May 26, 2009

O.K. first of all I have to apologize... I started in on the dress and then realized that I had forgotten to take pic's. So I backtracked a bit... so you could see a little of what I've been doing.

As I told you b/4 the fabric is white Silk Dupioni... I may be spelling this wrong... (which if your my parents... you know that this isn't the first or last time this will happen!) And please forgive the cock-eyed picture... what can I say, it happens!

O.k. this is the skirt that as you can see is extra long, due to the fact that I'm adding several horizontal pleats.

Nothing tricky here, I just finished the seams a bit because this type of fabric really ravells. So since I don't want to line the entire thing.... because of the fact that she will be wearing it in Summer mostly. I finished the seams.

I spent far too much time finishing the neck edge b/4 I put the zipper in. I was going to use a piece of white satin ribbon around 1 inch wide. But due to the fact that it wouldn't lay right (and I want to hand sew the facing), I ended up ripping it out! I wanted it to feel nice agains't her skin and so instead I used a nice soft piece of lace as the neck facing. Since I changed the pattern (DD didn't want a collar) so we had to use something for the facing. Not a problem... ahem, for most! I guess I just like to make things difficult at times.
Anyway I will post some more.... this is taking far too long... just too many interuptions!
Oh, and since this is finally getting posted... it's now June 9th... not May something or other!
So Happy Birthday Sharon.... from Red Geranium Cottage!
I'll be back soon with the finish up stuff and more pictures. Need to let the dog out.... she is dancing around and crossing her legs a lot!

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