September 30, 2009

A Different Kind of Auction

So, I have decided that I need to do a better job at posting! Or to rephrase... just a bit more often then I usually do. I know, this week so far, I've done more than I usually do in say.... a month! But, this is a new Season and so I need to try to improve myself... (yes, this will probably last ohhhh.... say well I don't know how long... we shall see how it all goes!)
O.K. how many of you think about what your talents are? Think now!!! What do you know how to do that maybe say your next door neighbor or your buddy at work or your best friend doesn't know how to do?! Think about it.... delve into your mind.... maybe it's sewing, scrap booking, organizing, quilting etc... now put whatever your talent is and a whole bunch of gals with fake money (points in our case.... points that you get for answering questions... i.e. 10 points for if you brushed your teeth today.... and if you did it more than once... 10 points each time! Plus about 20 questions worth of answers....) For every question that you answered yes too, you got at least 10 more points! I got 10 for each of my kids.... =40.... can you say ca-chingggggg! LoL..... who knew I would still be getting to count my kids for something fun! O.k. I got 10 more for being married over 25 years! And so on and so on.... you get the idea! I ended up with 190 points total! So now comes the fun part... besides being on the honor system.... as far as points go.... we counted our own! We have a lot of talented ladies in our ward at Church... so you can envision the talents we had.... plus oh, I forgot to say.... also people were donating services that they wanted to render also! Me.... I donated two dish towels that I machine embroidered HARVEST BLESSINGS across the front and then appliqued several cloth leaves of various browns/oranges onto. Plus then I also donated a service of some sewing lessons.... Hey, the more of us that know how to sew the better.... besides Halloween is coming!!! At least that was my thought anyway!
O.K. so all these gals are kind of slow going at first.... I mean scheeech you would have thought it was real money we were using! LoL.... One gal was going to take someone shopping (of course the person had to provide her own money...! Let's be realistic!!!) Let's just say it was at a discounted place and you don't have to pay tax! So there was a lot of back and forth going on that one! Too funny!!! We have a gal who does these beautiful pictures.... and she did a couple so it was quite fun to see some of the gals bidding up into the 100's to get them! Someone was going to make a Mexican dinner for an entire family! Someone else made a little girls tu-tu.... I was eyeing that and one of the gals who has a little girl looked at me and said.... you don't have a little girl any more!!! I laughed and told her.... yes! but I do have a little granddaughter! She got a bit nervous after that! Anyway, I ended up with a basket.... yes... I do love baskets!!! And mind you! It was full! It had 6 small jars of freezer jam in it!!! Yummmm! 3 blackberry and 3 strawberry!
Oh, yes.... this is gonna be good! Someone else donated some home made bread/jam.... but I do know how to make home made bread.... so I figured I take myself out of the competition... yeah, I know.... it was the nice thing to do! Although, you should have seen me... I was having a good time waving my paddle! I also won a day of someone else driving around for me to do errands! Actually.... (my DGS's favorite word!!!) I bid on that one for a friend who just had hand surgery... and couldn't come! Her DH is hmmmmm 91 this year and he can't drive any more... so between the both of them.... yep... no driving going on! A good time was had by all.... and we found out who had what talents... skills etc... there was babysitting offered too... I did ask if they would babysit our sweet dog.... that was a NO! Oh well, I tried!

O.K. can I say.... that it's only the 30Th of September.... and Winter has arrived!!! Aurgh!!!! Not ready for this yet! Weather man said... look out here it comes! Snow in the mountains.... We went from 90's this weekend.... to at the moment it's.....down to 47 degree's! And when I got up... (at 4:15 this morning) it was 57! So yes.... its not quite what I had in mind for the end of September! But then again, no one asked me! That seems to happen a lot... no one asks me whether I think we ought to pay more for gas, food, utilities.... etc... no one asks me if I think that we should have a war... I guess my opinion just isn't all that important! LoL..... oh well.... such is life!
Well.... it's now 5:37 a.m. and I think I will take the dog and go upstairs and see what I can do... who knows what sewing is lurking waiting for me to come and do..... (well I do... but no one asked me either!!!!)
Have a great day.... ANY DAY SEWING, IS .......... A GREAT DAY!!!!

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