October 19, 2009

Talk About Feeling Like What The Cat Dragged In!

I feel like I had my oil drained.... and someone forgot to replenish me with new oil! Ever have that lowwww dowwwn...... feeling? Yep, the flu has stuck. I was claimed as one of the latest victims. So far DH hasn't gotten it.... and hopefully he won't because... well.... he doesn't do "sick" very well poor guy! I got hit Friday a.m. and fortunately I had only had Shredded Wheat and a touch of milk! I started drinking peppermint tea when I started feeling poorly and I really think that that curtailed a lot of misery.... for me at least! DH was at work... and came home to find me a bit worse for wear. But.... well, let's just say it's not a very good diet plan that's for sure.... but on the good point..... It's Loser's Monday..... and I've lost 5-6 pounds! I don't recommend this way to loose it though. I'm still on the weakish side and had to go to the store today to pick up a few things. DH would have done it I'm sure.... but, well I needed to get out.... at least out of the house and into the jeep! Yep, I noticed he used like 1/4 tank of gas I put in on Thursday... geee... I thought it was my new toy! He took it down to the dealership to get this and that taken care of... So, I guess I better share! Plus then last night, he took it to his folks to show his brother.

O.K. although I was sick I did spend some time reading.... If you want some good quilt pattern blocks to check out (a lot of Older ones and some newer renditions) check out this book they have full size pattern blocks in them. Grandma's Best Full Size Quilt Blocks (It's a Better Homes and Gardens book) http://www.amazon.com/Grandmas-Best-Full-Size-Quilt-Blocks/dp/0696235277/ref=pd_sim_b_1
This is what I have been browsing through.... thinking I need to make a sampler quilt maybe. Oh well.... I do have lots of idea's... some day I may get to one or two dozen of them! LoL...
Hope that your Monday is going well... Take time to check out a new pattern or two.... what's the sense of having all this sewing knowledge if a person can't just kick back and enjoy the styles..... don't bleed on your fabric!

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