January 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

Shall we try this again? Well, it is still the new year.... I'm just a bit late in sharing the news!
Sorry I've been soooo neglectful! Just life gets in the way sometimes! You know how it is, sometimes I would rather read blogs than write this one! I've been busy sewing, reading, getting excited that our new grand baby was on the way! Oh, she was born the last day of December! So, yes.... she is here! And what a cutie... her daddy and mommy are very happy, and I believe content that she is here. I think they are wondering how on earth did they ever fill the hours without her! And I get to go visit in a couple more days! Am I phyed or what????? Another little grand daughter..... what's not to like? Now we have evened it up so far, 2 boys and 2 girls!
Towards the end of February some time we get to go visit again! And this time, a couple other members of the family get to go also! Possibly a couple daughters and our other granddaughter get to go also. Our little DGD is sooo excited to go, I think that she wants to go now! She keeps asking when she gets to go on the plane and go see baby Kate and Uncle Ben and Aunt Jentica (yep that's how she says my DIL's name... cute hmmm!) Right now I'm doing the really important stuff, laundry, ironing etc.... so DH is all set while I'm gone! When I have a bit more time I will show and tell some pic's of some of my projects that I got done for Christmas. Such a wonderful time of year. And we had beautiful snow.... that is melting as I type! We need more, all of a sudden it's warmer than January should be.... we don't need an early snow melt... that would cause flooding possibly! Not a good thing! My heart goes out to the people of Australia and all that is going on there. Know that you are in our prayers daily!
Oh, and for the people/families that were effected by the shooting in Arizona. Your also in our prayers... our hearts go out to all those who had their lives changed by this sad, sick man.
Bad things do happen to good people, yes... I think that how we handle these trials can be an example to others. Hopefully the outpouring of love will help others in their distress.
Until next time! Don't forget to keep your shears sharp!