November 4, 2013

Just One More For House Keeping

All right; since I told you we went up to Oregon, I have one more sewing mention. While visiting
my folks, mom showed me a skirt she has which is part of a suit. If you look closely at the lace where it is attached to the hem... you can see that she only has about 1/2 inch of the skirt fabric that is being
used for the hem. She actually needs the hem to be longer. Sooo, now view the next picture;

This is the closest fabric I can find (the actual fabric color of the skirt
is a really pretty royal blue. So now I've added the piece that I used 
for my match; (the larger piece being the actual skirt) I suppose I should
have taken a picture of the two pieces with out the ribbon so you have
a before and after to judge. Anyway, they aren't sewn yet at all;
this is just so you can see. I'm thinking that this will be a close
enough match and once the ribbon is sewn down it will tie the two
fabrics together to make them look good. If any one is out there,
I would love an opinion! Oh, and just so you know, I have not
removed the lace yet in prep for the new hemline. That is
why you see a bit of  a line near the ribbon. 
Please let me know what you think. 
Thank you.


Unknown said...

I think you have found a nicely matching color (just a little bit more brilliant) and that shiny ribbon helps to hide the little difference!
You did it, go and sew everything, and make mom happy :)
Your newesr GFC follower,
MammaNene @

Unknown said...
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