June 10, 2009

Ever Want To Tear Out All Your Hair?

Sometimes I just wonder.... a while back I took a bit closer look at DGD dress and well there are these fold/crease lines that are on the bodice and the front of the skirt! Yep, the type you get from a well defined bolt crease!!! I tried everything I could think of, also trying to pick the brains of a few people out there who I hoped would know what else I could try! Yeah.... nothing! You see back between last fall and winter, I had read a bunch of library books on different sewing thoughts, idea's etc... anyway I remembered that there were several different idea's in said book (I no longer remember the name) about how to get hardy crease's/fold marks out! I went back to the library to see if I could find the book.... nope! And then asked the librarian if she could show me a record of the books I had checked out over a number of months.... (sorry... this may take a bit longer....) that was a no go.... she said, "It's for your protection, that we don't have a list of all the books you check out". Well, another librarian and I both went HuH????? This way the library can't have their records supenied by a judge.... I'm thinking big WoW.... all I ever read are sewing, craft and novels! O.K. so that was a no go! But, I ran into a friend that said I ought to try the extention service! Good idea! But, that was to no avail either! Last but not least I finally took it to the cleaners to see if they could help me out! I figured if worst came to worst I could start over with a new piece of fabric! The gal at the cleaners did her best and it did look better, only not the best! So, I corraled my DD and had her take a look... and she said it looks fine! So, on with the show! Guess I need to try not to be soooo picky! So, I will try to finish up today!

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calicodaisy said...

Sewing is such an adventure! Sometimes it seems like all there are only failures and troubles, and then those lessons pass and you find yourself zipping through everything you try. Steady on!