July 6, 2011

New Motto; Work Harder, Hide Better!

This will be a shortened version of the post I previously wrote; I had it all ready and hit post and nothing! Yep.... nothing like loosing a post to waste a bunch of time. Oh, and it's mostly shorter because I won't be able to remember everything that I wrote before! LOL.... what do you expect? These are the ramblings of a seamstress, wife, mom, grandma..... daughter.... etc.!
I've been keeping out of mischief..... (just barely!) cutting out squares (of all sizes.... just to have on hand, so when I'm ready to use them they will be available). I have been helping my MIL clear out and clean out some of her closets of old outdated items..... make-up, lotions... things that she wanted me to donate to the local D.I. (Deseret Industries). But to be honest, most all of the stuff was sooo old, they just wouldn't want them. So, I saved the D.I. from having to chuck them into the garbage and did it myself! We went thru old sheet sets that they have had since they lived in their last home (some 15 plus years ago) and managed to do a very good clear out! Some of the sheets came home with me to pass onto others and then to the D.I. the ones that no one cared about!
Last week I helped out my friend Karma.... what with MSN e-mail changing over to charging people it had to be done b/4 the 1st of July! The poor guy was sooo hard to understand (I believe it was outsourced) I'm sure that when he was done talking to us.... he begged his boss/supervisor for a break! But, we got it done and after we took all the time to switch all of her favorites by putting them into new messages and sending them to her new email address.... (and it took forever!) What should we find.... when they switched her address book etc.... they switched her favorites too! Try to figure that one out? When we did mine, I had to change mine myself.... and the guy even told us that no, they would not be doing that for her! Weird!

Also took care of the grandkids a couple few times.... and we at one point walked over to a neighboring farm friends house to buy eggs. Grandson (oldest) asked how come we didn't buy them at the store? I explained that they are fresher this way.... plus I wanted the kids to see the farm a bit. They got to play with some kittens and I got to visit with my friend Linda. We talked about her wanting to learn how to make Crazy Quilts. So.... guess that's something we can work at later in the year when it's a bit cooler! Just when I was thinking that it was time that the grands mom should be showing up..... I get a phone call to tell me that she had been in a fender bender, but was fine. Fortunately they were not moving very fast, and she was in a Jeep! She needs a new bumper, and the guy behind, that hit her? I'm thinking that she said that his car was a mess! He was driving with Flip-Flops on and his foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas! I'm telling you... I love my Jeep! Our youngest daughter drove my Jeep Grand Cherokee to work one day and got smashed between two pick up trucks! She and the one in front were slowed down because of stop and go traffic on the freeway.... the truck behind her hadn't seen that traffic had slowed down.... he hit her pretty hard and pushed her into the truck in front of her!
It did total my jeep, (and yes.... I was very sad to loose it!) she had some whiplash, but that was all! If she had been in a little car like one of those small economy cars.... I don't think that the ending would have been the same! I love my Jeeps! I can drive them most any where, and flip a few levers and have all the cargo space that I need/want. I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting for my DH to haul something for me in his pick-up truck! I've had 4 Jeeps and DH has had one, our son has had one, and now one of the daughters has one.

I've been back at trying to loose weight again....working harder that is. It seems to find me again once I've lost it.... so I just need to Work Harder, and Hide Better! This is my new Motto/Mantra something like that! LoL...

I hemmed a pair of pants and altered a couple of blouses for our 2nd to youngest daughter, who is doing a great job working on loosing weight! Looking Good Heather!

Hmmmm, there have been tons of other things that I've been up too.... but well besides not remembering them all, and not wanting to bore you completely.... suffice it to say that I've been reading a lot of blogs and writing comments.... just not writing on my blog!

Best to get to the things I need to do.... make sure the sheets are almost dry etc..... and oh, yes.... I do remember one thing that I was going to post about. Have you seen one of these Rotary Mats? They swival? They are sooo cool!

Since I've been cutting out so many squares etc.... I thought one of these would be wonderful! So, I waited until Joann's had a 50% off sale and got a great deal on one! Now, there are other sizes, and brands but I liked the size of this one and am really tickled with it! It rotates so after you trim one side you can move it to the next side etc... without repossitioning the entire item each time. It saves time and well.... like I said before..... it's cool! Just something I thought I would pass onto you all.
Take care..... If you keep a spool of Black and a spool of White thread handy.... you can sew most anything!

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Kristy said...

Phew! you've been busy, I almost feel tired just reading what you've been up to. And it drives me nuts too when blogger eats a post, I always think the rewritten one is never as good the original lost one.