September 2, 2009

Time To Get My Act Together

I've been away from Blogging (at least posting) too long! I'll try to do better! That's all I have to say on that matter!
But I do need to really get back on the band wagon with the ole Monday Diet Challange!
Since a certain someone moved (you know who you are Sharon..) I haven't been very motivated to continue on in the Diet Challange. So yesterday I got onto The Gazelle (my excersise form of choice and went for 30 minutes at an average speed of 4.1 mph! (only 2 miles though)
YES I DID!!!!!! Sorry about the fact that the picture is cockeyed... let's just call it operator error!!! Don't you just love that it's right next to the food storage items.... LoL.... makes for easier snacking options.... if I so choose!
I was feeling it later... I usually go longer (at a slower speed) but I was motivated a bit to do more yesterday. I was going to see the grand kids..... heavy sighhhhh and then that got changed! It's all my neice Jenny's fault! LoL.... I still could have gone... by then I was so wrapped up in folding clothes etc.... I didn't move!
A couple weeks ago DD's living locally (I have one more... but she lives in Portland!) and SIL Tammy and her youngest DD and I went on a bit of a Girls Night Out!!! For 2 nights and 2 days!

(One of the other neices.... Sage was supposed to come, but her DH had some sort of surgery... and she promised not to leave him for 24 hours! Hmmm him down in bed.... with 6 kids.... wonder why she didn't leave him??? We did miss you Sage... it would have been fun with you there too.... Maybe next time! I'm thinking we need to make this an annual event!)
(L-R Heather, Melisa, Cindy. DD's.... local!)
We went up to Park City, Utah and stayed at a condo we rented (thank you Jenny for making all the arrangements!) and then to the outlets stores to shopppppp! It was my SIL's birthday the following Monday... so we thought it would be fun to surprise her with a bit of a cake and a couple pressies! Plus one of my clever daughters brought a birthday banner and made her a tiara out of fancy pipe cleaners and a posie type septer!

We totally surprised her! She thought we had a little dance number of some sort to perform.... LoL... hmmm, maybe next year!

Shopping the outlet stores is well cleansing isn't it? Sometimes..if your the type of shopper that my neice is you save lots of $$$$ On top of all the sales that were going on.... it was the middle of August back to school sales.... plus we had 20% off coupons for most stores... plus most stores were having 30-50% off sales.... some stuff we got for around 70% off! What's not to like! I found some cute black boots (no....not rain boots!!! LoL...) that were around $100. Yep, I got them for $35! Nice!!!! Then Tammy tried them on.... and we got her a pair too! Yep.... we are twinners! Tammy and I wear the same size and she also wanted black. So we asked the kid.... (all of maybe 20.... younger then any of us!!!) if he would check to see if there was another pair the same size and color... back he went, he came back with another pair.... and proceeds to ring them up for me to pay!!!! AAAAAA no!!!! So I tell him, she pointing at my SIL wants the other pair.... still nothing! I say no, she wants the other pair.... and I'm NOT paying for them!!! Still nothing!!!! Finally I said, o.k., one pair is for me and the other pair is for her.... pointing once again at SIL.... and I will not be paying for the 2nd pair.... she will! Could I get any plainer than that???? (no I didn't say that! I felt like it though....) He finally connects..... and says.... you know when you sent me back to find the other pair I thought, why does she want another pair of the same size, same color.... I almost left them back there! I guess he was having a trying day! Busy.... and then we throw him a puzzle like that it was too too much for his young brain! So, he rings me all up and it's $50 some and then SIL asks did you use your coupon? NOPE..... so I ask him can I please use my 20% off coupon too?(by now he's ready to throw us out I'm sure..... I did appoligize profusely !!!!) He said yes.... I could have kissed him! That would have served him right hmmm? What stories he could go home to tell..... LOL.... some ole lady reached over and kissed me!!!! Aurghhhhhh!

Later of course we had to have show and tell! Melisa and Jenny (the neice) let me take this pic of their "twinner shirts".... yes, they will have to wear something underneath!

This is a bit of Heaven..... it's called "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory"
............heavy sighhhhhh! I was good.... well semi good! LoL.... I got DH a piece of chocolate toffee and me..... two pieces of chocolate covered carmel! Yummmmmm.... I ate part of one in Park City and the other I waited til I got home...

I'm thinking that I'm glad I got outta the way.....Heather new what she wanted.....

So much to choose from and sooo little time!

We talked til around 2 the first night and then went to bed around 1 or so the 2nd. It was lots of fun... we of course took food to make and had lunch out! Great food of course... and lots of talking.... my jaw was a bit tired when we got back home! LoL.... guess I'm outta practice!!! LoL....

This is a quite touristy pose, but what the heck... no one knew that we wern't from too far outta town! LoL...
L-R... Tammy, Jenny, me
(2nd pic) Cindy, Tammy, Heather, Melisa, Jenny

This was one of the locals.... they dress the moose up there... guess that's why there are outlet stores in the area.

Well, that's all for the moment!

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Holly said...

Well, well, it looks like you all had a wonderful time! Outlet mall shopping is the best.