October 1, 2009

Here I Go Again

So, are you tired of me yet? I just had to post once again because I went to visit Allie from Allies in stitches (http://alliesinstitches.blogspot.com/ ) . You should see what a wonderful quilt she was gifted! Oh, and beautiful lace too! Go to her blog and read about where she got both and how the person who gave her the lace gave it to her because she felt that Allie would use it! I know... your thinking again, again with the stories! Yes, and if you don't want to read this... well there are some great blogs out there to read! I was just going to say that it reminded me of a gal that I used to iron for. Yes, iron... you know when you take all the wrinkles out of clothing etc... I did that for $$$ tedious work for sure... but you can listen to music, watch T.V. and stay home with the kids. That was my purpose in life.... the kids not the t.v. or music!!! LoL... I loved staying home because I got to watch my kids grow up and not miss every new step of their lives!
Alright, back to the gal! I started sewing for this gal... her name was Stephanie! Her dad owned a car dealership (so she came from mega $$$) (this was in the 80's-90's) And when she decided to get married (the 2ND time) she wanted a "real wedding" because first time around they had eloped. So, she asked me if I could sew her a wedding dress? Ahhhhh, NO! At that point in my life I had never sewn a wedding dress b/4! And she wanted it done in a little less than a month! No way! Never! I figured that just wouldn't give me enough time. Figure 4 kids, DH and sewing a wedding dress! Plus still ironing for lots of people! Wasn't gonna happen! Well, the subject was dropped and I went on with the ironing! Meanwhile, Stephanie flew to California to get a dress she had seen in Brides magazine. Yep, the dress (the only one they had of the one she wanted!) was 2 sizes too big for her! She called and asked me if I could alter it for her?!? I said I would look at it and see. I ended up altering it and then she said that she would be loosing at least 15 pounds b/4 the wedding.... would I alter it again after she had her bridal pictures taken? Being a mom of 4 kids I guess I was a bit surprised that she thought that she could loose 15 #'s in like 2 weeks time! I told her sure. And my DH promptly called our insurance agent to make sure the dress (over $800) was insured if anything were to happen with it in our house! Oh, and then he forbade our kids to even step foot into our bedroom while the dress was in the house too! Too funny.... thinking back! I altered it the second time... it was what they call a ballerina type dress but to me it was more like a Mortisha Adams dress.... (white though!) where it hugged the body down to say the knees and then goes out into a train! Lots of beads, lace etc.... I made good money that's for sure.... well over at least half the price of the dress! I was truly glad when it was all over! Your by now wondering.... what has this got to do with the lace and quilt you first started to talk about? Yeah I know.... I'm getting to that. After Stephanie and her DH and daughter..... oh, I made the daughters dress for the wedding too! Almost forgot that! When they set up housekeeping... I was enlisted to help with all the sewing for the bedroom makeover! I sewed 2 big beautiful round table clothes for side tables... bed pillows.... where I had to cut into Batten burg lace (that hurt!... all I could think about was the person who made the lace!) to make the pillow covers. Also she had me cut up more beautiful Batten burg lace to make a dust ruffle to go around her beautiful 4 poster bed! I did get to see the room after things were put together! I mean, I had to go to her house to set up the dust ruffle for her. Anyway.... it's funny what things will take you back in your thoughts! So... that's just another memory or some of the things I've done in my sewing, ironing business.

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Ravenhill said...

Jean, you are truly wonderful, with your stories and your enthusiasm! I adore the quilt, and all those amazing laces!!!

I hope you are doing great!
~hugs from emily xxx