes, and lots and lots of talk and a second tour (for me that is) of DDIL's sister's house. Which is cool cause it's 100 years old and on the Historic Registry... DH hadn't seen it yet... so he was properly impressed! This is where I would be inserting pictures! And I say that lightly because for some reason either my computer, my camera, or just operater error.... it is not to be!
Which drives me crazy..... because I would really like to share all the great pic's we got of our fun!

O.K. now your wondering what happened aren't you???? Yep, DD#1 helped walk me thru the picture problem and hopefully that is all that I will need!

This pic is us DDIL, Son, Your's Truely, and DH all on the trax system that moves around downtown Portland... another passenger took this! Sooo sweet of her! I know, your thinking ohhhh isn't that sweet that me and DH are twinner's.... this was not planned... we just both found red jackets that we liked!

Here are some pic's of the house I mentioned!



Christmas went way too fast, but was wonderful as usual. Spending time with loved ones or talking to them is always a large plus!!! As I said, our children bought us our trip to Oregon to see our Son and DIL and that was great! The only draw back was having to do all my shopping two days b/4 Christmas.... which I never do!!! I think that with all the different things that were going on or that were going to go on.... I just couldn't get my act together enough to think out what we were doing for gifts and all.
Hope that your Holidays were wonderful!
Here are a couple of pic's of our winter wonderland! Yep, baby it's cold outside! Although.... it has warmed up this week... we are in the 30's.... Having a heat wave..... Tropical Heat wave.... Oh, a boy came by last week after our last storm wanting to clean the walks/driveway... to earn some $$ I told him sorry.... my hubby likes to play with the snowblower too much! Kid just looked at me like I was crazy!