February 7, 2011

The Anniverary Post! Mine, Not The Blog's!

Such a busy time.... anniversaries, (my in-laws 40Th, and our 35Th!) birthdays.... (my daughters 30Th, and also my SIL's 50Th).

Hard to believe this little cutie is going to be 30 years old! She is wearing a dress that I wore when I was her age (about 3 at the time this was taken). Guess I need to dig up a photo of me in the dress too.... hmmmm we shall see what I can find! If I can figure out the scanning again... we shall see indeed!

A couple of the missionaries from our Church stopped by last evening to drop off a hand me down suit one of the Elders received. I need to alter it for him... he is somewhat quiet and a bit shy and well... the suit is too long in the torso and in the pant legs also... if I had gotten a good measurement on him I could have probably take in the seat too... hopefully it won't be too baggy on him. One tries not to embarrass the young men too much! He is all of 19 and all.... and what with my DH and another Elder there well.... I couldn't do too much without embarrassing him.
My friend Karma and I had a day of sewing last week. We had some quilt block that her daughter Diane had made up... long ago of a white background baseball print with some blue and also using some red borders and then we made up some blocks that had a red plaid and also blue plaid centers with the same blue or red borders. Then we used red and blue for sashing around the blocks and proceeded to make a crib size quilt.... too funny actually... I cut and pressing the borders/sashings and blocks while she sewed them all together! It's easier for me to see to cut then it is for her! We got to talking sooo much, that in the end as I was handing her rows to sew together, somehow she had flipped two sections and put them opposite and then added the sashing and final borders before we noticed! The entire quilt top was complete before we noticed that the pattern we had decided on was a bit of a mess! Of course no one but us will notice... it just, well.... it looks as if it should be flowers from Dr. Seuss's garden! It really does still look cute, just we don't really feel like taking it all apart! Sad... I know... but someone will still get a good use out of it when we put on the back and batting! All out of flannel... it will be really soft!

We went into SLC today to play and visited the SLC version of this! Yes.... I was a badddd girl!
Dear Hubby and I shared a mint truffle.... and these are the size of a 50 cent piece! Plus I split another one with him after dinner (his half is going into his lunch tomorrow...) he had a large piece of English Toffee...(and yes he did offer to share a bite with me... but I did declined.... I was waiting for my caramel to warm up, it was a little hard because it was cold outside) but I must say that when it did warm up DH shared a few bites of my caramels soooo I didn't technically eat all of the caramels! Now I didn't have to admit that we did this... ahem.... guess now that I read it.... I feel like a pig.... although, I must say that in my defense.... we didn't eat them all at once! We did eat dinner in between some of this! Ohhhh well, guess I need to get back to work with my exercise routine! Oh, and eating better too! It was our anniversary so we celebrated here and there!
Oh, I forgot to tell you.... this place is called
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory..... as you can see.... there are wonders here... hey, it's chocolate! What's not to like?

This week this pattern goes on Sale;
http://www.simplicity.com/p-4994-babies-vintage-layette.aspx at our local Hancock's Fabric's Warehouse......
It is the dress I will be making for our new little granddaughter's blessing dress. I need to see what fabric I will be using.... I may have something I want to use in my fabric stash.... I will post a picture if I find something in there..... then again, if I open the doors.... you may never hear from me again! LoL...
I also have to sew up some little white bags for a meeting we are having for the little kids that will be 8 years old this year. It's called Great To Be 8! There will be all sorts of things inside to help them understand the importance of being baptised. And somewhere in there get the Elder's suit altered... guess I will be a bit busy.
So, I'm going to be up to my ears, elbows and maybe at least teeth in the sewing room! Will let you know what I'm up too soon!
More soon.... make sure you put that pedal to the metal.... if you want to get anywhere with your sewing!