April 13, 2009

Taxes, A Day Late and A $ Taxed

This weekend was interesting.... sewing wise I darned a bunch of my DH socks.... nothing like finding a small hole in the toe area and having all the rest just fine. Oh well, now there are a lot more socks in the drawer and no holes! I also managed to get more done on a dress from Jan/Feb I did the side seams and have the back seam stitched so I can press and do the zipper. I also altered a new shirt for one of my DD's... we got her a cute top for her birthday (which was a week ago Sunday) and it was a tad bit too long in the shoulder for her. So, I took that up, and got it back to her b/4 her next birthday came around! Wonders never cease! I did stitch up a couple of DH ties that for some reason had started to come un-stitched... sure shows how things are made doesn't it! That ticks me off that you spend $$$ on stuff and it doesn't take long to start to fall apart! Tomorrow... I will be finishing some alterations on my 2nd to the youngest DD dress. She gave it to me last Fall to alter, and well I got to one of the dresses but not to the other! I also have a pair of pants for one of the SIL's to mend. (I figure if I mention this here then my family has a record that I am planning on doing it!)

Today has been a very busy day, I went walking with a friend (for exercise!!!! are you all impressed?.... I know I was!) and then I was planning on spending some time with my DD Missy and her kids at the train museum..... that got changed to the zoo. We had a lot of fun, we met up with a nephew's wife Sage and 3 of her kids and had a great time! We walked ourselves silly .... yes, I am tired and as soon as I'm done writing.... I'm dragging myself off to bed! We did a lot of walking and animal watching.... (even looked at some of the animals in the cages.... tee heee!) no, it's just that since it was Spring Break in the Salt Lake City area... there were a lot, and I mean aaaaa lottttt of kids and their adult counter parts there! Lots of noise, from the 2 legged animals and the 4 legged kind were really out numbered! At one point my grandson looked at the Cougar and said he looked lonely.... I asked him why he was lonely (we are assuming it was a "he") he said cause he missed his family! A minute later we saw that there was another cougar there, but no babies... so, of course it was lonely! Too Cute!
After returning home..... we were gone from hmmmmm around 11 a.m. til around 4 p.m. (that's when I got home) I threw some food together for dinner and then after having goods times with the kids.... I got to take the tax stuff to our tax guy Don. What a guy... it's always a tad bit hard for me to take the tax stuff in to get it done cause well.... it costs something now doesn't it! Yep... but, I must say... at least it gets done relatively painless and fast! It really saves my DH from all the stress of doing it! I did it years ago, but decided after making a few mistakes (I think that I took the total tax break you could at the time for kids.... (somewhere I thought you could take more $ then I was supposed too...) that's when "we" (DH and I )
decided that taxes were his job! Long story short, he stressed over it every year, and well so that meant the "family" did too.... when dad was doing taxes.... the kids had a habit of disappearing!!! I tried once to lighten up the situation a bit with a couple of raw eggs..... but we won't go into that! Let's just say.... DH was not amused!!! I was.... but he wasn't!!!! He no longer does that taxes anymore.... since it got a bit more technical with the extended family etc... so Don.... "the tax guy".... got them done and said to tell DH... (he doesn't actually call him that... just so you know!.... He knows DH's name!) that we are safe for another year... all taxes are paid.... and everything once again is good in our world of taxes! (That is as soon as I get the signed paper back to him tomorrow...!)

Oh, this being Monday means that it is also "LOSER MONDAY" ..... yep.... don't go there! No loss, no gain!!!! Although, I'm working harder now.... more exercise!

Hope everyone that celebrates Easter had a Wonderful One.
So, one last thing before I stumble off to bed... do you know where you put your thimble?
I forgot to tell you something!!!! Would you believe.... how could I forget? I took my friend Karma to a fabric store on Friday.... I heard that because they are moving the store... they were having a great sale! Tempting I know.... so of course we had to go... she needed something for a quilt back for a cute quilt top that she finished up. One her daughter had started b/4 she passed away. It's so cute, blocks of green, bright yellow, blue, and red and then some blocks that have Clifford the Big Red Dog on them! So we found a cute yellow with some sort of curly cues on it for a border and some Clifford panels that we may piece to work it in for the back! It should be nice. It's a single size so it won't take much fabric. I think she bought some other niceities ..... but I can't remember what! And yes... I did secum to the sale.... I bought about a 3 yard piece of cute fabric... a cotton white sheer w/pink bunnies on it for "next years" Easter outfit for my granddaughter! For Fun!!! It's cute.... plus I bought a 1 yard piece of a Christmas snowman print for doing the edges of some Christmas pillow cases. So, there I finally broke down and bought some fabric. There wasn't really a need to buy it.... yes, it was all "WANT" ...
Take care, have a great week. More later....

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