September 11, 2009

Tribute To The People Lost in 9-11

I was driving home today from doing a few errands... when I noticed flags flying everywhere! Then it dawned on me... today is September 11Th! So, now I need to go put the flag out and think about all those who were lost. It makes me cry to think about how vulnerable sometimes we can be. This country of ours isn't half bad at all... sure we have problems... but mostly, we have so many blessings! We have sooo many freedoms and rights that people in so many countries can only dream about! Sure taxes are not fun to pay... and there are things that can get us down... but you know, for the most part we have soooo much! We have a lot to be thankful for. Our country doesn't have a "war" in our backyard... we have the right to drive, walk, fly... bike where ever we have opportunity and we don't need a visa to go from state to state like in some countries. As hard as it must be for people who lost loved ones, friends, associates etc... they have NOT been forgotten! We will NOT for get what they have suffered for our freedoms! Also those who have lost their lives serving in the military!
Take a minute today and remember what we have..... it's a lot!

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Emily said...

You are so right dear Jean, the US is a wonderful place! Thank you for this thoughtful post. Living abroad I certainly appreciate certain qualities of the US that are hard to find other places. I guess there is no place like home!!

I am so glad to see that your comments to me now have your blog address on them! Yea! Now more people will find your lovely blog.

I am refreshed and inspired after being away from the sewing machine for so many weeks. How delightful to really get into sewing today. Boy did I make the biggest mess ever!

Hope that you have had a great weekend!
Hugs from Emily