October 26, 2009

Loser Monday

Well here we are again. Loser Monday. Hmmm, I can't complain because although I didn't lose any weight, I did stay the same! From when I lost weight after being sick! So... that is at least a step in the right direction! I hope that all of you that may be working out, trying to loose are doing at least as well. Think ahead if you can about what your going to eat. One thing that I have been doing is eating at least an apple a day! I know, that sounds pretty cheesie! But at least it isn't hurting! And I do love apples, fruit of most any kind makes me happy. And what's Fall without Apples? O.K. this isn't on the "diet list" but it's really good! And it includes apples too!
My SIL made this a few years back up in Jackson Hole when we were up there for Lotoja!

It's For Dipping Apples Into...... Yummy is all I can say!
Take one 8 ounce package of cream cheese and mix with powdered sugar to taste (try about a cup to start.... some people like it sweeter than others!) It works great to use either a food processors or an electric mixer. Mix it up until smooth. Then spread this onto a plate of some sort; as the bottom layer for the dip.
2nd layer is caramel.... try to find the kind at the store that is creamy and nice (or you can use a double boiler and melt some down) Spread this on top of the cream cheese mixture.
3rd layer is some sort of toffee candy bar (it's your choice here.. maybe you have a favorite!)
sprinkle broken up little bits of the candy bar (sometimes you can find this in the baking department of the grocery store) over the top of layer 2.
Next thing you need to do is wash off any type of your favorite apples! And then slice and core them.... we just leave the peels on, but again this is up to you!
Dip away..... it's Awesome!!!! Just remember that it's easy to get carried away eating this.... so be careful! And enjoy this Fall Treat!
Don't forget to find something to do with all your scraps! They tend to grow when placed into a basket, or bin together! Sooooo watch out! Have a fun week! Halloween is coming!

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Ravenhill said...

Hello Jean! Your fall treat sounds so delicious!!! What a great idea! So glad your weight is going in the right direction and good that you have gotten over your flu.
Hope that you will enjoy your upcoming very busy season!
hugs from Emily