July 8, 2009

The Grampa Face!

Alright, take a look at this picture.... is this someone that would scare you on a dark street???? LoL....
This is our grandson.... making what he calls the "Grampa Face"!
My DH when the grand kids are making "bad choices"... gives them this "look" or "face" as DGS says!.... So, he has now got the "look" down.... and it's hysterical how he does it! First of all he is all of 3 1/2 yrs old, second now that he has mastered it... (and that in itself is quite a trick for him.... ) he once in a while gets caught trying to bully other kids with it! O.K. this is hard to explain..... at least straight faced! He looks at you and most times can't stop smiling.... then he takes his hand and passing it over his eyes from the top of his head.... he tries to block out everything funny... (this is my interpretation anyway) and tries to get a serious look on his face.... then he puts the frown/scowl on! It's such a hoot! One time at Church a little boy sitting behind DGS was kicking GS's chair.... and GS did the "look" at the kid.... he stopped! Not a good thing to encourage him though.... especially the bullying part.... but at the moment it's really funny! Just thought I would share!
Aren't kids fun! They come up with the silliest things! Although I must say.... he has tried it on his sister and brother and I think mostly they just smile at him.... they aren't into taking too seriously yet! Of course that's because one will be 2 this month and the other will be 1 next month!
I got to get together last night with a bunch of sisters from our ward at Church and let's see..... we got 2 quilts tied, 1 partically quilted, and 2 more quilt tops put together! Not bad for 5 hours work! Hey, any day sewing/quilting is a good day!

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andsewitis Holly said...

He is cute. I can just picture your gandson doing that.