October 7, 2011

You Know It's Fall When....

O.K. so now that I've gotten that last post outta my head and the tears taken care of; it's Fall People!!!!
There are soo many beautiful things about Fall.... so I thought that maybe I would write down a few!
You know that it's Fall When;
The Geese start flying around getting their wings ready for the flight South.
When there starts to be a bit of chill in the air.
You get to feeling like you need to make some sort of Soup!
The tomato's pile up and out as they are getting canned into spaghetti sauce and salsa and well just canned tomato's!
When the apples are getting crisp and crunchy.... aughhhhh the smell of apples is just wonderful isn't it?
Canning apples is Fall to me too.... Chunky Applesauce.... wonderful!!!
Layering clothes because you know that one minute it's cool and the next it's too warm for just a warm sweatshirt.
Leaves starting to turn beautiful colors up in the canyons and mountains. Our's aren't turning here in the valleys yet... but we went for a drive last week and they were soo pretty.... oranges, yellows and greens, oh and some beautiful reds too!
Rain.... that is Fall too.... although, I must admit that so far this year I'm feeling like we have had wayyy to much of it already!  I mean as much as I love Oregon, Washington.... this is not either of those places! This is Utah... our Falls are generally dryer!
Soups.... I know that I mentioned this b/4 but you know.... there is nothing like a good Taco Soup to make you feel all warm inside.... so here is the receipe

Taco Soup

1 # of ground beef (if your not into beef try ground turkey... I'll bet it works just fine)
1 medium onion diced

2 cans each of the following; (making these the smaller cans, say 15 oz. or so) DO NOT DRAIN
 kidney beans
red/or/black beans (or combo there of, but 2 cans)
pork & beans
creamed corn
1 envelope of taco seasonings  (I have a huge container of this and so use around 2 tablespoons)

1 large can of tomato's  (I use my own canned tomato's... 1 quart jar) you can use diced, sliced, whole, whichever way you like them.

Brown the meat, add onions, and all of the canned ingredients.....  juice and all.... now add seasonings, heat through..... serve over either Tortilla chips or Frito's corn chips.... (we like the corn chips) add a little sour cream and or grated cheese (your choice, I use cheddar) and yummm. Believe me when I say, your tummy will thank you! Enjoy the Fall Show! Oh.... guess I had better quit procrastinating.... I should be making spaghetti sauce and salsa.... I picked 5  5 gallon buckets of tomato's last night.... ahem, in the rain... I just couldn't see them go to waste... if we get a freeze! Back to work!

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