December 27, 2013

Moving Onto The Next Project!

So here it is the 27th of December all ready and well, I sure haven't done very well with my posts have I?  I didn't really do tons of sewing this month, except for working on UFO projects, mending, and a few refashions and oh, my mom's skirt. I did finish that and sent it off to her with my folks Christmas presents.  I did make a cute top for our oldest granddaughter from this pattern over at

So, I saw this last Summer and thought it was soo cute, that I thought I would make it for our grand daughter.... I had planned on making it in the Summer.... yep, that didn't happen! So I figured if I made it now, she could wear it with a long sleeve top underneath! She can wear it with her denim skirt or pants. It turned out cute.... guess I need a picture of her wearing it.
The youngest granddaughter is having a birthday this next week and a "want" on her birthday list is a grandma made dress! Gee, twist my arm!!! LoL... So, the following is being made up b/4 the 31st!

So it will be made out of this cute soft corduroy, that I've had in my fabric stash forever! I like corduroy... it's.... comfortable, cozy, cute! The 3 C's... and as long as it's been washed first, kids will wear it! You want them to be comfortable. I can remember wearing dresses either my grandma made or bought when I was little. They had crinolines in netting in the bodice up around the neck and boy did they itch! I couldn't take those dresses off fast enough!
The hot pink will be a peter pan type collar; this isn't part of the pattern, but I felt like it needed something else, a bit of a splash! It may get patch pockets too! A girl needs pockets to put her treasures in to! Pictures when it's done.... and maybe when it's on the birthday girl!

In the mean time; tidy up your sewing space when you are done with a project, it's surprising how you will feel so much more like going to the next project when your space is clean and organized! Granted, while I sew my space isn't very tidy.... but it sure does feel better when I'm done to put things away and move onto the next! Oh, and then I can find things too. It's a bit of a pain when you can't find the tools you need for your project.  Have fun! That's the part I like best! That and a feeling of accomplishment!

December 8, 2013

Just A Quick Post on a Give Away....

Just a quick post about a  give away on Tilly and The Buttons that is finishing up today!!! If you sew, you wanna go!!!! Enter as soon as possible! It ends tonight! She has some fantastic gifts to give away! Makes a person wanna druel.... So check it out!

 Tip: if you fill 2 or 3 bobbins before working on a long project, you won't run out at an
 inopportune time!