September 9, 2011

What's Been Keeping Me Busy

     It's hard to get back to blogging sometimes. I've been keeping busy trying to get into the sewing room and well it seems there is always something to do. UFO's to get back too. I finished the white dress adding the sleeves. Then I tacked down the lace part through-out the edges  to hold it in place.

Honestly, with all the other white on this dress, it blends in quite nicely. And looks as if it were original to the dress. I looked through my patterns and found a sleeve that I liked and that would fit the finished sleeveless ready-made dress. Then cut out a complete sleeve out of the spandex and gathered the top of both fabric's inserting them together. 

I used a white cotton rectangle doily for the lace of the sleeves.... but did not have quite enough as you can see from this picture... the bottom part of the sleeve or lining I made out of white spandex... when worn doesn't really show,  so to be honest I wasn't really worried about it! I still would like to find a cute belt of two that I can wear with it. And all in all the dress cost me all of $20. I had the doily... the eyelet that I added to the bottom of the skirt for more length and also the spandex in my stash of fabrics. I got a few nice compliments and well.... over all I will be wearing it a lot.

I finished a baby quilt,  it's from fabric that my youngest daughter bought years ago... and started on. It for some reason was left here. So, since she had it started I figured that I would finish it so it can go away! She did have the ruffle done... it is made out of a black and white print that looks like a cow hide. Oh, and then I tied it with a multi-colored  cream cotton crochet thread. She isn't pregnant! It's just something she found and liked while working at the local fabric store.... and as you know... if you like it... it sometimes comes home with you! LoL...

Also lately I've been trying to help Karma and friends that are working on a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for their DUP  (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) group. It has 31 quilt blocks. I forgot to take pictures of the others that I completed (or at least put onto the muslin already). There are a few that are the same as far as the theme goes. But, that is the only thing similar about them. I don't have these on the muslin yet because I ran out. The blocks are gong to be on point  on plain muslin and then there is a cute blue print that will be in between each block. I will have to get some more pictures later. Each block will be blanket stitched around all in black and then embroidered where different lines... details etc... are found.

As you can see the details will add a lot to each
block. We still need to add lace, ribbon etc... to each
also. Anyway, it will be raffled off to earn $$$ for the
DUP chapter.

Well, that is all for now...
Whatever your sewing; enjoy the process... and don't forget to change your needle every now and then!    

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