July 26, 2011

A Busy Saturday

We have a grundle of bikers (as in bicycle type road bike) riders in this family. And we albeit, about half of the family riders and several friends of the family we started out on "The First Annual Ride" from Park City Utah to Wolf Creek, Utah. There were a few minor confusions, but in all great events... we must have a breaking in period. We met at our starting point..... with all but 2 of the riders expected; The little guy was just  one of the support crew (our neice's son Ammon). Starting from the left; my hubby, then a friend from Church, Dan Evans, Neice's hubby Wes, Josh (a friend of our SIL/Daughter), SIL Kevin, Daughter Melisa, Ammon, Neice Jenny, Josh (yes.... there were 2 of them... less confusing then you think... when there are 2 new people to get to know.... nice to know they both have the same name... easier to remember!) this was Mountain Bike Man!!! The entire ride was to be around 100 miles, in one day... hills, straights, and some beautiful countryside! He did over 50 miles..... on a mountain bike! Yeahhhh Josh! First time rider (long distance that is).  Oh, I forgot to mention that also in the support crew were my SIL Tammy, (no picture), her granddaughter Ellie Kate, also one more grandson.... Isac. And besides me, there was our grandson Cameron. Also no picture.... except towards the end you see him from the back as I took a picture of his mom/dad.
We had to wait for 2 riders to meet up with us and while waiting; I snapped a picture of the local Thistle.

My daughter cheering on one of the Josh's, the finish
was on a hill, so it was a hard ending!! He did it all,
so he should be proud of himself!
Here they all are, they managed to finish up in one piece. We lost a couple of riders.... I guess what I mean to say is that some of our riders finished up at different places and went home. We had 2 that met up with us, and 1 that started with us but as I said, they left us at different places. It was an interesting, beautiful ride. It would have been much better had some of the riders not gotten lost.... but, as I said before, your always going to have a few problems the first time you start out a new adventure! All in all, everyone was tired and enjoyed the ride. Especially the challenge of it all!
I took this of my SIL and Daughter.... he really wasn't sticking his tongue out... I just caught it wrong... maybe I had better check the other one I took of them!

O.K. here is the better of the two pictures. Sorry Kevin! Oh, and the backside of grandson! 

And last but not least, someone who is very happy to have us back home again! She was smiling, look into that face.... her eyes are closed! Talk about content! 
All in all it was a great day..... one that started at 4:30 a.m. when we woke up... and finished when we got home around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. when we got back home! Oh, we did have a bar-b-q at the neices when all was said and done.... there were a lot of very tired people there! 

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Sinta Renee said...

Your dog's face says it all! What a great time you all had on the century ride! A new annual tradition???