September 24, 2009

So What's On the Agenda Today?

How many times do you wake up and think.... hmmm what do I get to do today? And then the list just gets longer and longer and longer! And then on top of that... well, you only get one or two of the things done? Yeah, my life in a nutshell! I'm all ready to get the week going on Sunday night thinking... I want to get up early and hit the road running! Sure I am.... LoL I guess it's the thought that counts! We have a lovely lady in our ward at church that I visit once a month or so and she is amazing! Really! She is in her mid 80's and still going strong! She is an inspiration to everyone around! She has chickens, fruit tree's galore.... a huge garden.... (although, she says it's smaller now... since so many of her kids/grand kids etc... have their own gardens) smaller means that this year she only did around 40-50 tomato plants instead of 70-100! I'm not exaggerating! She just finished canning peaches, and is picking plums and apples! I asked if that means that she will be done with her canning this year? She said yep.... all done! Then she realized that nope she still needed to do grape juice! So, we went to visit and couldn't find her... she didn't answer the door or her phone when I called from my cell. There are times she forgets we are coming so we started to look around the yard (we worry in case she has fallen.... this has been known to happen a time or two) and there she was pickin apples! We helped out some and then I asked her if she still climbs the ladder? Yep... no big deal... She even fell down while we were there... and pulled herself back up.... I'm o.k. she says.... She is a very independent lady... truly amazing! She still does some quilting, mostly ties them now... her eye sight is getting to the point where she doesn't feel she does a good enough job hand quilting... this gal's hand quilting would put anyone to shame... I've told her that... but you know, I think she just has a standard and well, if it's not up to that... she isn't going to do it! Such a sweetie, and then she makes it seem like she hasn't done anything at all. She wears me out and all I'm doing is sitting there listening to what she says she has been doing! For the past 3 years or so... she has caught pneumonia at the drop of the hat. Finally after a bunch of dr's couldn't figure out what's wrong... she found a guy that could help her out! She says now I feel like I have some energy! Holy Cow!!! I can just imagine now what she will be getting done! Well, I got to get busy! There is no way that I will ever catch up to Dona but, then I'm not trying too. She set the bar way too high for me!
Have a Great Day People.... I've got apples to juice/dry and plums too (dry that is) and well the sewing room is calling me again... and I need to pay a few bills and well you get the picture... the list just goes on and on and on...........

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Emily said...

Wow, this lady sounds amazing! And I sure do recognize what you are saying! I am the same, have huge lists of things to do at least in my head and barely have time for checking off one or two. I wish I knew the secret of your friends' success in accomplishing so much! Please let me know if you find out! :)
Hugs from Emily