December 30, 2011

Letting Christmas Surprises Outta The Bag

Now that Christmas "surprises" are all said and done, I wanted to share one of the projects that I worked on for one of our DD's. Years ago, my MIL had all of the girls that were around come and look thru all of  the quilt blocks/tops and fabric she had. Some had belonged to her mother; (affectionately known as "Nana" to my kids) mostly quilt tops and some odds and ends of blocks that were never finished. Our youngest DD picked out these 8 blocks... not even thinking what she would do with them. They had sat at our house for long enough! It was time to do something! And quite honestly, get them outta my house!  In the next picture you will see how these are made... each flower is attached at the points... and the centers of  each petal lift up away from the fabric. I'm not sure what this type of  needlework is called but I plan on finding out! Anyway, I made it into a table cloth, just a decorative one  (I warned DD's hubby that it's not to be used to eat on! Poor guy we tease him somewhat about that sort of thing; but we love him!) Anyway, DD was very pleased and surprised with the result. I put a label on the back basically saying that Nana Litchfield made the blocks and that I had pieced it all together. It was fun... and a bit challenging because if I remember right my math was off a little and I had to recalculate once or twice! LoL.... good for the brain.
The only other problem was that there was a drop or two of blood on it; (who knows how many years that was there!) and funny thing, it came right off! Now, mind you I was ready for a battle because I knew it had had to of been there for at least 6-8 years since it's been at my house... who knows how long b/4 that!  We do have a few more quilt tops that Nana made up. Guess we girls will have to get with it! Cause, I know that there are at least 2 more or really 3 more counting one of mine that need to get finished... and at least 2 will leave the building! Ahem... if you know what I mean! But if.... and only if... I get some help! You know who I mean don't you DD.... (I will leave which one off to protect the innocent!) Lol....
I made a skirt for another DD... (which is funny in itself... not the skirt... but how it got made.) DD gave me a skirt to use as a sample of what she wanted.... she would not be bothered (be honest now... I'm telling the truth about this DD) to let me measure her for it! So, the fabric I had was a cute brown pin stripe with some spandex in it. I basically measure a skirt pattern off  I had to the ready made skirt.  Noooo problem they were basically the same size. Just add a titsh... and it was perfect! Not Sooo says the skirt.... because after I was all done, except for putting in a hem, I laid it over the top of ready wear skirt.... and somewhere along the line. Yeah... too short and too small!  No way can I figure out how in the whole I managed that! Sooo strange! Never in my life have I had that problem b/4... I mean it was a simple skirt! Go figure... I recut a new skirt measuring and then measuring and then for good "measure" I measured again.... and then cut and sewed and put in a new zipper.... and this time... it's the right size (at least it's the same size as the ready made skirt) we shall see. DD hasn't told me if it fits or not.... hopefully it does! The first skirt... hmmm taking in the side seams  and putting a hem into it for DDIL. Who is smaller than all of us gals (of course that doesn't take much to be smaller than me...) So two of the DD's will have matching skirts, but they live in different states so I doubt if that will be a problem and honestly I do have enough fabric for 1 more skirt.... sooo if one of the other two DD's speaks up maybe I could make another one! I'm just saying!
One of the DD's wanted  some tools so that's what she got..... we aim to please...! And besides.... she is loosing  weight sooo fast... we will have to be doing some sewing soon... or she won't have a thing to wear!
More later.... I will have to show you the sweet gifties that my family gave me! Talk about spoiling me!
Hugs.... Don't forget to pick up the threads off the floor... because it can be embarrassing if you go out shopping and go to pay the clerk and hand them threads with your $$$. Don't ask!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a quick note to tell you that I'm still alive and kick'in! Just wayyyy to many things going on to blog  about right now!
 But, have a wonderful Christmas and I'll be back!

December 9, 2011

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

The end of November, the day after Thanks Giving... our family (my DH's extended family and friends) meet up and leave nice and early and drive outta state to a National Forest to hunt Christmas tree's. First of all, you have to get a permit. $10 for anything up to 12 foot tall. Anything larger is more $$$. But then we only have standard height ceilings so we go for the $10 tree's. The weather forecast said that it would be possibly 40-50 mph winds,  noooo problem..... right? Oh, and also.... it was suppose to be cold.... like below freezing... also no problem right? Just everyone dress warmly and be ready for snow! Hmmmm...... yep.... here's some pictures of that event.... no pictures of the tree's we got mostly pictures of us going home.... ahem... it took us about 3 hours and 45 minutes to go around 10 miles, because a couple of vechicles kept getting stuck! Look at the pictures... and a good time was had by all! It was cold and everyone was pretty tired by the end of the evening... it doesn't usually take that long to leave to go home! But everyone worked hard to help and eventually we all drove home. It's an adventure that's for sure! Sooo Merry Christmas to all.... and enjoy the preparations!

Super Hero Training Academy

 So in October, this birthday boy had a Super Hero Training Academy birthday party! And it was a hoot! We took pictures of all the Super Hero's that attended... (and of course we can't post any pictures here because that might mess with their secret identity!).... so these are the only ones that are brave enough to let me post their pic's!

Super Mom was very busy sewing capes/masks for all comers!

 And of course... all "Super Hero's need nurishment,
so we had your basic super power drinks,
popped corn, and fruit snacks. After training of course! First of all our Super Hero's had to learn that all S.H's need to help one another.... so they had to learn how to pick up and dispose of Kryptonite safely. Next they had flying lessons;
 Outside they had defense lessons on how to over-come bad guys..... (they used silly string to attack balloons with bad guy pictures on them...) and then Super Dad dressed up as a bad guy so they could attack him too; ahem..... 'cept it backfired!!!! Little Granddaughter super hero was scared silly.... (to say the least!) she ran into the house and I was going after her cause I saw the look on her face! She slammed the front door; dead-bolted it.... ran to her bedroom, slammed that door closed, and hid in her closet crying! Poor little thing! My niece was in the house and heard all the noise but didn't know what was happening... ( I had just explained to her daughter, who was dressed up... and no to be afraid... didn't get to granddaughter yet!) Any way, Super dad went in via the back door, and took off the outfit and went and calmed her down! Let's just say, she isn't going into the Super Hero business real soon!

After all was said and done, the kids attacked this cone of Cosmic Candy.... (notice me in the mirror taking the picture! LOL) And a good time was had by all!