August 14, 2011

They Grow Up Faster Then We Are Prepared To Let Them

Well things have gotten a bit busy here lately. We had some wonderful visitors in the form of my parents week b/4 last. It was great to see them and talk their faces off! They had to go home for face transplants for sure after seeing me and all the girls! We ate lots, gabbed more took in a movie went for a lovely drive and lunch. And pretty much just enjoyed life! What's not to like.... good people (we love), DH had time off from work (good for him!!!) more gabbing... laughing and sharing stories... And well it's always hard to see them leave, but also nice to hear that they got home in one piece! Thank you for coming mom and dad.... We Love You!

As far as the title, well... I was reading a blog I've just started enjoying lately, it's a cute read go there if you want to laugh now and then!      Anyway Jen was talking in her post today about how emotional she got at Church when someone asked about her youngest son... bring out the hankies!!!
His first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow! Enough said! So... then I related this story... one I'm not too sure I've related before... just skip this if you've heard it..... A snake, a dog, and a monkey walk into a bar;
O.K. no, that's not the story I was going to tell! LoL.... sorry... your thinking I'm really loosing it right?
The first day of Kindergarten for our son (him being #1 child)  I had asked my DH to take him and drop him off because I know that as emotional as I am.... there was no-way that I would be able to go in drop him off and then leave without any emotional baggage... Dh said fine he had no problem with doing that... matter of fact I think he thought it was pretty cool that he was going to get to be the "adult" over this milestone event!
Fact is, I'm surprised that he didn't need a hanky!!! So it went like this, he took son into the class room, he found where he was to sit and then DH stood in the back of the room.... like all the other parents. As the teacher was speaking to the kids and the parents.... Son calls DH over to him,  "Dad, you can go home now"!
Yep.... that would have been all she wrote for me!!! Even thinking about it now.... yes.... I'm tearing up! I can see DS in that class room and all of it happening all over again, almost as if I had been there myself!
By the time #4 child went to K... I was ready for it to happen... still got teared up... but I really did know that she would be fine and have a great time. In between though.... with DD#2 (#3 child) she had a hard time with one of her teachers..... (not so much the teacher as just not wanting to leave me by myself... with little sister!) So I worried about her and took her to school some... it took a while but she realized that the teacher wasn't going to eat her and that I would still be waiting when she was done with school!
I must say I did cry as each one of my wonderful kids walked across to get their diploma's and as they were making that special Time and All Eternity Commitment  with the person they married... and still at times when I think of how wonderful they have all turned out makes me tear up.... (just a little bit... sniff sniff!).
Just know, that we love our kids... I always enjoyed the time I spent with them in the Summer or other Holidays when we could spend time together doing all sorts of things. I must confess, that as our kids grew I would read to them most every night that I could b/4 bed and later when the youngest was still being read too,  (big brother was almost 8 years older than her) there would be times that I would be reading a story to her and I would notice that some times even when he was much too old to be read to himself.... I would spy our son out in the hallway listening to the story too!  Ever since our children were little I would make up stories to help them to think through a situation that they were going thru...  i.e; if they were having a hard time getting along then I would make up a story about how a certain little animal friend would have handled things. It was a comfort to me (and I hope to our kids) to be able to calmly talk to them without speaking down to them about how to handle different situations. Most of all.... I hope that our children knew/know that they were/are loved very much and we did want them to grow up and make the "hard decisions" that they needed to make. But also.... we were still going to have a hard time letting them go and make those decisions.
O.K. I have to go blow my nose now.... bye!
More about sewing next time...... P.S. I did get the outfit for our little GD.... done... just need to get a picture,
What else is new? LoL....

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apiecefullife said...

It's sounds just lovely all the time you have had together. I guess that what its like in Summer.
You should see it here today. Dark, cloudy, blowing a gale. But I have a friend coming round soon and we are going to tackle some crocheting: some shawls we have downloaded from the net!