November 4, 2013

It's A Matter of Time

It's all a matter of time b/4 I finish something you know? I mean each item takes times, and I manage to start several projects at around the same time so eventually I get them all done!
I have been working on several refashions... I purchased several dresses at the Local D.I. with big plans. One little black knit dress was too short for me, but I was able to make it into a cute black skirt. Simple; cut dress off just at the underarms. I then stay stitched the top (to keep it from taking a runner!) Sorry no pic's (go figure after the last post!). Then I zigzagged the top turned it under about 3/4 inch and added a piece of rounded elastic that I had for the waist. All done! Here: I felt guilty about no pic's... so here is the after,  (sorry, I just noticed that the mirror must have been dusty! Oops)
and then you have to use your imagination a bit... here is the before: 

another picture of the after with a top that I haven't quite finished,

the top came from this dress... Cute; but not cute on me
as a dress. So I cut it apart and I'm going to make it into a separate 
skirt and top. The top will have a narrow hem. Then the sides of the skirt will need
to be taken in; plus I will add a waist band. This not one I want to use an elastic waist for.

Below they are cut apart. 

I also finished a quilt for my niece who was married in
June. Yeah.... I'm kind of slow sometimes! I just need
to deliver it to her. This picture was taken before I tied
the quilt. I just used fabric from my fabric stash. Eventually
I will get more used up... hmmm maybe it's time I gift 
some to someone again. 

So, it's all a matter of time before I use up a lot more of 
my fabric stash. One way or another it will be used! 

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