July 23, 2009

To The Ragg Bag and Saving Money

Alright, as this is cutting into sewing time... I will make it very quick! I came across one of DH's old shirts.... and enough is enough! This shirt has had it... holes, frayed edges etc.... time to do it in! It just isn't in any condition to be worn any more! So, as I was sitting there cutting it into smaller size pieces.... (not too small) sizes I can use for rags.... I was thinking.... what do you do with worn out clothes not fit to be worn any more? I first see if there is any way to salvage the item.... ie.... mend a hole, replace a button or several. Then I look to see if I am going to scrap it.... is it any good to use for quilts, appliques or to use to mend something else! If not... then off come the buttons and into the button jar.... (I have an old 1 1/2 quart jar.... really old.... blue to be exact! Oops, as you can see from the picture at left... I did it again! My button jar is the large one... but the blue one is the one we put white chocolate chips into! That's what happens when your trying to do too many things at once.... confusion!!! LoL...) and then I do with it whatever I can use the material for. With this one it was an old long sleeve polo shirt.... wayyyy past it's prime! I cut it into rags to be used for just that Rags! I zig-zagged the unfinished edges and wa-la..... rags to be used for what ever I want.... and they can be washed because now I've taken the precaution to keep them from fraying to bits in the washer!
Do you know that if you have men's shirts or woman's for that matter.... and the collar is a bit frayed and worn looking and it's a two piece collar. You can take off the upper collar turn it around and use the other side! Now, if by chance you have a shirt that has sewn in collar stays, unpick them and continue on. You could put the collar stays back in... but you will have to do a little fancy needle work because the space is a bit tight. Me, I would probably just leave them out! On the other hand, if you don't have the sewn in type.... it's a cinch to turn them and then resew them back onto the lower part of the collar. You can do this with shirt cuffs too, but you have to do both sleeves and then trade them, the right cuff goes now reversed onto the left cuff and vise versa! And there you have it.... a quick way to save you some money. And isn't that what we want to do any way with our sewing talents?
Back to the sewing room! Just thought I would share!

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Holly said...

Wow, turning collars and cuffs is too much work for this lazy girl (me!). lol Those are good tips to remember, though. I do find myself evaluating old clothes to see if they are quilt worthy. Even new clothes when window shopping in stores I find myself saying, "that would look good in a scrap quilt".