June 2, 2009

Emily is having a contest!

I'm Backkkkk! Kinda like a bad penny! (I think I've said that before!)
First things first.... Emily over at RavenHill http://ravenhill.typepad.com/weblog/ is having another contest to enter... and she is giving away some really fun things! This after just finishing up a giveaway for a wonderful shawl. But, for those of us who did not win.... she took this to heart and is now giving away a craft magazine that has an article about her in it! (clever girl is just getting her name out there all over the place, blogs, posts, and in print too!) So, she is now giving away the magazine she is featured in, (she already has a subscribtion) and also some wonderful fabric's.... on second thought.... don't go to her blog cause the more people who go the less chance I have to win! Just kidding.... well..... maybe!
That's all for now.... back soon with the pic's of my DGD's dress!

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