February 17, 2015

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself; Life Is A Learning Process

     You know, sometimes most times we can be our own worst enemy.  I had my hair cut and colored the other day. When my daughter (who works at a bank and has her beauty license) asked me how much I wanted cut I just sat there. I was at best wishy-washy. So, she did that thing she does so well; she took it into her own hands. She cut my hair in what I would refer to as a bob. Ever since I was a little girl of around 6 every Summer my gramma would cut my hair in a bob  (or as they called it then a Sassoon)   http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com/2012/05/vidal-sassoon-dies-but-his-cuts-live-on.html
It was easier to take care.... wash and go! And I lived in the swimming pool at the trailer park where we lived. At the time all my friends, sported long, beautiful hair.... that's what I wanted.... to keep my long hair and continue to grow it out. Not so thought my mom.... less work for the both of us. And so it went. Fast forward to 2015. I have cut my hair, off and on for years. I get it just to the point where it's about to my shoulders and then I get this itch.... off it goes! So, this past week after I had it cut I was a bit dubious about my hair this time. It looked nice, I just wasn't sold yet! I walked myself through a compliment. (Come on now, you've done this right?) And the first thing I found myself doing was making light of the look I now sported. I made some comment like; yeah, I was outside and got my head caught in the lawn mower. Soooo, what I'm saying is.... Why Do We Do This? Most people give compliments genuinely. If they don't mean it; they aren't going to say it. Think about it; do you give someone a compliment ( a real one that is) and not really mean it? Why bother if you don't mean it? And so it goes. Look yourself in the eye (best use a mirror) and practice learning how to take a compliment graciously. If someone tells you that you look nice orrrrr they like what you have done with your hair, except it and thank them! It really does feel nice when someone says something nice to you. If you have sewn a new dress/top/pants (whatever) and you have done your best. Then for Heavens Sake, use your manners and thank the people who think you did a good job.  Don't sit there and point out the mistakes that you think that you have made. To be honest; that will be-little their compliment. Through all the years that I have been sewing, most people who don't sew and even some who do never notice the mistakes.  So what if you made a few mistakes; we all make them. To someone who doesn't sew.... you have accomplished nothing short of a miracle. Also, if you are trying to bring in sewing customers, pointing out your mistakes is just a quick way to loose customers.
Jess from The Sewing Rabbit or
wrote this post on Sewing Is My SuperPower. Check it out! She did a fantastic job.

Basically I guess what I'm saying (because Jess inspired me with her great post) is, the
world can be hard enough on us. Let's not be so hard on ourselves. Look for the good in what you do/are. If you have sewing talent; use it if you like. If not find something else that excites you. Life is a learning process.... and as far as I know; we aren't going to be graded on a curve!  ;)

Oh, and once you have found your talent..... try sharing it or time with someone else. It's a win-win situation.