March 30, 2009

Can't Trust The Weekends

It's Monday, I got onto the scale, I got off the scale, I got onto the scale, I got off the scale. Yep.... it's true... just can't trust the weekends! They sneek up on you and throw food at you.... (my DS and DIL were in town) and well... it just sticks on ya! So watch out.... I may start throwing it back! I gained 2 pounds! Wannna hear a bunch of excuses??? No? What's wrong with you? I need your support!!!
O.K. I guess I won't bore you. But we did have a good time with our DS and DIL... although, they were both sick! We finally convinced him to go to the dr.'s on Friday after they came to see us! Yep! Poor guy... sinus infection, plus bronchitis! No wonder he was close to coughing out a lung while he was here! Oh well, it was vacation time right??? And DIL was also checked, cause she was concerned about a really sore throat. They checked her for strep! But no, she didn't have that... but close... Antibiotic's for the lot of them! And hopefully now that they have gone home... they will get some good rest tonight and recover entirely.
So, I drove them to the airport... (they live in Oregon, we live in Utah) and of course during the weekend while with us... we got snow!!!!! Saturday... DS was outside sitting in the sunshine... enjoying visiting with DH, and didn't even think about sunscreen.... yep.... due to the antibiotics...(see above) he got a sunburn! Poor guy... all this way, and all the time he was here, didn't go snowboarding once... but no one at home is going to believe him, cause of the sunburn! Anyway... being as I had to come back home (sniff, sniff) by my lonesome... I had to check out some of the local quilt shops on the way back to home sweet home... saw a lot of really cute stuff out there! But, I was on my best behaviour... the only thing I bought was a couple of caramels... soft, chewy, heavy sighhhhh, a girls gotta live ya know! I figure if I have to get rid of the weight that I gained over the weekend... I may as well do it up big!!! They were really good too! Of course, they are gone... heck, one and 1/2 were gone b/4 I got out of the parking lot! LoL... worth it though! Oh, and as a grandma... I have to scout out the cute patterns... I need to remember the name of the company/pattern designer... cause I saw the cutest pattern! I will get the info! It's for a dress that is called the petal dress! Yes, you know what I'm thinking don't you!!!! My little granddaughter has to have one of those! When I find it out again, (I needed sugar at the time, and just didn't write it down! That's my excuse anyway!) But I will find out and let you know!

Nothing else on the sewing front.
Take care... and Spring will spring itself on us, as soon as it's good and ready! I hope anyway! Day after tomorrow is April... and besides Easter is just around the corner!

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Unknown said...

Hi Jean! I love to read your posts! You are so wonderful! I am sorry to hear that the weight isn't going the right direction at the moment. I am glad though that you had a good time on the weekend! You are working so hard to acheive your goals and you will do it! :)
Hugs from emily