September 28, 2009

Catching Up On Fun Sewing

So this post will be short and sweet! Well, only as short as I personally can get... if you have been reading for a while... you know I don't do, too much short! LoL....
I finished a little dress for my granddaughter that I started in June... go figure... Summer is pretty well over... on the calendar that is... it was 90 degree's yesterday! Someone forgot to tell the weather man! Although, it be a changing this week. As we are supposed to have a cold front come in and possible snow.... yes... that's what I said.... snow at around 5500 feet! Gulp! I'm just not ready for Winter yet! Where is Fall.... I mean it's just started.... and the leaves are still on the tree's! O.K. enough with the weather forecast.... (I told you I don't do short posts!) My camera is acting up.... I took pic's of the dress, and granddaughter in the dress, and well.... it keeps spouting off at me saying.... lens malfunction.... restart camera! What's happening is that when you turn it on, the lens usually will open out. Not So Now!!! My DD and I tried several things... taking batteries out, rebooting etc.... nope, nothing! Any idea's???? So, until I managed to do something else with it.... no pic's! Such is life!

The dress is an idea I saw... and changed around a bit! The one I saw is called a petal dress. Imagine if you will a jumper, (which to me, is a sleeveless dress that girls wear a blouse, or shirt of some sort under.) with a button up the
front bodice.
And then the skirt, is formed by sewing sections, ( I made 8) petal shaped and fully lined and attached to the bodice. I over lapped the petal sections about 1/2 way. But except for the overlapping petals the petals are only attached at the top allowing it to flow freely... if a little girl would just so happen to want to twirl around! With either bloomers, rumba pants (you know the ones, the cute little panties with the ruffles on them!) or even leggings they look really cute! Tights would work too.... Of course, since our weather is starting to change, probably the warmer idea's would be better! Also, a long sleeve top! Since I've gone down this road, I did the top a bit different too. I used an old Daisy Kingdom pattern as my design for the top of the jumper. Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words! Instead of a straight forward bodice, this one is an over lapping angled bodice.... cute really but different and hard to describe. I got to add some rather good sized Ric Rac to the outer edges of the bodice and so that helped it right out! That is my "fun sewing" that I finally finished!

Since I had gotten the dress done I wanted to see what else I could finish up...I finished a quick covered blanket for the downstairs bed too. It was a rather old sad looking blanket that well, needed to be freshened! It was clean mind you! Just sad, old... just needing a bit of love! So, I added a piece of flannel to both sides of this blanket, encasing it like a quilt, and after doing a little machine quilting.... It's done also! Nice feeling of accomplishment on my part!

I, since starting the dress for DGD... have cut out a dress from an old discontinued McCall's pattern. #1508. A simple A-line dress... just something new for me to wear! Not that I really need anything new... but I don't sew very often for myself... so it's time! I'm using a piece of red Challis print. I've had it in the stash for a long time.... so it's about time I use it... besides every time I show my daughters what I'm making next someone usually says....hey, didn't you buy that for me? LoL.... No! I didn't! You know who you are!!! (If you want sewing done, get to it!!)
Besides it will go great with a jeans jacket... so what's not to like!
I almost forgot... so little (very little) DGD tried on the dress... and yes... once again... too big! So, I put two little pleats in the side seams of the bodice and it looks better... it would have been much better if I could shorten it a tad bit. But a grandma has to do what a grandma has to do. I would have had to take apart the entire skirt.... I guess I could... if I could possibly wrestle it back from DD.... hmmmm that's a thought! We shall see!

I also have to make some new throw pillows for the couch.... it's wayyy past time for that! I have a rem piece of home decor that has some beautiful colors in it.... some greens, purples etc... and also beige or tans. Our couch is tan micro fiber so this should go well... I also have some deep purple baby pin wale corduroy and some somewhat lighter green thick wale corduroy to add. I'm thinking that if I take a piece of the corduroy and cut it at an angle (the pillows will be square) running corner to corner, but then turn it so that the nap is going in opposite directions.... get the picture? That would also add some extra texture to the pillows. Hmmm, now do I want to add some sort of edging or what? Oh, I forgot to say that I will use a piece of the home dec on the other side of the pillow top. Maybe once again, pic's when I get my camera working!
That should keep me busy for a little while. Seems just when I want to get something done, there is always something else that pulls me in another direction! I used to have one day designed for nothing but sewing.... hmmm I may have to start that up again... it's the only way I get much done at one time! Sewing.... yes.... it's just sooo well, comforting! Gotta go! I promised to try to keep this shorter! LoL.... yeah, that's gonna happen! Until next time.... Keep those scissors sharp!

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