June 15, 2009

Monday Loser's Post

O.K. this will be short and sweet..... (come on now.... all my posts are sweet right? O.K. now imagine a cheesie grin.....) There is going to be a scheduled outage in a few minutes so I need to hurry!
I've managed to loose the weight that I had regained.... although with certain stress's in my life... we shall see how things go! You people know who you are!!! (stress wise!)
I'm just about done with the dress, just a hem and the pleats.... oh and let's see.... I need to make up a little underslip that will snap in (my own idear....) so they can just take it out easily. And it will be all done!
I also need to plant the garden and hmmmm clean my house! Family coming to town and then a family reunion, pictures etc.... and Good Times Today!!!
Take care everyone!
Don't forget to change the needle on your sewing machine! Oh, and if your stitch tention is bad unthread and try it again!!!


Unknown said...

Jean, glad to hear that you are doing well losing weight. It is such a hard battle. You sound so busy and expect for the scheduled rage that I must have missed you seem so happy! Lovely to hear about all of your delightful events and celebrations! ENJOY!
~Emily xxx

Leanne said...

Oh weight loss is soooo hard. Enjoy the family reunion and great tips on the machine needle.