December 9, 2011

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

The end of November, the day after Thanks Giving... our family (my DH's extended family and friends) meet up and leave nice and early and drive outta state to a National Forest to hunt Christmas tree's. First of all, you have to get a permit. $10 for anything up to 12 foot tall. Anything larger is more $$$. But then we only have standard height ceilings so we go for the $10 tree's. The weather forecast said that it would be possibly 40-50 mph winds,  noooo problem..... right? Oh, and also.... it was suppose to be cold.... like below freezing... also no problem right? Just everyone dress warmly and be ready for snow! Hmmmm...... yep.... here's some pictures of that event.... no pictures of the tree's we got mostly pictures of us going home.... ahem... it took us about 3 hours and 45 minutes to go around 10 miles, because a couple of vechicles kept getting stuck! Look at the pictures... and a good time was had by all! It was cold and everyone was pretty tired by the end of the evening... it doesn't usually take that long to leave to go home! But everyone worked hard to help and eventually we all drove home. It's an adventure that's for sure! Sooo Merry Christmas to all.... and enjoy the preparations!


Nancy said...

but it made a great blog post!! LOL

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OHMYGOODNESS!!! You wanted a tree pretty bad to deal with all of that. I'll just stick to my Lowe's Christmas tree. haaaa