November 16, 2008

One Activity Down..... a few more projects to go!

On Saturday, it was the day of our "Primary Activity". It was all based on the book "Stone Soup"... (see last post!) we had a great time! There weren't too many kids there around 18 or so, but with the help of some parents and teachers we picked up a whole lot of food! Neighbors and people from our area went above and beyond the call... if you have ever seen the cardboard things that some of the food stores put watermelons or pumpkins into to sell? Well, we filled one of those and almost filled another one with donated food! It was such a great thing to see. When the kids came back from collecting food, we took pictures and then ate "Stone Soup". LoL.... it was sort of funny because two of the little girls around age 3-4 years old, wouldn't eat any soup! They told their moms..... no, there are stones in it! Yes, we did put several smooth stones into the pot! We did wash them several times first! It was cute! They probably have been taught that you aren't to put rocks in your mouth... so I suppose that they were just following the rules. Anyway, we did have fun and it was a good time.

So, now that it's official about my "new" grandkids I can get started on clothes for them for Christmas, and maybe just cause. You know how that is, I'm making this... just cause I can! I have some cute camo material that is in blues that I want to make matching p.j.'s for my grandsons to wear. Guess I will have to find some type of shirts too, or make them also.

Have you seen the new minkie fabric there is? Well, it's not all that new.... but all in all, it's sooo soft! I just need to make my new granddaughter a little vest out of it! And who knows, maybe some mittens too! It's sooo soft and cute! When I was a little squirt, I remember having a white rabbit muff and hat that is now not politically correct! But it was as soft or softer than the Minkie fabric. If you haven't seen it you need too! I'm into textures with fabric's so I'm sure that is one of the reasons that I love it so much!

Well, today is Wednesday, (the 19th Nov.) and I still didn't get this finished up! To be honest, I forgot! Actually the computer was being naughty on Sunday when I started this and I thought I had lost it!
Yesterday, I went with my dd's family to help out while they got pictures taken! It was cute to see them trying to get the youngest two to cooperate! The 3 year old is one thing, but the 15 month and the baby were a whole different story!
Our oldest grandson is a bit of a "ham" when it comes to pictures, so if you tell him to say "cheese" ... he is all over that and posing to boot! And then if it's me and his mom taking the pictures, (with a digital camera) he says.... I want to see! Sorry, that is really different than from when I was a kid! You had to wait until the film got developed! Unless you had a Polaroid type camera that is!
So, I need just a bit more reading, tutorial and all... and then I can start to post some of my pic's that I've been taking. Now just remember, I'm not the best! But I'm learning!
Back to the sewing room! Always look to see if you have dropped pins on the floor! It's a whole lot nicer to find them "before" you or a four legged friend steps on them!


Ravenhill said...

Wooo wooo! Can't wait to see some pictures! Great news!

I haven't really seen much minky fabric. They don't seem to carry it here in Norway. Your Christmas projects sound wonderful. I haven't really done much on mine. I think I will do that in December.
~Emily xx

Heather said...

I will try to make it over this weekend and show you how to upload your pictures. Luv ya