July 19, 2016

Be The Good

So with all that's been going on lately I guess I feel it's time to speak up. My heart weeps for all the people who have lost loved ones lately. It seems people have forgotten how to love their fellow human beings. My prayers go to all those who are mourning the loss of friends/loved ones/acquaintances/neighbors. I hope that some day soon we can all look outside ourselves and try to BE THE GOOD in the world. Help your neighbors.... look around you, there is a lot of GOOD in this world. Let's just try harder to be part of it.

Lately there has been lots of alterations going on.... for my family, friends and just people I know from Church that are soon to be married. It's so cool to see the permagrin on their faces when you find out that they are soon to be married! Their smiles make me feel like there truly are happy people still in the world. Spread the joy, love and smiles people. As hard as life is right now; there are still a lot of wonderful things to smile about.
Sooo yes, I've been working on altering wedding dresses, suit pants etc.... and it's cool to see their faces when it's all done and they are that much closer to their wedding day. One couple I know are like at less then 20 days.... and they can hardly stand it! For all these young single adults in our ward at Church I try not to charge them anything for alterations.... they have enough on their budgets. I just tell them that this is their wedding present from me and my dear hubby.  LoL....
Guess I will try harder to post every now and again so if anyone is out there.... take care. Hang in there, remember that you are loved!
Don't forget to check your bobbin!