November 26, 2013

Have A Blessed Thanks Giving

For all those who celebrate it I wish everyone a Wonderfully Blessed Thanks Giving. Thinking back through the year I know that I have a lot to be thankful for.
Even if you don't celebrate this holiday I hope that you will take the time to stop; and count your blessings. There have been sooo many horrific events lately (natural disasters, etc...). We who have just been on the outside looking in can do a few things here and there to help, but prayers sent in behalf of all the people who have been affected is the very least we can do. I hope you will join me in this venture; to pray for all those who have lost someone or know of someone that has lost someone in the variety of events that have bruised our hearts this year. Give someone you love a hug; be it physically or just a web hug!

Here also are a few pictures of what we did last Saturday; Our Annual Christmas Tree Hunt...
8 adults, 4 kids, 3 vehicles,1 dog, 7 trees, cool temps..... time together with family and friends.

These pictures/trees were taken outside of Soda Springs, Idaho.
Have a great Thanks Giving.
And may sewing for others in need or for yourself lighten your thoughts throughout your day. 

November 4, 2013

Just One More For House Keeping

All right; since I told you we went up to Oregon, I have one more sewing mention. While visiting
my folks, mom showed me a skirt she has which is part of a suit. If you look closely at the lace where it is attached to the hem... you can see that she only has about 1/2 inch of the skirt fabric that is being
used for the hem. She actually needs the hem to be longer. Sooo, now view the next picture;

This is the closest fabric I can find (the actual fabric color of the skirt
is a really pretty royal blue. So now I've added the piece that I used 
for my match; (the larger piece being the actual skirt) I suppose I should
have taken a picture of the two pieces with out the ribbon so you have
a before and after to judge. Anyway, they aren't sewn yet at all;
this is just so you can see. I'm thinking that this will be a close
enough match and once the ribbon is sewn down it will tie the two
fabrics together to make them look good. If any one is out there,
I would love an opinion! Oh, and just so you know, I have not
removed the lace yet in prep for the new hemline. That is
why you see a bit of  a line near the ribbon. 
Please let me know what you think. 
Thank you.

It's A Matter of Time

It's all a matter of time b/4 I finish something you know? I mean each item takes times, and I manage to start several projects at around the same time so eventually I get them all done!
I have been working on several refashions... I purchased several dresses at the Local D.I. with big plans. One little black knit dress was too short for me, but I was able to make it into a cute black skirt. Simple; cut dress off just at the underarms. I then stay stitched the top (to keep it from taking a runner!) Sorry no pic's (go figure after the last post!). Then I zigzagged the top turned it under about 3/4 inch and added a piece of rounded elastic that I had for the waist. All done! Here: I felt guilty about no pic's... so here is the after,  (sorry, I just noticed that the mirror must have been dusty! Oops)
and then you have to use your imagination a bit... here is the before: 

another picture of the after with a top that I haven't quite finished,

the top came from this dress... Cute; but not cute on me
as a dress. So I cut it apart and I'm going to make it into a separate 
skirt and top. The top will have a narrow hem. Then the sides of the skirt will need
to be taken in; plus I will add a waist band. This not one I want to use an elastic waist for.

Below they are cut apart. 

I also finished a quilt for my niece who was married in
June. Yeah.... I'm kind of slow sometimes! I just need
to deliver it to her. This picture was taken before I tied
the quilt. I just used fabric from my fabric stash. Eventually
I will get more used up... hmmm maybe it's time I gift 
some to someone again. 

So, it's all a matter of time before I use up a lot more of 
my fabric stash. One way or another it will be used! 

Pacific Northwest

WARNING: Heavy Photo content!

So once upon a time there was a handsome guy and an o.k. girl. LoL...., they met fell in love and decided to marry! Yep, almost 38 years ago. For part of their honey moon the parents of the bride (see picture below) got them two nights (and two days; hey... they aren't cheap!) stay at The Adobe in Yahats, Oregon.
The lovely parents.

Adobe Resort - View of Property

The Adobe

Anyway, the bride and groom had a wonderful time enjoying the beauty that surrounded them. I know your all saying Ahhhhhhh.
 Last month we took a trip to Oregon (since dear hubby didn't get to go in June with DD the grands and I) to visit our son and his family and my parents. My folks booked a stay at the coast. It rained day one while we were driving down, but it cleared off for a beautiful sunset... aaa yeah, no pictures of that; I was too busy stuffing my face with wonderful fresh seafood! Hey, a girls gotta eat right? The next day was so pretty. We enjoyed more seafood and the great drive full of pretty colored leaves and of course the beauty of the great pine and fir trees.

While in Oregon we rode  the Portland Street cars   which are always fun. Lots of interesting people if you enjoy people watching. We visited the Farmers Market; you can check out some great photo's on their site...  Our granddaughter breaks down her days like this;  school day; Market day; or Church day. My DDIL says that between mid December and some time in March they have to go to the regular grocery store and it's just not the same as the Farmers Market! About every time we visit we love to go with them to the market... so many things to see... and well the food! Yum!!! We had breakfast there; DH had a biscuit, sausage and egg sandwich; sooo much better than McDon's!!! I just had a plain ole biscuit with fresh either Boysenberry or Loganberry jam.

 Oh, also, we rode  the Amtrak train down to Eugene where we met up with my  Amtrak trainparents.  (see picture above.) The trip down from Portland would have been faster, except apparently some kids were playing on the tracks and because of that we had to stop while the police were called! Go figure! Now a days they don't take chances with anything. The tracks had to be checked and after a good 50 minutes we were back on our way. Time flies when your having fun.

For some reason I kept forgetting to take pictures from the train... but this is one I did take of a rainbow out the train window. the sun was soo bright coming in the window behind me it reflects in the one I was looking out of.  You can barely make out the hills in the background of the photo. This was taken not long before we arrived in Eugene, I believe they are the Coburg Hills.
 While in Portland, we went up to The Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. It was interesting because we were there during the Government shut down. There were a few people in the U.S. Forestry Service uniform. One gentlemen I saw was talking to someone and was not at all happy with the shut down.
  Picture of the outside of the Lodge entrance, and our son taking a picture of me taking a picture... lol... see the white stuff.... snow! It really was a beautiful day for a drive though.
Spending time with family as they say;
We had a great time with all of our family; 
 What can I say, silly little girl... this was about the only pic I could get of the two of them where she had her eyes open! As I said, she was being silly! That's o.k., that's what kids do! Grampa is being a bit silly too! Ha!

Taken from DS's condo. Which has 4 buildings. The ones here in the pictures are just 2 of the 4.  The tree's were really pretty while we were there. 

Time went too fast, as we were waiting for the plane to jet us back to Utah; the pilot came on the intercom and announced that they couldn't get #2 engine to start (aaaaa, not good! at least it happened on the ground). So, we went back to the gate and waited for the mechanics to get permission to touch the airplane; they found out what was wrong and fixed it right away... then we waited for them to get permission to get back in line on the run way! LoL.. all said an done we took off without incident and  we were home again, home again
jiggity jig!