November 25, 2008

Thanks Giving

I would be a pretty ungrateful person if I didn't post about how Thankful I am for my life! So, I'm taking a few moments to just let you know that I know that I have a lot to be thankful for! My dear husband who puts up with my lack of patience and is sweet to me.... even if I do become a "Hyacinth".... sorry, inside joke! I love him to pieces! I'm thankful for our 4 kids and their extremely fortunate mates... yes, we know you think that they are wonderful! So do we! And for our beautiful and sweet grand kids! Nothing like being a "gramma" and a "grandpa" even when sometimes I get called grandpa instead of gramma!
We have a job, (DH does.... and because he does, it allows me to work at other interests, service etc...) that is pretty stable. We live in a free country, where we can decide what we do and where we do it. We have freedom of speech and religion and a whole lot of freedoms that I don't have time or space to be writing here... but, know that I am Thankful for all the ones I mentioned and the ones I didn't!
I have the Freedom to be Thankful or not! I choose to be Thankful!
I know that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me! And that his Son Jesus Christ died for me. For this I am truly Thankful!

O.K. that's about all I'm boring you with now. Those of you in the U.S. have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh, one more thing:
Remember to let your loved ones know how much you care and are Thankful for them! You never know when the last time you will see them, this old world of ours can get kinda scary at times. I guess I feel that we need to just remind ourselves that there are sooo many others that don't have even a 10Th of the rights, possession's, and love that we do! Please remember our wonderful world and all the people on the planet in your prayers if you pray!
Tomorrow I help my girls make pies for Thanksgiving and then I need to make a turkey and a ham.... there's goes the old diet! Portions, I just need to keep telling myself that..... smaller portions!!!! Eat some yams for me!

November 16, 2008

One Activity Down..... a few more projects to go!

On Saturday, it was the day of our "Primary Activity". It was all based on the book "Stone Soup"... (see last post!) we had a great time! There weren't too many kids there around 18 or so, but with the help of some parents and teachers we picked up a whole lot of food! Neighbors and people from our area went above and beyond the call... if you have ever seen the cardboard things that some of the food stores put watermelons or pumpkins into to sell? Well, we filled one of those and almost filled another one with donated food! It was such a great thing to see. When the kids came back from collecting food, we took pictures and then ate "Stone Soup". LoL.... it was sort of funny because two of the little girls around age 3-4 years old, wouldn't eat any soup! They told their moms..... no, there are stones in it! Yes, we did put several smooth stones into the pot! We did wash them several times first! It was cute! They probably have been taught that you aren't to put rocks in your mouth... so I suppose that they were just following the rules. Anyway, we did have fun and it was a good time.

So, now that it's official about my "new" grandkids I can get started on clothes for them for Christmas, and maybe just cause. You know how that is, I'm making this... just cause I can! I have some cute camo material that is in blues that I want to make matching p.j.'s for my grandsons to wear. Guess I will have to find some type of shirts too, or make them also.

Have you seen the new minkie fabric there is? Well, it's not all that new.... but all in all, it's sooo soft! I just need to make my new granddaughter a little vest out of it! And who knows, maybe some mittens too! It's sooo soft and cute! When I was a little squirt, I remember having a white rabbit muff and hat that is now not politically correct! But it was as soft or softer than the Minkie fabric. If you haven't seen it you need too! I'm into textures with fabric's so I'm sure that is one of the reasons that I love it so much!

Well, today is Wednesday, (the 19th Nov.) and I still didn't get this finished up! To be honest, I forgot! Actually the computer was being naughty on Sunday when I started this and I thought I had lost it!
Yesterday, I went with my dd's family to help out while they got pictures taken! It was cute to see them trying to get the youngest two to cooperate! The 3 year old is one thing, but the 15 month and the baby were a whole different story!
Our oldest grandson is a bit of a "ham" when it comes to pictures, so if you tell him to say "cheese" ... he is all over that and posing to boot! And then if it's me and his mom taking the pictures, (with a digital camera) he says.... I want to see! Sorry, that is really different than from when I was a kid! You had to wait until the film got developed! Unless you had a Polaroid type camera that is!
So, I need just a bit more reading, tutorial and all... and then I can start to post some of my pic's that I've been taking. Now just remember, I'm not the best! But I'm learning!
Back to the sewing room! Always look to see if you have dropped pins on the floor! It's a whole lot nicer to find them "before" you or a four legged friend steps on them!

November 13, 2008

It's Official!!!!! More Grandkids!!!!

Well, as of Monday, Nov. 10th we now officially have 3 grand kids instead of 1! Talk about exciting! I talked a little about this in my last post, but if you go to the blog posted on the side of my blog "Good Times Today"you can get all the details, and pictures!
Although, I will be learning how to post pictures soon! (it's very apparent that I won't be learning from my eldest daughter.... LoL.... she has her hands and feet full right now!) I celebrated my 50 (ahem) something birthday... on Sunday and was spoiled rotten (as per usual) by the family. But, I got a digital camera! My DS tells me welcome to the space age mom! LoL... what a bunch of characters I have as family! Nothing really wrong with my old camera... although, I did manage to mess up a few photo's lately. Alright, practically an entire roll of film was blank when I had it developed! Sigh...... always something. Plus then I didn't remember what was on it in the first place. Heavy sigh... hopefully it wasn't too important!
I've been busy lately working with the children in our ward at church. We needed to plan an activity that the kids could get involved in. One that has a Gratitude theme. So, we decided on a Food Drive! So, the idea is centered around a story book called "Stone Soup" by Marcia Brown. There are other versions of Stone Soup, but that just happens to be the version that I remember reading to our kids when they were younger. My son helped me find it at Powell's books ( while I was in Portland a few weeks back. Such a cool store, if your ever up in Portland, Oregon you need to check it out! It is advertised as the largest used Book Store in the U.S. This store is huge! Not only does it have Text books (for those of you into higher education) but it has new books too. I can't recall how many floors it has, but it's a lot for a book store. O.K. I digress... so, what I'm doing is; I will tell the story to the kids (o.k., o.k. so I'm going to read it and show them the pic's!) and then we will have given them each a slip of paper with an item of food that will go into the soup! Let me back up, for those of you that are not familiar with the story, it's about some people that are hungry and go into a small village to see if the villagers will share some food with them and a place to sleep. The villagers say no, and so it's decided that these people (3 soldiers) will make stone soup! It gets the people interested because they want to learn to make soup from stones.
Bit by bit the 3 put stones into the pot with water and then begins the real story! One soldier says, hmmm this would be a lot better if it had onions in it! Someone runs to get a few onions, and then all sorts of people are helping out by adding different things to the pot as the soldiers mention different things. Before they know it, the entire village has helped make stone soup! And later offer places for the soldiers to sleep too. We want to teach the children about Gratitude for what they have and kindness to others. So, they will go from room to room at the church to ask if people will share what they have. If the person looks at the paper and doesn't have the item, they will say "No!" As they find the person with the item they need that person will say "Yes!" We will make the soup as they go out with adults to collect canned food in the surrounding neighborhoods! (My DH and I walked ourselves silly.... and I have the aches and pains to prove it! To pass out flyer's telling about the Food Drive) And hopefully the weather will be somewhat good and we will have a lot to donate!
It should prove to be interesting! I hope that they have lots of fun, I know that I've felt good about the planning so I hope that it will be successful!
Guess I will let you know some time after this Saturday! Now I need to finish up a few odds and ends to this activity. I will update you when we are through!
Oh, and by the way... now I have a granddaughter to sew for too! Good Times are here to stay! Busy Times but good...

I forgot to add one more thing... I know your about bored to tears...but it won't be much longer!!! O.K. so last week I went to bake a couple of apple pies because we invited a few people over for dessert! I'm baking away, and it hit me like a blow to the head! The reason that the pie didn't work at my son's house!!!!! It was all my fault! For some reason I had her baking the pie for 1 hour! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Apple pies get cooked at 400 degree's for 45-50 minutes!!!!! So, I called and told my son and told him it was all my fault! I hope that subconsciously I wasn't trying to sabotage their pies so that he will always think mom's are best! Ho, hum! Anyway, apparently they cooked one the other day (on my birthday!) I still need to find out if it was alright!?! But, hopefully it wasn't like applesauce this time! Just thought you all needed to know, that I can admit I do make mistakes.... well, once in a while anyway!
Later, I have 9 patches to make and projects for Christmas etc..... there's no stopping me now!
Take care out there! And don't forget to change your socks once in a while!

November 1, 2008

Time Fly's When Your Visiting Family

Wow, time does fly doesn't it! Sorry it's been so long... (I keep saying that don't I?). I will try to do better, but to tell you the truth, I'm not too sure that that is going to happen! Mostly because of the news that I have to share with you all in a moment! I'm soooo excited, I can hardly stand it! But, you will have to wait for a few moments.
I went up to Oregon and had a lovely time visiting my folks and our Son and DIL. The Fall colors were beautiful! Really and the weather was wonderful too! No Rain at All! Just FAll Colors everywhere! Ben had me walking all over the NW area of Portland looking at great buildings and looking in books stores, fabric shops (I did persuade him to go in for a few minutes.... and he didn't even seem to mind!) and very cool furniture stores. We had a great time! Oh, and if you ever get the chance, check out the Portland Library! WoW, it was something else! Old, but cool! Lots of great stair cases, and the building is really something else! I like Old.... (probably cause I'm getting there myself, and well anything that's older than me.... is neat!) I also got to meet Jenic's sister and see her house (built 1909 and listed in the towns Historic listings). They have done a lot of work on it, and even received a book about the orignal owner and builder. Not bad! She was such a sweetie and showed us (Jenica had already seen the entire thing) all over and was proud of the things that they have accomplished work wise (and rightly so!). Hmmm, Jenica also took me to a fabric store, we just happened to see near the Micheal's we went to. Unfortunately it was going to close 5 mins. after we got there, so I really didn't have time to peruse the area very much.... so, no fabric to speak of! Such is life!
I did get my peepers full of some beautiful fabric's though. Next time..... they had better look out! It was great to see the area. The bus's and cable cars (I forget what they are really called) were great! No charge!!!! Talk about easy to get about! We went to the local Saturday's market and enjoyed feasting our eyes on the local produce and many other wonderful local products. We bought fresh caught (the day b/4) salmon..... it was sooo yummy too! Jenica cooked it up with sliced oranges, and onions and a few select herbs. We made Apple pie, cause that is one of Ben's favorite things. Ahem, although, it turned to mush!!!?
Apparently something was wrong, cause I've never had it happen b/4. The apples, were crisp Granny Smiths and the oven was set at 400 degree's like I do at home. And although I know that the altitude is different in Utah and Oregon, I used to bake apple pies in Oregon and never had any problems???? I told her that next time try the oven at 375 degree's for less time. Live and learn!
I then went and spent time with my parents in Eugene. We had a really nice visit. More Sea Food! Dad makes a great Shrimp Salad! We also visited the Coast and Mo's restaruant, where I had a Grilled Crab sandwich. Yummmm!
Although, I could have just eaten the crab without the bread or cheese. I would have been very happy that way! Just it was a bit too rich for me.

O.K. you have been very patient! Now for my news!!! I am now (or that is on Monday this coming... November 3rd!) a grandma of 3 instead of 1! And how you say do you jump so quickly to 3 when there was no report of a pregnancy???
I will tell you the shorter version of the story! About 3 weeks back my SIL was approached by a co-worker that is the grandma of 2 sweet little children. Apparently the birth parents of these 2 sweetie's have been having a hard time just coping being parents. The little ones are 15 months and 2 months old. So, the decided that it would be better for all concerned if they put them up for adoption. This is the shorter version... my daughter and SIL have had the little girl with them for around 3 weeks. Last Sunday the 2 month old boy was brought to them also. So, now they have become parents (officially on Monday) of now 3 little children 3 years old and under!
So, of course I'm happy as a clam and my sewing self has got to get busy!
So, now you know, (as Paul Harvey say's) the rest of the story!
Later! Don't forget to finish what you start..... otherwise people will always figure that your always starting something..... and it could just be trouble!