October 24, 2009

No Pictures Again!

So, I called around to a few places the other day to see about getting my camera fixed. They want me to pay more than I bought the camera for to ship it to get it fixed! yeah... I had better check out one more thing to see about the warranty! Cause this is for the birds!
Last night I spent several hours going thru my scrap stash to see what I had to make fabric block letters with. I found all sorts of bright fun fabrics and then this a.m. went to church and traced capital block letters onto fabric.... (thank you Linda C. for the help... she had gotten her's all done and helped me finish mine up!) So, two layers of fabric and 1 layer of scrap batting to sandwich in between and then sew them up and snip like you would for a ragg quilt, wash and dry.... and Wa Laa! Block letters that the grand kids can drag around, practice letters with and pretty much be entertained for a little bit here and there! Plus, I took a bunch of scraps I didn't want and the ladies helped themselves! So, it was a win-win situation! I was able to share and not waste... plus make room in my bins too!
Grandson's birthday celebration today! He is all of 4! Hard to believe that time goes past so fast at times! Since he will be getting more toys from others.... we got him some wonderful books! Curious George and also this darling book called "Where's The Dragon?" it's written by Jason Hook, and illustrated by Richard Hook. You need to see if you can find this book.... (pun intended!) they have all sorts of textures on the pictures etc... Basically the book is about a boy and his grandpa that are out Dragon hunting.... and they are everywhere... just that they blend in... so grandpa can't really see them! Cute book.... wondefully done! What can I say.... not much more than that cause we (DH and I ) are sold on it! Guess that's why we bought it!
Hope you get to do some sewing! I've done all sorts of things this week! I canned 21 quarts of peaches, helped picked about 6-8 bushels of apples, delivered about 4 of them to friends. More apples to pick next week. Picked another bushel of tomato's and need to can up a bushel of them too. Also dry some of the apples. And mail a package to my son! All in a lifes work.... hmmm?
Make sure and check your bobbin thread! You don't want to run out!

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