May 26, 2009

O.K. first of all I have to apologize... I started in on the dress and then realized that I had forgotten to take pic's. So I backtracked a bit... so you could see a little of what I've been doing.

As I told you b/4 the fabric is white Silk Dupioni... I may be spelling this wrong... (which if your my parents... you know that this isn't the first or last time this will happen!) And please forgive the cock-eyed picture... what can I say, it happens!

O.k. this is the skirt that as you can see is extra long, due to the fact that I'm adding several horizontal pleats.

Nothing tricky here, I just finished the seams a bit because this type of fabric really ravells. So since I don't want to line the entire thing.... because of the fact that she will be wearing it in Summer mostly. I finished the seams.

I spent far too much time finishing the neck edge b/4 I put the zipper in. I was going to use a piece of white satin ribbon around 1 inch wide. But due to the fact that it wouldn't lay right (and I want to hand sew the facing), I ended up ripping it out! I wanted it to feel nice agains't her skin and so instead I used a nice soft piece of lace as the neck facing. Since I changed the pattern (DD didn't want a collar) so we had to use something for the facing. Not a problem... ahem, for most! I guess I just like to make things difficult at times.
Anyway I will post some more.... this is taking far too long... just too many interuptions!
Oh, and since this is finally getting posted... it's now June 9th... not May something or other!
So Happy Birthday Sharon.... from Red Geranium Cottage!
I'll be back soon with the finish up stuff and more pictures. Need to let the dog out.... she is dancing around and crossing her legs a lot!

May 11, 2009

From A Mother To Her Family And A Few Other Thoughts

Well Mother's Day has come and gone... as it does each and every year. It's always so fun, sweet and nice to have you all right here. Us Mother's do appreciate all the wonderful things you say.... and mostly we just like it when you spend the time of day! All the jewels, flowers, cards and such, just can't really compare with knowing that you are/were in touch.... because it shows you care! Thank you so much for all your love and all the things you do.... From this Mother of 4 and a Wife of 1, and a Grandmother of 3. You made me feel especially nice, as nice as nice can be! Love You All.

Thanks For Making My Day Sweet!

O.K. here I am crying and it's the day after Mother's Day! I do that enough on Mothers day... due to overloaded sweet sentiments at Church and such...

I hope that all you new/or not so new Mother's had a wonderful day also!

So this past week has been a good time! The medicine the dr. put me on.... the antibiotic.... let me tell you.... fun..... not so much!!! 2 days after I had started taking it I called the pharmacist and told him that I was getting this terrible.... and I DO MEAN TERRIBLE... METAL TASTE, IN MY MOUTH (hmmm, where else would I get it.... oh well) along all of my taste buds! You have to know this guy... our Pharmacist.... his name is Von. He says to me... does it taste like your sucking a nickel? I said, yeah! He kinda laughs and says... yep... that will happen! I asked him what I could do about it, cause they are time release pills. I had to take 2 huge horse pills (it just seemed that way to me, cause they were wayyyy big) once each morning for 10 days! Yuck! Anyway... he said, just get yourself some hard candies.... and I'm thinking... dr's. orders! Root Beer Barrels to the rescue!!!!! So, each time I started getting that terrible taste I would just take a R. B. B..... and it did really help.... Only problem was I was getting it all the time, so I was sucking them all the time..... big sigh.... no weight loss! THIS IS MY OFFICIAL LOSER MONDAY REPORT....... Such is Life! But for those of you kind people who has asked.... yes, thank you I am feeling better. I would not have let the family over if I hadn't been!

Oh, and for those of you interested... Who were with this blog last Fall..... when my DD and her hubby got custody of the two sweet little ones..... it's all done and Legal! As of last week! And next month, they will take them through the Temple to be sealed. The kids have grown a lot... so cute to see them all together. And of course the rest of the family is having fun with them too!

Nothing like getting your family in leaps and bounds....

So today I finally get to cutting out the dress that I will be making for my little granddaughter or DGD as she will here to fore be known.

It's Butterick 3762. You can go here... if you want to see it~ Basically it's view D... with a few changes.

#1 Change is there will be no collar... DD has an aversion for kiddy type collars.... go figure!

#2 Change is that there will be pleats of the horizontal direction towards the hem. One will be around 1 1/2 inches and the next will be around 3 inches. This will give it some more detail...

The fabric is White Silk Dupioni. Since GD is now walking, it will be a nice long length. And hopefully not too long to trip her up!

I will be taking pictures so you can see what I'm up too... for those of you who may not care... well, I suppose you can just skip this sewing adventure or my blog totally.... I leave that up to your discretion. Stay tuned to this blog.... you never know what I may come up with!

May 3, 2009

A Bit Under The Weather And A Early Looser Monday Post

Hello All,
Just thought I would post a quick little note. I've been under the weather for the past week, still am as far as that goes. I managed to get myself bronchitis somehow or other. It came on rather fast... so it knocked me for a loop! Plus on top of that the computer conked out a week ago Friday. So..... I've been incommunicado for a while. Believe me when I tell you I was going thru withdrawal! But dear hubby, and our SIL managed to bring the computer back to life! Yeah! We will still have to start looking for a new one! Shhhhh! Don't tell this one... we don't want any more fits or anything like that!
Want you all to know that Sharon.... from Red Geranium Cottage sent me a sweet package a couple weeks back... ( remember I won one of her contests?) Anyway, she spoiled me rotten.... (hmmmm, maybe that's why I got sick! No, not really!) she sent me two charm packs from Moda.... they are the same so it will be fun deciding what to use them for. Also two separate kits, I think they are both for bow tie wall hangings.... I'm a little fuzzy at the moment.... medicine, I need medicine! Guess I had better close... to busy coughing to make much sense right at the moment. More later..... I won't be weighing in this week... hopefully that means I will be in great shape next week! Here's hoping!