December 9, 2011

Super Hero Training Academy

 So in October, this birthday boy had a Super Hero Training Academy birthday party! And it was a hoot! We took pictures of all the Super Hero's that attended... (and of course we can't post any pictures here because that might mess with their secret identity!).... so these are the only ones that are brave enough to let me post their pic's!

Super Mom was very busy sewing capes/masks for all comers!

 And of course... all "Super Hero's need nurishment,
so we had your basic super power drinks,
popped corn, and fruit snacks. After training of course! First of all our Super Hero's had to learn that all S.H's need to help one another.... so they had to learn how to pick up and dispose of Kryptonite safely. Next they had flying lessons;
 Outside they had defense lessons on how to over-come bad guys..... (they used silly string to attack balloons with bad guy pictures on them...) and then Super Dad dressed up as a bad guy so they could attack him too; ahem..... 'cept it backfired!!!! Little Granddaughter super hero was scared silly.... (to say the least!) she ran into the house and I was going after her cause I saw the look on her face! She slammed the front door; dead-bolted it.... ran to her bedroom, slammed that door closed, and hid in her closet crying! Poor little thing! My niece was in the house and heard all the noise but didn't know what was happening... ( I had just explained to her daughter, who was dressed up... and no to be afraid... didn't get to granddaughter yet!) Any way, Super dad went in via the back door, and took off the outfit and went and calmed her down! Let's just say, she isn't going into the Super Hero business real soon!

After all was said and done, the kids attacked this cone of Cosmic Candy.... (notice me in the mirror taking the picture! LOL) And a good time was had by all!

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