September 28, 2009

Doing The Cogdill Shuffle

I know, I know.... I just did a post! But I was visiting over at Charlotte's blog and she was talking about when her girls were younger and how they had to clean for company etc... and it got me to thinking!
When we had unexpected company we did what we sometimes referred to as "The Cogdill Shuffle"! I will explain in a minute! At our house, well, it's lived in... not huge either! T.V. is in the living room... no family room here! And so when dinner is done, and homework was done... we converged on the living room to watch some T.V. Every once in a while the room would be .... well, let's just say it was lived in and leave it at that! Clean.... under neath.... just lived in! And then when unexpected company came.... we did the Cogdill Shuffle! This is where the entire family would grab something.... (something that didn't normally live in the Living Room) and put it away... some place other then where it belonged! Things found themselves under the couch, in closets, etc.... you get the idea! It's been a bit of a joke for a long time! With 4 kids and 2 adults... it's not too hard to "live" in a room. I mean there will always be things that don't get put away.... right away! If you live in a house that has a place for everything and everything in it's place! Well, what can I say..... you need to get out more!
Of course after the "Shuffle" happened, the family was responsible to put away the thing that they tidied! I do recall one time a day after unexpected company... finding something in the oven that didn't belong even in the kitchen. LoL... I understand that once in a while my DD has done the "Shuffle" at her house too! So! What do you do? Anything different when you are expecting company? I would love to hear about it!

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